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Richie Sambora still loves Heather Locklear

Richie Sambora still loves Heather Locklear

Richie Sambora has revealed that he still loves his ex-wife Heather Locklear.

He says that the two of them still share a close bond and that he will always have a special place in his heart for her.

In a new interview, he revealed, “Time does heal old wounds. I mean, I still love Heather and I know she loves me. She’s the mother of my child, man. What can you say?”

Still, he says that his daughter Ava is his “favorite girl” and he also spoke of how proud he is of her. He said, “She and I are close and have a candid relationship. Boundaries are set. That doesn’t budge. She is an amazing kid and dedicated to school. She’s acting. The first audition she went out for was Judd Apatow’s ‘This is 40’ and she got it. She’s been doing Disney stuff. I’m really proud of her – she’s just a joy. My favorite girl – her and my mom, I always say.”

Earlier in the year, he said that it was essential for himself and Heather to keep things cordial between them for the sake of their daughter. He said, “If you don’t get along you are messing the kid up. That’s what happens. So you have to put that before whatever s**t is going on. Communication has got to come first. There’s a cooling off period obviously, as you know – it takes time. It was almost ten years ago though. So we’re fine. Thanksgiving or Christmas, we all spend it together.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Fourth Time’s the Charm for Tommy Lee

Motley Crue Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

On Monday, Tommy Lee, 51, announced via Twitter that he will be getting married for the fourth time to his longtime girlfriend, singer, Sofia Toufa, 30.  The former Motley Crue drummer enthusiastically posted:

“There comes a time in a mans life when you just know your partner is for LIFE!! Say hello to my fiancé and soon to be wife @SOFIofficial.”

Previous marital partners that were not for life, include former Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, the mother of his two sons, Branden, 17, and Dylan, 16 (pictured below), actress Heather Locklear, and Elaine Bergen.  He was also engaged at one point to Mayte Garcia (ex-wife of Prince).

Pamela Anderson Takes Her Sons Shopping At Fred Segal

Toufa has been featured in DJ Deadmau5‘s work and was a former backing vocalist for Britney Spears.  The pair has been dating since 2009.  Many congratulations to the happy couple and a long life together.

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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How does Heather Locklear keep her skin so radiant? “Semen,” the actress admits.

Between Amanda Seyfried’s penis story – and this one – I think I need to take a long vacation. Okay, I need one anyway, but these stories push me over the edge, I tell you.

Yesterday Heather Locklear was caught by TMZ photographers, and was asked if she had any recommendations for anti-aging skincare products. Her response? “You just put semen on you face.” I mean, naturally.

According to the HuffPo: Semen does have it’s anti-aging benefits.

Semen as an anti-aging treatment saw a spike in popularity (or at least curiosity) around 2009. Turns out spermine, one of the components of semen, is high in anti-oxidants and can be used to smooth out wrinkles. An enterprising Cosmo reporter even went and got a sperm facial at a swanky New York spa, confirming that her skin did feel smoother afterwards.

I think I’ll pass, thank you. Oh man, a spa sperm facial. I know what you’re getting for Christmas!

These pictures are from last night, when the paparazzi caught her coming out of RivaBella with a mystery man.


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Heather Locklear “has been out of control for many years”

Heather Locklear was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on January 12 after she ingested a scary combination of alcohol and prescription pills. It’s only now that we’re finding out what’s really been going on with the actress.

“Heather has been out of control for many years,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Her drinking has caused her to fall out of many friendships.”

Locklear’s problems only worsened when she and beau of four years, Jack Wagner, called off their engagement in November. “She doesn’t get out of bed most days,” the source explains, adding that “Jack kept her on the straight and narrow, but he couldn’t keep Heather sober.”

Though Wagner, 52, “begged her to go to rehab,” it wasn’t until after their breakup that Locklear “entered a treatment program, which her family was able to keep quiet.”

Unfortunately, the former Melrose Place actress, 50, “didn’t take it seriously” and appeared visibly drunk at an L.A. Lakers game January 10

I really hope she finally gets the help she needs. She has a daughter she needs to be healthy for. So sad what alcohol can do to a person!


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