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Jason Momoa shows off his unique style in NYC.

Actor Jason Momoa was spotting making his way back to his car after eating at Planet Hollywood in NYC. His film Conan The Barbarian will be making it’s debut today. It’s a remake of the 1982 of film of the same title which originally starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Jason Momoa heads towards the Comic-Con 2011 event held at the Convention Center on July 22

The ‘Game of Thrones’ hottie stepped out at Comic-Con late last week, but it wasn’t his hit HBO show alone he was promoting, but his new big-screen remake of ‘Conan the Barbarian’.

Momoa is one of the biggest stars of this year’s annual ComicCon, and he owes it all to embracing his inner savage. Momoa was a highly-anticipated presence on HBO’s panel for Game of Thrones, the acclaimed series in which he played the primal warrior king Khal Drogo. His work on Thrones has paved the way for audiences to accept him as the ultimate barbarian, Conan of Cimmeria.

“Oh, they hate me,” he said of Conan fans’ initial reaction to his casting. “Everyone’s like, ‘Who? Baywatch? Stargate?’ It’s like, ‘I can do more than that.’

“Once Game of Thrones came out, people were like ‘holy sh—’, Conan is going to be badass,” Momoa said in an interview at ComicCon. “After seeing Drogo, they were like ‘all right, this guy can do it.'”

During the Thrones panel, Momoa did reveal one tidbit that Conan fans might dispute. When asked who would win in a battle between the two skilled fighters, Momoa was far from neutral.

“Between you and me, Drogo would kick Conan’s ass,” he said before yelling a Dothraki war cry into the microphone.

As for Conan, Momoa admits he’s never watched Schwarzenegger’s original film or its sequel.

“I’ve never played a role that had already been played before and I really don’t feel that I would need to see Arnold’s performance to help me with mine. There is so much source material, tonnes of stories, comic books and the (art was) big for me. I wanted to build my character from the ground up.”

Momoa said he studied Conan stories and artwork to help shape his performance.

“It’s movement to me, all movement,” he said of the character. “In those Dark Horse (Comics) . . . I tried to train my body and (do) stance work. Also the way he prowled, I felt like he was just a big cat, so I went and studied lions and watched how lions and panthers moved . . . I also studies a lot of old samurai movies, I wanted to be able to wield a broadsword like a samurai sword . . . and having to shave your body and put 20 pounds of weight on absolutely changes the way you move.”

I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with ‘Game of Thrones’. I’m so bummed it’s over for the season! I have to wait until next year for season two, but until then, I might have to check out ‘Conan the Barbarian’ to get my Mamoa fix.


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