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JWoww loves her new body!

Watching Jersey Shore’s third season, you’ve probably noticed that you’re seeing a whole lot less of Jenni “JWoww” Farley — literally. The Jersey Shore star sat down with Life & Style to share how she cleaned up her act, lost 20 pounds, and two dress sizes in the past seven months. She attributes part of her success to Ab Cuts supplements. “I can fit into the jeans I wore when I was 21!” the 5-foot-7 star, now 25, told Life & Style at the exclusive photo shoot. “Overall, my body’s gotten tighter and more toned.”

Her new look, Jenni says, “Is me coming out of my shell. I want to go back to where I was until I was 21. I was running 3½ miles a day, and I looked amazing. I was very, very health-conscious. And I’d never had a drink.”

This season, JWoww started hitting the gym with the guys and scaled back her partying, limiting herself to lower-cal cocktails like “vodka-seltzer, no cranberry, nothing fruity,” she says to Life & Style. “I drank things that wouldn’t induce a hangover so I could stick with the gym. It was hard, but it was worth it.” Since filming of the third season ended in September, she has cut alcohol altogether. “I want to be on point, and drinking gets in the way,” she says.

Another factor in JWoww’s weight loss is her new beau, Roger Matthews, a Toms River, N.J., bodybuilder. Jenni tells Life & Style that since the two first got cozy in August, Roger has been training her for at least two of her five weekly workouts. Talk about great motivation!


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‘Jersey Shore’ premiere draws in biggest ratings in MTV’s history!

It’s T-Shirt tiiiiiiime! Yesterday I invited my brother to see a movie with me, and he texted back (and I quote) “Uh, it’s T-shirt time!”. I asked him what he was talking about, and he informed me that he couldn’t come to the movie because of the ‘Jersey Shore’ premiere. I asked why he couldn’t just DVR it, and he didn’t even respond! ‘Jersey Shore’ is soooooo good – you have to watch it live!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Josh wasn’t alone…

The third season premiere of Jersey Shore on Thursday night delivered MTV’s highest rated series telecast ever notching 8.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

The premiere delivered more young viewers (12-34) than any broadcast or cable show this season (excluding sports).

It also bested its season two premiere, which attracted 5.1 million viewers, by 63%.

Jersey Shore has been a game-changer for MTV, which was struggling to rebrand itself after earlier success with unscripted series including Laguna Beach and The Hills.

The network has already announced one spin-off with Pauly D. But more are surely in the offing. Production on the fourth season, which is expected to return to Miami (season three is back in Seaside Heights) has yet to commence as MTV continues to negotiate with the cast.

I haven’t watched the premiere yet – I went and saw ‘The Fighter’ instead. And HELLO – if you are looking for a movie to see tonight – let it be ‘The Figher’. I can’t think of a movie I saw this year that was better. ‘Black Swan’, ‘127 Hours’ and ‘True Grit’ which were all amazing movies. But ‘The Fighter’ – hands down – my favorite movie of the year. Incredible! Christian Bale for the Oscar – I’m saying it now!

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Meet Deena, the newest member of ‘Jersey Shore’!

Between all the drinking, fights and hook-ups, it’s not easy being a female housemate on Jersey Shore. But the hit MTV series struck gold when it cast the newest roommate, Deena Nicole Cortese, who was already friends with star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. On and off camera the two are double trouble! “The most guys I’ve hooked up with in one night is probably three,” Deena tells Life & Style.

“People consider me a man-eater,” the 23-year-old party girl from New Egypt, N.J. says. “I don’t really like dating, though. Dates can be so awkward!” Instead, the 5-foot-Jersey girl likes to make out when she’s drunk with guys she describes as “lean cuisines.”

“They’re guys who have nice muscles on them but aren’t too big. They go to the gym, but they’re not juiced-up. Pauly D would be a lean cuisine. Mike too, not Ronnie.” And while the guys already have a motto on the show—GTL, for gym, tanning, laundry—Deena is coming into season three, premiering on Jan. 6, with her own! “Mine is GTS — for gym, tanning, shopping. Or GTD — gym, tanning, drinking.”


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JWoww talks about Jersey Shore’s new season drama

If you’re curious as to what’s going to happen on the upcoming season of Jersey Shore, then fret not — JWoww’s got you covered!

In Touch Weekly reports:

Notoriously hot-tempered roommate Angelina Pivarnick may be gone, but according to Jersey Shore cast member Jenny “JWoww” Farley, the tears and tirades remain on the third season of the MTV reality hit. “There’s a whole lot of drama!” JWoww told In Touch about the latest round of the series, returning on January 6, at an in-store signing for Abdominal Cuts by Revolution at GNC in New York. The bodacious brunette, who is currently dating Roger Mathews after a bitter split from Tom Lippolis last August, admits that she is at the center of much of the action. “You will see that I go through a bad breakup, and I find new love,” she says. “Everyone finally gets to see my side of the story, and I come out of my shell.” JWoww’s angry ex publicly accused her of cheating last summer, but the starlet is hardly heartbroken — she’s turning her misadventures in love into a dating advice book to be released in February.

Will you tune in?

Source, Fame Pictures

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