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Is George Clooney “Emotionally Cheating” With Julia Roberts?

Ellen Barkin: 'Amal Clooney Takes Great Care Of George'

LOL, oh my.

The Enquirer has a new story that George Clooney and Julia Roberts are in the midst of a torrid, marriage-destroying, “EMOTIONAL” affair. Doubtful, but sure? I’ll indulge it. I think Julia and George both need Money Monster to be a hit, and I think this is maybe the backwards-ass way they are promoting the thing.

George Clooney’s real-life wife, Amal, and his movie wife Julia Roberts are at each other’s throats! Now their feud is threatening to end in a $220 million divorce! Reporters for The ENQUIRER have talked to top sources for the inside story of how jealous legal eagle Amal, 38, has warned “Pretty Woman” Julia, 48, to keep her hands off her husband!

Amal Clooney and Julia are “are at each other’s throats — and their feud threatens to end in a $220 million divorce” as a “jealous” Amal has supposedly “warned ‘Pretty Woman’ Julia to keep her hands off her husband.” A source says, “Amal has had enough! She’s sick and tired of watching George cozy up to Julia….To her, it’s cheating — emotional cheating. Amal feels like there’s only room for one woman in George’s life — and that’s Julia. She can never compete with their long history, and now Amal wants out. She wants a divorce — and it’s going to be expensive!”

The ENQUIRER also has the scoop on Julia’s husband Danny Moder – and the first film to get the suspicious husband fuming over the working relationship between George and Julia!

(Via the National Enquirer)

Again, pretty sure this is BS, but it’s fun to dream. I’m not even sure  Julia and George are particularly close in real life. Money Monster is being sold to the public as a Clooney-Roberts reunion, and hey, it’s past the time where they were both young bucks. Pretty sure Amal isn’t particularly threatened by this, but again, it’s fun to think about some weirdo, 90’s actor/attorney love triange.

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Amal Got George Clooney A Very Un-Sexy Birthday Gift

66th Berlinale International Film Festival - 'Hail, Caesar!' Premiere

Love this couple.

George Clooney has been busy showing off his handsome mug at Cannes, and while wife Amal Almuddin wasn’t there for photo call, she’s never far from her hubby’s mind. George recently turned 55 years old and while doing press yesterday at Cannes, he was asked what his wife gave him for his birthday. His answer…


Here’s the exact quote: “We have a beautiful front lawn at our house in England and I used to mow lawns when I was a kid. So she bought me this giant riding lawn mower that is sitting at the house right now and I’m very excited about putting that to work when I’m home.” Cool, sounds like money well spent, on a thing that George really isn’t going to use. But hey, it’s kind of a cute gag gift, no? Maybe he’ll take it out for a lark, to impress the old lady.

What do YOU Think of The Cloon’s Bday gift?

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George Clooney Feels Like An Idiot Around His Wife (As He Should)


We got George Clooney covering the new issue of Esquire, and honestly, he’s got a lot of war stories and does pretty well in the long-form conversational interview format. So, if you wanna read a generally interesting interview by a classic A lister, you can read the full piece here. It starts out with Clooney admitting that he slipped a disc the previous day and he had to get an epidural in his spine the morning of the interview. GUYS, he’s OLD! He’s 54, and while he’s still sexy as hell, it shows! Here are some highlights from the Esquire interview:

Why he likes Hillary Clinton: “I was a big supporter of Barack Obama in 2008. When I came back from Darfur when she was secretary of state, I would have thought she would have been a little ticked off to meet with me. And she wasn’t… When I walked out of that room, I was very, very, very glad that she was secretary of state and that she was an informed, responsible, smart person. I don’t think she’s nearly as good a campaigner as she would be a leader.”

Whether Obama is funny: “Deeply funny. He gets the joke. He’s called me a couple of times after I’ve gotten in an argument with somebody about him. And he’s like, “What are you doing fighting with that guy?” That kind of stuff has been very funny…. The truth of the matter is, in my lifetime certainly there’s never been a president who’s been up against so much obstructionism. There just hasn’t been. Period. I don’t give a sh-t what anybody says. Yet he’s managed to do an awful lot of things, and he’s had to do it with a sense of humor that I wouldn’t have kept. At some point, I would’ve said, “You know what, boys? Why don’t we step outside?”

