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Gwyneth Paltrow “Believes In Sex.”


Gwyneth Paltrow and her abs are the face (and abs) of Women’s Health magazine this month, and Goopy wants to give you some straight up TRUTH about sex. She believes in it.

Yeah, I know, SHOCKER.  Here’s a snippet from her GROUNDBREAKING interview:

On how she keeps in shape: “I believe, as cheesy as it sounds, in exercise, laughing, having sex, being yourself.”

Then she gave us something we can ACTUALLY use. Like, with specifics.: “My routine is the same every weekday. I drop my kids at school. I do an hour of dance cardio, then I go to work. For lunch I usually have a big salad with grilled chicken, and then for dinner I’ll have whatever I want. Most nights I eat with the kids, like, a stir-fry of chicken and broccoli or pasta or roast chicken and potatoes.”

She said nothing else about sex (except her staunch belief in its existence) but I assume her rumored boyfriend Brad Falchuk may do that kind of thing with her, every so often.

Check out more of the interview HERE (and get ready to have your mind BLOWN…not).

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Of COURSE Blythe Danner Is Gonna Defend Gwyneth Paltrow

"Austin Powers In Goldmember" Premiere

What’s true in 2002 (like this photo) is certainly true now!

Gwyneth Paltrow gets a lot of flack for being ridiculous, but of COURSE mom and fellow actress Blythe Danner is gonna have her kid’s back. Duh.  During an interview on the Today show to promote her new movie, I’ll See You in My Dreams, Natalie Morales asked the mom about her kid, and the results were just as you’d expect…

“I know she’s the most extraordinary girl who can do everything,” Danner gushed of the Goop founder, a mom herself to daughter Apple, 10, and Moses, 9. “Incredible mother, she’s raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for my husband’s oral cancer foundation — things she doesn’t talk about a lot.”

Danner added that Paltrow is becoming a “great environmentalist,” telling Morales: “I’m so proud of her. I think she’s so accomplished that people get kind of intimidated by it.”

And of course, she promotes conscious uncoupling:

“I admire it very, very much,” Danner told Us Weekly of the two. “They’ve handled everything very well. They’re great parents. That comes first for them and they’re really handling everything beautifully.”

(via Us Weekly)

I know, so controversial having Blythe talk up Gwen. Still, it’s nice to see someone being NICE to Gwyn for a while. I know I really don’t…ever. But it’s so EASY to make fun of her! AUGH! #conflicted

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Gwyneth Paltrow Was A Met No-Show: WHY?

Arrivals at the Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2015 Womenswear Collection ***NO DAILY MAIL SALES***

Wondering why there were no pics of her goopiness wasn’t at the 2015 met gala?

Well, it’s because she wasn’t there. In fact, she hasn’t gone since 2013.  But this year, what was her excuse? Well, she had her OWN red carpet to attend to. Find out more after the jump!


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Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Are Officially Divorced

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Are Calling It Quits! **FILE PHOTOS***

Yep, these two are now “consciously uncoupled” in the eyes of the law!

As you know, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are uber-chummy exes who vacation together and jointly hang with their two kids, Apple and Moses. But don’t get it twisted- the documents ending their marriage will be filed later today, TMZ has learned.

Gwyneth and Chris have been using their business managers to hash out a settlement agreement involving both property and custody, so they don’t have to.  TMZ reports that the agreement has been signed and the divorce is a done deal; all that’s left is for the paperwork to be filed and signed by the judge. Dotting i’s and crossing t’s, people!

We don’t know the terms of this deal… it all seems to be a part of a confidential settlement. Still, sounds like joint custody is in the cards, seeing as how well these two are gettin’ on…

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