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Heath Ledger’s death scene in The Dark Knight will remain intact

Heath Ledger

Movie bosses at Warner Brothers have chosen not to alter the final cut of the new Batman film, despite one disturbing scene that features the late Heath Ledger pretending to be dead.

Early screenings of The Dark Knight left some film fans reeling after they saw footage of Ledger, as The Joker, hiding out in a bodybag. That prompted internet speculation about whether studio heads would cut the scene to avoid upsetting sensitive Ledger fans. But a source close to the production tells website, “The film remains intact – and nothing of Ledger’s will be cut from the movie, including the bodybag scene.”

The source adds, “I know for a fact that that scene is in the film. I also know that WB has made no such mandate and that (director) Chris Nolan is honest when saying that he will not change what was intended with The Joker.”


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Heath Ledger’s former lover denies existence of a love child

Heath Ledger

With rumors rampant that Heath Ledger may have had a teenaged love child, the woman in question and her husband have spoken out.

“I’m not answering anything,” she told UK newspaper The Daily Mail (names redacted to protect privacy). “I think it’s very, very rude that I’m being posed all of this. I really do. I can’t talk about anything.”

“You have no proof, there’s no background, there’s no grounds, there’s no nothing,” she continued.

Her husband supported her assertions: “The whole thing with [Ledger being the father] is no. No way. No can be.”

Reports Ledger fathered the now 11-year-old girl came from the actor’s estranged uncle, who spoke to Australian media.

Ledger — who died of a prescription drug overdose in January at the age of 28 — had a fling with a 25-year-old woman when he was 17. The woman learned she was pregnant after their relationship ended.

“We knew it would flare up and that is the point of my talking and the simple thing is we will do a DNA test,” her husband told the Daily Mail.

“I’m the step-dad, but there’s nothing to hide… and if I asked [the mother] I’m sure that she wouldn’t mind [to have a DNA test],” he added.


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Heath Ledger may have fathered a love child

Heath Ledger

One of Heath Ledger’s estranged uncles claims that the late actor may have fathered a love child when he was a teenager, according to a report in Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

When he was just 17 years old, Ledger reportedly dated a 25-year-old woman – who discovered she was pregnant after the relationship ended and later gave birth to baby girl. Although the woman was living with another man at the time, Ledger’s uncle Hadyn claimed to the paper, “There is a very real possibility that Heath was the father.”

The actor – who died in January at the age of 28, following an accidental overdose of prescription drugs – has a daughter, Matilda, with actress Michelle Williams.

His will, written before Matilda’s birth, left his entire estate to his parents and three sisters. Although his father, Kim, has promised Williams and the 2-year-old “will be taken care of,” the uncertainty surrounding the will has reignited a family feud between Kim and his three estranged brothers.

The long-simmering tensions date back more than 15 years, when Kim was made executor of his grandfather Sir Frank Ledger’s $2-million estate. “It plunged into enormous debt,” Mike Ledger, one of Kim’s brothers, told People. (According to Australia’s The Sunday Times, a Supreme Court judge eventually removed Kim from overseeing the estate.)

The brothers now claim Kim is not capable of managing the late Oscar nominee’s considerable assets.


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Michelle Williams’ dad demands statement on Heath Ledger’s fortune

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams’ father has cast doubt on the handling of Heath Ledger’s estate by the late star’s dad Kim, and has called for the family to publicly state the true value of the actor’s personal fortune.

The Brokeback Mountain actor left all of his assets to parents Kim and Sally and older sister Kate, having filed his will in Australia in April 2003 – two years prior to birth of his daughter, Matilda, with then-girlfriend, actress Williams. Kim has since assured that both Williams and two-year-old Matilda will be financially “taken care of”, but Larry Williams wants to know exactly how much Heath was worth at the time of his death so that his girls are not cheated out of any money.

A series of documents filed in Manhattan, New York’s Surrogate’s Court earlier this month shows Ledger had less than $145,000 worth of assets in New York at the time, including a $25,000 Toyota Prius and $20,000 in furniture. But Larry is sure Heath had other riches, which the family have yet to declare.

Speaking to Australia’s The Sunday Telegraph, Larry says, “It’s real simple: just come clean with everything. It’s so easy to resolve this. “He just has to say where the income went and where the assets are. I’m certain that there is grieving in the Ledger family but (lawyers for) Kim have already filed papers in New York, so it seems like it’s time to be transparent about it. I have no idea what Heath Ledger was worth (but) they certainly haven’t stated all of the assets to the court.”

The Ledger family has yet to respond to Larry’s calls and actress Williams has also remained tight-lipped about her ex-fiance’s will. Larry’s demand comes just days after Heath’s uncles expressed fears about Kim’s ability to manage Heath’s estate adequately, citing his bad track record of financial management.

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