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Jennifer Aniston Still Engaged To Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston Still Engaged To Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston sparked rumors that she had split from Justin Theroux after showing up to an event without her engagement ring on. Fans of the actress will be happy to know that they are still engaged. In fact, she had merely sent her ring off to be cleaned!

The duo have been engaged since August 2012, but rumors went flying about that being broken off when she went out on Wednesday night without the eight-carat bauble.

A spokesperson for Jennifer quickly cleared up the rumors before they were blown up. She said, “Everyone should calm down – the ring was just being cleaned and is safely back on her hand.”

Rumors are floating around the internet that Jennifer and Justin are planning to tie the knot in a ceremony in December in New York City. We hope there will be pictures!

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Justin Theroux Deflects Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Hints

Justin Theroux Deflects Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Hints

It seems like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been engaged for quite some time, but he might just be stalling in the wedding department. As you may recall, he was living with Heidi Bivens for 14 years and still hadn’t made a move down the aisle… What gives?

A source revealed, “Several of Jen’s friends, including Chelsea Handler and Demi Moore, are thought to have urged caution over Justin’s reluctance to carry out the wedding, pointing out his reputation as a huge commitment-phobe. Even Justin’s own friends have joked that his line ‘we’re not on anyone else’s time frame’ should be ‘we’re not on any time frame’.”

The source continued, “One moment Justin would be dropping hints to Heidi about ‘when we’re married’, before getting really vague and ultimately dismissing it as just a piece of paper. Justin seems hesitant to even discuss the kind of ceremony he’d like. Their recent trip to Bora Bora was a typical example – it seems Jen wanted the beautiful setting to inspire them to talk about romantic wedding locations, but it seems Justin has become a pro at deflecting her hints.”

The spy added, “Most of Jen’s friends are marrying or having children around her, while she feels as if she’s treading water.”

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Justin Theroux Won’t Cave Into Pressure To Marry Jennifer Aniston On Anyone Else’s Time Frame

Justin Theroux Won't Cave Into Pressure To Marry Jennifer Aniston On Anyone Else's Time Frame

Justin Theroux is completely in love with Jennifer Aniston and he intends on marrying her, but he’s not going to let the anxious tabloids dictate his time frame.

He is feeling the pressure of walking down the aisle, but says that he is happy “both personally and professionally”. He said, “However, there is this hum of pressure – that I can’t stress enough – I just don’t pay any attention to.”

It’s been two years since he and Jennifer announced their engagement and of course people are wondering when they plan on making it official. He revealed, “But I am not going to let a tabloid tell me what to do. I’m not going to watch them tap their watch. ‘What the hell are you telling me to do?’ We’re just doing our own thing. We are completely happy, obviously, but we’re not on anyone else’s timeframe. I think love in anyone’s life creates expansion. And needless to say, it feels really good. So it’s only enriched by life.”

Do you think that he has intentions of marrying Jennifer? It all seems so crazy to announce the news to all of her fans and then he benefits from the boost in his career — yet he isn’t solidifying anything.


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Jennifer Aniston: Kid Questions Aren’t Fair

Jennifer Aniston: Kid Questions Aren't Fair

Jennifer Aniston is 45-years-old and it doesn’t look like she is going to have any children anytime soon — and we’re totally okay with that. A woman in this day and age shouldn’t really have to answer non-stop questions about her plans for motherhood (or lack thereof) and should be free to spend her life the way she feels best.

Still, we can’t help but to hope that she definitely gets her happy ending, right? After being jilted for another woman, we always root for Aniston. That doesn’t mean that the questions about babies will stop rolling in for her.

She revealed in a new interview, “It’s not something that’s in our everyday life, quite honestly. It’s more questions that arise in a red carpet line or in an interview. I just find it to be energy that is unnecessary and not really fair for those who may or may not [have children]. Who knows what the reason is, why people aren’t having kids. There’s a lot of reasons that could be, and maybe it’s something that no one wants to discuss.”

She added, “It’s everyone’s personal prerogative, that’s all.”


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