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Cher DISSED Kate Hudson’s Athletic Line!

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Sorry, Kate Hudson. Even CHER thinks your Fabletics active clothing line SUCKS.

Here’s the background: Fabletics is a subscription based service which charges you $49.99 every month (unless you remember to opt out) and sends you workout clothing. You can send back the clothing for store credit, but there are catches/caveats/weird asterisks, surprise surprise. Some customers say that it was unclear when they first filled out a survey on Fabletics and purchased cheap clothing that they were authorizing the company to charge them monthly. Oh yeah, and you can also ONLY cancel on the phone even though it’s an online company. Convenient.

When singer Cher tried to use Fabletics (which is also amazing in its own right. Love you, cher!) she went through the sign up service, which includes a quiz indicating your style and clothing preferences, and got the impression that it wasn’t a legitimate sale. She wisely opted out and then tweeted about it, saying that something wasn’t right essentially:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.43.29 AM

THen, Fabletics issued a statement to Business Insider and it’s all very tongue in cheek:

First of all, we LOVE Cher! So bummed she did not like our member quiz. The introductory quiz helps us better understand our customers and personalize the shopping experience. By asking shoppers for their style and size preferences, we’re able to save our customers tons of money and eliminate waste. We try only produce the clothing that people want. It is true that some people don’t like to shop this way, but there are over 1 million active customers of Fabletics who love it. I wish we could turn back time and explain all this to Cher.

(Via Business Insider)

Funny, I guess. But also kinda rude? Not sure I’d ever use Fabletics before this- and definitely not going to after.

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New song by Cher and Lady Gaga leaks…. and it’s BEYOND awful.

It’s hard for me to even take this song seriously – it’s that bad. What’s the right adjective to describe this song? I’m at a loss. Nicest thing I can say is it sounds very ABBA. No wait, that’s an insult to ABBA…. hmm.

Here we have the inappropriately-titled song, “The Greatest Thing,” by Cher and Lady Gaga. It leaked online today, and I don’t really know what to say about it. I’ve never been a Cher fan, so maybe you have to like her to like the song? Apparently the song is over a year old…. and now we know why it’s been under wraps for so long.

Cher herself is upset with the song…she hopped right on Twitter to say it was never supposed to be released, at least not like this. She said:


Disappointed( Ive Sat on fkng song 4 over a yr )NOW SOME ASSHOLE LEAKS WRONG VERSION ! GaGa’s SINGLE IS GREAT, & THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS

And to that compliment, Gaga tweeted right back, saying:



I love you @cher ! Thank you for the support, you’re the greatest thing!

Listen to the song below!

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Cher names Tom Cruise as one of the best lovers of her life!

Cher is spilling her guts on her Top 5 lovers of all time.

The singer stopped by ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and name-dropped Tom Cruise as one of the best lovers she’s ever had. Cher and Tom dating in the ’80s, before he married first wife Mimi Rogers, and before his career took off.

In a segment called “Truth or Cher,” 67-year-old Cher was asked about her famous love life by host Andy Cohen.

“Well, a lot of them kind of came in first,” Cher demurred before noting unabashedly, “I had just the greatest lovers ever.”

After Cohen asked specifically about Cruise, Cher replied: “He was in the Top 5.”

But, she cautioned, her list of lovers is “not a long list. It’s just a good list.”

Cher, who made a first TV appearance in 10 years when she performed her new dance track “Woman’s World” on the season finale of The Voice, also re-enacted a famous scene from her film, Moonstruck.

“I’m in love with you,” Cohen said, taking the Nicolas Cage line.

“Snap out of it!” Cher responded with a faux slap of her giddy host.

I love ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ I think Andy Cohen is a great interviewer!


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Cher Sells WeHo Condo

Even Cher needs to downsize for these tough economic times!

The music diva just unloaded her little 4,000 square-foot L.A. condo for the whopping price tag of  $5.25 million dollars!

Cher had previously listed the condo-which boasts beautiful views of the L.A. skyline-for $5.5 million bucks. Still, you gotta be a little flexible in these matters, right, Cher?  Besides, she bought the place in 2006 for 4.5 million, so she’s not making out too poorly.

Still, neighbors Courteney Cox and Elton John might be a little bummed about her leaving.  I would be!

Regret not snagging Cher’s condo? Well, she’s also listing her enormous Malibu compound for $41 million, if you’ve got the extra cash.  No problem, right?

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