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Harry Styles can spot a phony woman a mile away

Harry Styles can spot a phony woman a mile away

One Direction singer Harry Styles can spot a phony woman who only wants to date him for his fame a mile away. He admitted that he can see right through flirty women who only try to sweeten him up for the wrong reasons.

When asked if he gets worried that women only want to be with him for his status as a celebrity, he said, “I think people who would approach someone in that way for the wrong reasons are usually quite transparent. I think it’s pretty easy to tell what someone’s intentions are.”

His bandmate Niall Horan said that a lot of the speculation surrounding their love lives are nothing but rumors and he has learned to block it out over the years. He said, “You have to kind of get over it, if you keep reading all those stories, it’s just going to wreck your head but like you know whatever, you can have friends, we’re all allowed to have friends.”

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Harry Styles wrote ‘Perfect’ song about Taylor Swift?

Harry Styles wrote 'Perfect' song about Taylor Swift?

It seems that turnabout is fair play for Harry Styles, as the 25-year-old One Direction singer has reportedly written the song “Perfect” about his short-lived relationship with Taylor Swift.

Swift and Styles dated from October 2012 until January 2013 and he has reportedly opened up about her in the new song which is set for release on Friday. A source who listened to the song said, “Harry would never get too specific about Taylor in a song, but the lyrics are definitely going to get fans speculating. He doesn’t want to dish the dirt but a relationship as intense as theirs has provided lots of inspiration.”

According to a source, they sing: “If you like when I’m driving with the windows down/If you like going places we can’t even pronounce/If you like to do whatever you’ve been dreaming about/Baby you’re perfect.”

Following their relationship, Swift said that she wrote five songs in a week about Styles, including “Out Of The Woods” where she talks about the pressure of being part of a high profile relationship. At the time, she said, “It just kind of conjured up all these feelings of anxiety that I had in a relationship where everybody was watching.”

She added, “You’re constantly just feeling like, ‘Are we out of the woods yet? What’s the next thing gonna be? What’s the next hurdle we’re gonna have to jump over? Are we gonna make it to next week?’ It was interesting to write about a relationship where you’re just honestly like, ‘This is probably not gonna last, but how long is it gonna last?'”

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One Direction Is Pretty Much Breaking Up (Sorry, Guys Who Aren’t Harry Styles).

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction To Pursue Normal Life

Sorry, 12 year old girls of the world.

One Direction will embark on an extended “hiatus” starting in March of next year, and I’m assuming that that’s a polite way of saying, “PEACE, we’re all getting older and don’t wanna do this boy band sh*t no more.”

According to People, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have all mutually agreed to take at least a year long break from the band to pursue their own projects (which seems like a way for Harry Styles to peace out to become famous, while the rest of the boys fade into the distance).  It ALSO means that there won’t be a tour for their fifth album which is supposed to be released later this year.

The boys will continue to promote the album through February but as you can probably guess, the album is not good if this is what’s going on. To add insult to injury, the decision to part ways comes just days after the British group released the new music video for their single “Drag Me Down” and nobody really cared.

Onward? But first, a tribute…

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Harry Styles had An EPIC Stage Fall

Taylor Swift & Kendall Jenner Are Friends & Harry Styles Doesn't Care

Those things on your legs, Harry Styles? They’re called your feet.

The singer took a GIGANTO tumble during a concert in San Diego on Thursday, and spoiler: it was embarrassing as all hellllll.

According to TMZ, One Direction played San Diego Thursday night, and while they were singing “Through the Dark,” Harry went down like a rock. Why? Well, checking out the vid, it seems like his mic stand got in the way- but it could also be his gigantic ego? Who knows.

Yeah, he could’ve just let go, but Harry really committed to the fall and everybody started laughing about how ridic the whole thing looked. He seems physically fine, though again, that big ‘ol fragile ego is probably bruised up like Brandi Glanville’s face after botox. “If anyone had a video of that, just delete it” he told the crowd afterward.

Sure.  You KNOW Taylor Swift is watching that vid on repeat, Harry. Check out the video for yourself HERE!

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