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Mischa Barton’s younger sister making waves of her own.


Hania Barton showed up so wasted and “out of it,” at the Troy Kingdom fashion show at Area nightclub in Hollywood on Saturday, October 27, that at the last minute, the designer himself Daniel Dahan told Hania NOT to walk the runway as she had been scheduled to do.

An insider tells Celebrity Babylon that the show began around 11 pm, and that thin and pretty Hania, 19, was supposed to be one of the models for the popular fashion line.


“But Hania could barely stand up,” says our source, “her legs were like jelly. She was literally chewing on her lower lip. The word at the show was that she was popping pills, but if she did, she must have done it before she got [to the event.]”

Another source, who was backstage at the Troy Kingdom fashion show, has contacted us regarding Hania Barton’s erratic behavior prior to getting the boot at the event: “She was shivering and cold, even though it was sweltering hot backstage. She freaked when she saw someone with a camera, screaming ‘No pictures! That $h*t about me always ends up in the tabloids!'”

After that, our source reveals that Hania fell asleep in her chair.Classy.

Posted Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 at 7:07am
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