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Cameron Diaz’s Tube Top Days Are Over.


Cameron Diaz has a new feature in Harper’s Bazaar because she’s still hitting the pavement, promoting her health and wellness book, The Longevity Book. Which is cool by me. This interview is much more personal, and she sounds relatively sane, which is interesting. So what does she talk about? Her husband, Benji Madden, age and…TUBE TOPS. Check it:

Do you believe in “dressing your age”?
I do, actually. But everybody’s age is different, and by that I mean that even when you’re a certain age, it’s all a matter of how you present yourself, how old your spirit is, and where you are in your life. Some 50-year-olds are still 35. It’s about expression and what they can pull off.

What’s something you refuse to wear at 43 (or ever)?
I’m definitely not doing tube tops. No way.

Who are some older women you most admire?
Gloria Steinem is one of the great feminist examples of a woman doing it her way. Jane Fonda has also always been somebody who puts herself out there in a very honest way. I appreciate that. We have so many great examples in Hollywood, from Meryl Streep to Helen Mirren. They walk such a fine line between giving everybody what they want and not sacrificing themselves for it.

What’s something new you’ve tried after 40 that you never thought you would?
I got married last year. That was the biggest thing I’ve done in my 40s, and it opened me up in different ways. It’s pretty awesome. I didn’t think it was something I’d do, and I don’t know if I’d have done it if I hadn’t met my husband [Benji Madden]. It was a surprise.

What is the biggest realization you’ve had about yourself after turning 40?
That as you get older, your body changes in so many little ways. It doesn’t react the same way that it used to. I don’t get the results that I used to as easily as I once did. Now I look at myself and I realize, “Oh, right. I’m in this time now in my life where I have to be thoughtful. If I slack off, things don’t come back so easily. I have to be committed.” In part that’s what my new book, The Longevity Book, is about. But just like everybody else, I’m more and less disciplined at various times based on what’s going on in my life.

Which trend has enjoyed too much longevity?
Social media is great for a lot of things but not as a substitute for actual human connection. We need more actual human contact with one another. And less screen time.

(Via Harper’s Bazaar)

I love how she called “social media” a “trend.” I wish, Lady. But back to tube tops, something I never got on board with. They’re ugly, but honestly, I think capri pants are something I’d never wear again if I had to had to choose.

What article of clothing would YOU never be caught dead in?

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

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Cameron Diaz Is Now A Menopause Expert


Cameron Diaz has a creepy-ish Women’s Health cover, and in it she makes a lot of pretty, uh, bold claims.

She did the cover and interview basically to promote her second health and wellness book, called The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time. The woman’s only 43, so she presumably hasn’t gone through menopause yet and even if she has, it’s a pretty different experience for everyone who goes through it. That being said, of COURSE she thinks she’s an expert. Have a gander:

In Your 20s: “Bone mass is really important in your twenties— after that, we don’t build much bone anymore. So your twenties are your best chance to build bone through nutrition, physical activity, and strength training.”

In Your 30s: “After 35, most women’s eggs start to dwindle. There’s no way of knowing until you test yourself. That might be something you want to do in your early thirties if your fertility is important to you.”

In Your 40s: “Make connections, make friends, join communities, and really honor yourself. You’re getting ready to make that transition to menopause, so pay attention to where you’re at emotionally, physically, and mentally. The women who stress have it longer and harder, but the ones who accept it have it shorter and less severe.”

(Via Women’s Health)

Cameron’s imdb dance card is woefully empty (according to Dlisted she hasn’t been in any films since 2014) and I applaud her for doing some googling about aging. That being said, not sure she’s THE person I’d go to for menopausal support OR advice.

Are you going to check out her book? It’s out April 4th.

Photos: Women’s Health

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Cameron Diaz is on the fast track to Babyville!

Cameron Diaz is on the fast track to Babyville!

Cameron Diaz hasn’t really hopped on the baby bandwagon until she met her current husband Benji Madden. Now, sources have revealed that the actress wants to make this baby thing happen and quickly!

According to Star magazine, Cameron has taken to possibly undergoing IVF treatments in order to conceive their first baby. A move that the website says has taken its toll on her looks.

An insider has said, “This is a trying time for Cam. But she’s totally committed to making this pregnancy happen.”

She and Benji have been together for eight months and the inside source claims that the actress wants to be pregnant by their first anniversary.

Do you think any of this is true? I’ve never pictured Cameron to be the woman who’d want babies – considering her previous interviews on the subject. Still, people change, right?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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I Guess Benji Madden And Cameron Diaz Are Still Going Strong

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.34.27 AM

I guess these newlyweds are still like, gross.

Benji Madden wished wife Cameron Diaz a happy 43rd birthday by posting a sweet picture of the two of them on Instagram this week.

The couple look very happy as the snuggled up to each other and showcased Benji’s gross-ass neck tattoos.

“Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Wife,” Madden captioned the picture.”My best friend and Everything else- there’s so much I could write. I’m the luckiest guy alive- I get to spend the rest of my life right here. I love this Woman!! Many more Baby!!”

Yes, many many more selfies, memories and laughs.  This couple makes me wanna barf mostly because I find both members of the couple obnoxious as hell, but whatev. Even D bags deserve happiness, right?

Photo: Benji Madden

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