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Joss Stone Named BillBoard’s “Reggae Artist Of The Year” And People Are PISSED.

Dreamball 2015

Joss Stone has been named the mag’s Reggae Artist Of The Year for her album Water For Your Soul, and PEOPLE. ARE. PISSED.

That album was also named Billboard’s Reggae Album Of The Year, narrowly beating out Easy Skankin’ In Boston ’78, a live album by none other than Bob Marley and the Wailers! Which is weird, because I’m sure there’s other reggae music out there beside this British white lady’s and Bob Marley. Right?

Steven Horowitz, a Billboard Magazine writer, wasn’t feeling the accolade, saying:

“For more than a decade, Joss Stone has been a serial genre-hopper. Switching from R&B to blues, funk to rock, the 28-year-old Brit has powered six albums with soulful vocals beyond her years. The songs are technically impressive, as expected from Stone, but unconvincing.”

So he’s not saying he doesn’t dig her work, but it’s more like, “okay, we get what she does but her album doesn’t really deserve this kind of award.” Of course, people took to twitter being like, UH, NO.

Reggae connoisseurs (and I know there are a LOT of you who read this site): check out some of the album, here, and decide for yourself if it holds its water!

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Chilling details revealed in Joss Stone murder plot!

Joss Stone is lucky to be alive, after new details of the murder plot against her are being revealed.

Two men, identified as Junior Bradshaw, 31, and Kevin Liverpool, 30, are in custody today on suspicion of attempting to rob and attack singer Joss Stone.

More details are emerging on the pre-meditated attack.

Police found handwritten notes in a vehicle used by the men which said “rob and kill, money in the safe, Joscelyn rob,” in addition to a Samurai sword, knives, a hammer, a body bag, gloves and balaclavas. A separate note said: “find a river to dump her in.”

The men, who will return to court to face trial on July 1, were named in court as Junior Bradshaw, 31, and Kevin Liverpool, 30, both from Manchester.

Stone, the British-born soul singer who won fame with Introducing Joss Stone, is not thought to have been at the house when the attack was planned. She has said through her agent that she is “absolutely fine and getting on with life as normal.”



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Men caught trying to get to Joss Stone with swords, rope, and a body bag in their car!!

This is so scary! It’s like something out of a movie! (Probably will be a movie now that I think about it.) Thankfully the police were able to intervene before anything awful happened!

Two men in their early 30s have been arrested near British singer Joss Stone’s isolated U.K. farmhouse, allegedly with swords, rope, and a body bag in their car. Police believe the two were plotting to rob the 24-year-old star, or at minimum “cause her some really serious harm,” the Telegraph reports.

Police began investigating the pair’s red Fiat Punto after neighbors reported seeing a suspicious car on their quiet country roads. Cops first arrested the duo for weapons possession Monday morning; the charges were later escalated to conspiracy to rob and murder.

Investigators have not identified the two men who drove 250 miles to rural Devon from Manchester, and refuse to confirm what exactly was found in their car, but U.K. papers are reporting the pair also were in possession of floor plans and aerial photos of Stone’s property. Police are still trying to determine their motive — whether they resented her success or simply targeted her for her money, or had some other grudge against the star. According to the Telegraph, Stone is worth more than £9 million, and is one of the Top Five highest-earning female singers in the U.K.

“Joss is aware of the arrests and is being kept informed by the police,” one of the singer’s reps tells the Guardian. A neighbor told the paper the singer “was quite laid back and not in a major panic” the day after the arrests.


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Joss Stone strips down for PETA!

Joss Stone is the latest celebrity to take it all off for PETA, and there have been plenty.

Award-winning British soul singer Joss Stone says there’s one thing that she can’t bear—the killing of bears to make hats for The Queen’s Guards. The “For the Love of You” singer is baring all for the love of Canadian bears.

K, sure, why not!


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