The issue with Donald Trump: “A Danish reporter asked me, “What’s going on with Donald Trump?” And I said, “Well, what’s going on with you? You guys just passed a new law says that you’re going to take the belongings off of every refugee that comes in to pay for them coming in, which sounds an awful lot like 1938, ’39 in Germany.” But how am I to defend us when the only voice that’s coming out from across the sea is banning Muslims? That’s the problem with what’s going on. It’s not that it’s gonna happen; it’s that we’re broadcasting this to the rest of the world.”

He’s not really retiring from acting: “The reality is what I was talking about was the kind of parts that I was doing I’m not going to be doing anymore. Paul Newman did it best. He was a movie star, he was a leading man, and then he was like, Now I’m a character actor… I’m much more interested in doing films where the role makes sense for me. I’m not gonna be carrying movies the way I did before. There are actors you’ll see that try to hold on to this leading-man status long past the due date.”

On Amal: “Oftentimes, I feel like an idiot talking to my own wife.”

What else does he want? “So I made money. I was broke, but I made my money. I’ve never been happier in a relationship by any stretch of the imagination. At 52 I found the love of my life and I’m really happy. I enjoy the work that I’ve been lucky enough to do and I wanna keep doing it. I want to remain creative and be able to stay creative as long as they’ll let me. So I wanna do that. But as I’ve gotten older and as I’ve gotten more secure in my life, there are a lot of other things that I care about more, which is: the people who don’t have the luck that I have. There’s a lot of people out there who could use some luck. There’s a lot of people in this country, but there’s an awful lot of people in this world that could use some luck. And sometimes luck is just shedding the spotlight on the fact that their lives are hell.”

(Via Esquire)

Though it’s sometimes a little corny, I love that he makes time to really tell people how he feels, politically. He’s a liberal through and through, and while that’s not necessarily “BRAVE,” I find it admirable that he’s so able to talk about it and how passionately he feels about it.

And the Amal stuff? Brills.


Photos: Esquire

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It Took Amal Clooney 25 minutes To Respond To George Clooney’s Marriage Proposal

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Have Gotten Married!

Amal Clooney, you are a better woman than I.

George Clooney revealed how he proposed to his wife, Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin), during an interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and it makes my heart happy that she wasn’t quick to say yes to the eligible bachelor. Apparently, he knew she was the one after six months but she wasn’t so sure (or at least made him sweat out his well-orchestrated proposal):

“It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, maybe we should get married,’ or anything. I plotted the whole thing out. I had the ring hidden behind her,” George, 54, explained. “Everything was planned out and I’ve cooked dinner. And she comes in and she’s just come back from London. And usually she’ll dress up, and now she’s like, ‘Maybe we’ll just order in.’ And I go, ‘No, no, no, I’ve made dinner.'”

Indeed, George put a lot of thought into the special moment. For a personal touch, he even had his late aunt Rosemary Clooney’s song “Why Shouldn’t I” playing in the background. The White Christmas actress’ brother is the hunky star’s dad, Nick Clooney.

Amal, 38, didn’t catch on, though — until she saw the ring. George asked his love to get a lighter. When she opened a drawer she found the sparkly diamond.

“She’s like, ‘It’s a ring.’ Like, as if somebody had left it there some other time. I don’t know. And I’m doing all the moves you can do with my face,” George recalled. “And I got down on my knee and said, ‘I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you.’ And she kept looking at the ring, and she was looking at me, and she was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ And we now know, because there was a playlist, how long it actually took, and it was, like, 25 minutes.”

“Finally, I literally said, ‘Look, I hope the answer is yes, but I need an answer. I’m 52 and I could throw out my hip pretty soon,'” he continued. “And she said, ‘Oh, yes.’ And it worked out really well.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Not sure why you’d want your Aunt’s one hit on while you proposed to your girlfriend, but hey, it WORKED!

What do you think Amal was thinking about during that 25 minutes of downtime?

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