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Holly Madison’s Second Kid Is A BOY.

51584771 Reality star Holly Madison and her daughter Rainbow Rotella kick off 'Adventure To Santa' at the Great Hall in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 13, 2014. Reality star Holly Madison and her daughter Rainbow Rotella kick off 'Adventure To Santa' at the Great Hall in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 13, 2014. Pictured: Holly Madison, Rainbow Rotella FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Holly Madison is pregnant with her second kid…but the news is, it’s got a Y chromosome!

The former Girls Next Door star- who has a 3-year-old daughter unfortunately named Rainbow Aurora-  exclusively confirmed to PEOPLE in January that she is pregnant with their second child with January, but we only learned yesterday the kid’s gender.
“I’m so excited,” the author of Down the Rabbit Hole said. “This time I know what to expect a little bit more. [That] makes it even more enjoyable.”

Madison is not the only one excited for a new edition to the family.

“[Rainbow] was the first person my husband and I told,” said Madison, who’s due in August. “She’s rooting for a girl. I think she’s going to be a good big sister. She’s very caring and she loves playing with her baby dolls and taking care of the pets.”

Though Rainbow wanted a  girl, Madison had a feeling that wasn’t in the cards- and she was right.

Congrats, Holly! A message from ICYDK: may your next kid have a name that is less embarrassing and lame. KLOVEUBYEEEE

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Holly Madison doesn’t want her daughter to do Playboy

Holly Madison doesn't want her daughter to do Playboy

Unlike Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison says that she doesn’t want her daughter to do “Playboy” when she’s all grown up.

When asked if Hugh Hefner has any role in her daughter Rainbow’s life, Madison replied, “Absolutely not. When I left the mansion we were cordial for a while, but eventually I opened my eyes to what kind of person he was and we haven’t talked for years. [Parenting is] not something he would be involved in. There are others who have brought their babies to the mansions after they were born, but it’s not something I would do.”

She also said that she partially wrote the book for her daughter. She said, “I wanted my side of the story out there. I never had a voice. It was always shaped by the TV show or by Playboy or Hef himself. But I want my daughter to know why I made the decisions I did. Since writing the book, I’ve had a lot of practice defending myself and the choices I made, and I think that has been good practice for discussing those decisions with her.”

With regard to her decision to pose nude for Playboy, she said, “I get asked about it a lot from people who are considering doing it. I don’t try to talk anyone into it or out of it, but I do want them to know that before you make the decision, you should consider the ramifications. While you are doing it, it might seem fine, but years later you don’t necessarily want those pics out there, and they don’t go away. Plus, one thing I’ve learned is that if people know you’ve posed nude for anything, they want to take your choices away in different contexts. So, because you’ve done it before, they assume you’ll pose nude for anything, anytime, anywhere.”

She went on to say, “I was shooting a commercial that had a gag where there was implied nudity – I was never actually nude. Then while we were filming they said, ‘Why don’t we take a behind-the-scenes photo with you in your underwear?’ and I said no. People assume that because I’ve been in Playboy that it’s okay – I’ll be nude anywhere. But a woman’s body is her own, a man’s is his own, and when we feel okay being naked is different for everybody. Some might feel okay in a locker room but not in public, or in Playboy but not a different publication. It’s a choice and everyone is entitled to the choice. I feel like once you’ve posed nude, suddenly people assume your body is always fair game.”

She also said that she would be disappointed if her daughter wanted to become a Playboy bunny in the future. She said, “I would not be okay with it. When she is an adult, she will be able to do what she wants, but from day one I’ve tried to raise her to know she has value, her body parts have value, and she doesn’t have to do something cheap or tawdry to get attention. If she wanted to [be a Bunny] – and God forbid she did – I would tell her my whole experience with it and I’d be honest that it wasn’t what I thought it would be.”

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Hugh Hefner tried to bribe Holly Madison to stick around

Hugh Hefner tried to bribe Holly Madison to stick around

Holly Madison talked to Oprah Winfrey about her time spent with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion and revealed that Hef tried to bribe her to stay with him.

She revealed, “Hef and I started hitting kind of a rocky patch when it became clear that Bridget and Kendra were leaving, they were moving on to new things. I just had enough and just realized all the delusions I’d been under and that this was no longer the life for me.”

She also said that she went to Hef’s place to get her stuff and found his will and in it an inheritance for her worth three million bucks.

Madison said, “It was very clear to me that he’d left that out for me to see, because he was hoping it would change my mind and get me to stay. But it just kinda disgusted me more than anything because all he can do is say, ‘Oh, here, I’m gonna throw you some money to get you to say.’ It just grossed me out.”

She also discussed her decision to write a book about her time at the Playboy Mansion. She added, “I’ve gotten offers for book deals before, especially right after I left the mansion. But I didn’t want to do it then because I didn’t want to do just a tell-all about someone. I wanted this to be my life story – about what I’ve learned and where I’ve gone – and I’ve finally gotten to a place where I felt I could tell that story.”

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Holly Madison is writing a second book about relationships

Holly Madison is writing a second book about relationships

Holly Madison has already written one book, but has since moved on to penning a second book – this one about relationships.

The tome, which will be published by Dey Street Books, is tentatively titled If I Had a Date and is set for a summer 2016 release.

“I don’t know what people think goes on in the bedroom,” Madison, 35, told Us while chatting about her memoir, “but it was always very much the same, and intimidating, and not something that I liked. It was a miserable part of my life.”

The shocking tell-all was a huge success for the former reality star and landed on the New York Times Best-Seller list, remaining there for well over two months.

While chatting with Us at the time, Madison, who is married to Pasquale Rotella and mom to daughter Rainbow, 2, revealed her plans to pen another book. “I want to get into my experiences dating after the mansion and things like that,” she told Us. “I love writing.”

Will you pick up a copy of her second book when it’s released?

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