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Star Magazine Named THIS CELEB “Most Hated.” WHAT?

Kristen Stewart Catches A Flight At LAX

Feast your eyes on the “most hated” runner up, Kristen Stewart.

Weeks after People put her on the cover of its annual “World’s Most Beautiful” issue, Star magazine named a certain celeb the “Most Hated Celebrity,” beating out other obnoxious gems like Kristen Stewart (No. 2), John Mayer (No. 4), Madonna (No. 7), Justin Bieber (No. 8), and other stars. The celeb who won this distinguished title is NOT happy, btw, and finds the label pretty humiliating.

So who got crowned “most hated?” Find out, after the jump!


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Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin’s Divorce Is Finalized


And…the conscious uncoupling has been formally uncoupled.

Gwyneth Paltrow has just filed legal docs, asking a judge to officially end her marriage to Chris Martin, but the weirdest thing is that Chris isn’t responding in kind…for good reason.

Gwyneth has asked the judge to enter a default judgment, because Chris never responded to her divorce petition. That being said, everything seems to be hunky dory, what what Chris and Gwyn vacationing and co-parenting. So what gives? Well..

The former couple’s business manager has been working out a property settlement, and Chris never responded to the divorce petition because he and Gwyneth didn’t want lots of stories written each time documents were filed. Now, the property settlement is now complete and they agreed long ago to joint custody of their kids.

The judge will enter the default and the property settlement will almost certainly remain confidential.

Done and DONE.

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Robert Downey Jr. Can Cheat On His Wife But Only With Gwyneth Paltrow

'Iron Man 3' Germany Photocall
Ugh. Goopy? Come on.

Robert Downey Jr. was on The Howard Stern Show yesterday to promote, promote promote and after hinting that Gwyneth’s Iron Man character will probably make an appearance in another Marvel movie, the conversation turned to how his wife, Susan Downey. And, how she’s cool with her husband making out with Gwyneth on-screen. So much so, that Gwyn is Robert’s free pass, because I guess if you’re going to mess around with anyone, make it ORGANIC.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of the “Free Pass“, it’s an agreement that one person presents to the person they’re with that grants them permission to mess around with whomever they want. Sometimes it’s someone famous, sometimes not. Anyhow, Gwyneth Paltrow is RDJ’s free pass, and he gets to make out with his free pass anytime he Iron Mans. Not to shabby of an arrangement, I guess!

“I’m very happily married … but I guess I could dream a bit. My ‘free pass’ is, because her and Susan are such good friends, is Paltrow. I gotta get her back in these movies, so I can make out with her on screen again.”

HOWEVER THERE ARE FREE PASS STIPULATIONS: RDJ says his wife doesn’t care what happens while the cameras are rolling, but that’s about as far as his Free Pass goes. So no making out over crafty, you creeps!

Don’t believe me? Check out the clip below…

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kid Prefers Taylor Swift To Chris Martin

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.59.47 AM

Gwyneth Paltrow is still a fan of Coldplay, even though her daughter Apple Martin prefers Taylor Swift!

The Oscar Winner did an interview and talked all about her musical relationship to her ex Chris Martin‘s band, versus her kid’s. For the “My Favorite Song” segment in the SiriusXm radio interview, she noted  hat the band’s track Everything’s Not Lost brought her comfort after her father’s death even before she met the Brit. She explained:

“He wrote this song before I met him, and I think another reason it’s sad for me is my father had just died when this album came out, and we used to listen to it kind of on repeat. This album was kind of getting my brother and I through that death.”

Aw, geez.

Gwyneth also dished about Chris Martin’s stellar songwriting capabilities:

“This one time I was making dinner … and the kids were in bed, and he was telling me that someone had asked him to write a song for somebody else. Then all of a sudden he got a really weird look in his eye and he was like ‘I’ll be right back,’ and he went up to the piano and literally three to five minutes later he said, ‘Will you come up and listen to this?’ He had written this song called Paradise, from beginning to end, with all the lyrics.”

However, like kids do, Chris and Gwyneth’s kids exercise their own musical tastes. Like everyone else in the world, Apple is a TOTAL Taylor Swift fan, And Gwyn can hang with Tay:

“She’s very savvy, she keeps her clothes on, she writes her music, she has good values. She’s a good girl.”

(Via PerezHilton)

Agreed. Though I’m sure Chris Martin doesn’t exactly like that news. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, everyone!

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