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Karl Lagerfeld Is The Total Opposite Of Kim Kardashian

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Is it possible that Karl Lagerfeld is Kim Kardashian’s polar opposite?  The Chanel creative director shared his loathing of selfies.  Somewhere Kim is clutching her pearls over such a horrifying thought.

Karl revealed his anti Instagram type stance, “I don’t do selfies. But other people do, and they all want to do selfies with me. No, no, no. Thank God, Sébastien, my assistant, he’s mean to the people in the street, mean and rude. I’m a nice person.”

On designers taking themselves seriously (makes sense why Kanye is trying to be one..):  “I don’t think that most of the designers have a very quick sense of humour. They take themselves very seriously because they want to be taken as artists. I think we are artisans. It’s an applied art. There’s nothing bad about that. If you want to do art, then show it in a gallery.”

On the quality of other designers nowadays,  “I don’t see it like competition. I like when there are many people who do good things, because you work better if there is competition than if there are only third-rate people. Paris cannot be Paris only with one. But from me to you, there are very few who have, in terms of craftsmanship, the craftsmanship of high-quality couture.”

I think Kim should now make it a mission to sneak a selfie with Karl.

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Karl Lagerfeld Rags On Pippa Middleton’s Face

Geez, Karl Lagerfeld!  You sure know how to throw an insult!

The Chanel creative director, 78,  dug into Pippa Middleton during an interview with the British newspaper The Sun. After praising Kate Middleton for a while (Lagerfeld said she had a  “nice silhouette, and that he liked “that kind of woman. I like romantic beauties”)  he went cray cray on her 28-year-old sister! Said Lagerfeld:

“On the other hand, her sister struggles. I don’t like the sister’s face. She should only show her back.”

Woah!  Granted, Pippa does have a nice derriere, but come ON!

Not that poor Pippa should be offended- Lagerfeld has been pretty cruel to other celebrities these days.  In February, Lagerfeld dissed Grammy-winning singer Adele for being “a little too fat,” even though Lagerfeld himself was 100 lbs overweight a couple years ago! Lagerfeld also said Heidi Klum was too “bling bling” and not couture, saying…

“It may be Victoria’s Secret, but it is not my secret…the people in Europe – apart from in Germany – don’t know who she is. In Germany she is very current, but as a mannequin rather than a model. I have never photographed her or had her in one of my shows.”

Calm down! Who does Lagerfeld actually LIKE? Well, his close circle of friends include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham, and Claudia Schiffer, so loose a bunch of weight and always frown, and maybe Lagerfeld might be nice to you.

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Uncle Karl’s supermodel advice


When model Sigrid Argen asked the Chanel headmaster how to become a supermodel he had quite a lot of advice:

“It’s not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second..other models today, people think, Is she this one or that one?

It depends on what you are ready to give, the kind of life you bring, what may be exciting or disappointing … You can’t accuse anyone of not doing enough to help you, because, besides yourself, there’s nothing anyone can do. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new. But it’s the most … (hits hand on table) unjust … (hits hand on table) thing in the world.”


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Karl Lagerfeld, Paris Fashion Week 2009 Collection


What do you think?


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