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Report: Charlie Sheen’s Wife Moves Out, Escort Moves In

Charlie Sheen’s marital drama only seems to be getting worse. Now reports say Charlie has been caught by photographers with a paid escort, and his wife Brooke Mueller refuses to sleep in the same house as him.

Radar Online reports that Charlie moved back to his home, brought his paid escort with him and Brooke moved out.

Apparently, Charlie has been sleeping at rehab, but coming home when he chooses. But when he does come home, Brooke leaves and does not speak to him.

Sheen has been sleeping at rehab but coming and going as he pleases. He was caught with a paid escort by photographers recently. reported exclusively that Sheen has been having a several week affair with the escort and prior to that he hooked up with one of the escort’s friends!

RadarOnline reports that Charlie has been having an affair with the escort for several weeks and before that was hooking up with her friend when Brooke wasn’t home.

Charlie also reportedly used not only his home with Brooke to spend time with his escort, but also the home of his manager Mark Burg.

Their relationship is dead,” a source told Radar Online. “Brooke wants a payout.”

The source added, “She doesn’t want to sleep in the same house with him she’s so disgusted.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Brooke Sheen relapsed to drugs after their twins were born

What went wrong in the Sheen household?

As both Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke seek treatment for their addictions, insiders talk in the new issue of Us Weekly about the pair, who have been in the headlines since the Christmas Day incident when the Two and a Half Men actor threatened to kill his wife.

After checking out of Malibu’s The Canyon rehab facility last month, Brooke Sheen, 32, is being treated at home for addictions to alcohol and drugs — including crack cocaine, sources have confirmed to Us. Sheen, meanwhile, checked into rehab last week for “preventative measures,” according to sources.

At home with Brooke? Her 12-month-old twin sons, Bob and Max. A family friend says that Brooke’s relapse to drugs began shortly after the twins’ birth. Born severely underweight, young Max was hospitalized for weeks. “It was a really scary situation for a new mom — for any new mom — and at that point she went back to her comfort zone…she resorted to the way she handled stress in the past.”

Meanwhile, 44-year-old Charlie — who spent time in rehab in 1998 — has “slipped” back into drinking, a friend says. “He’s been depressed, drawing the shades and watching TV by himself,” the pal says. “His idea of sobriety is ‘slipping’ less than twice a month.”

And the couple, married for about two years, “stir up each other’s worst demons,” a friend says. They break out in fights over something small or some little paranoia.”

“One time, Brooke threw a Kleenex box at him because he looked at her the wrong way,” a source recalls. “He went crazy and threw an expensive plate. It was nuts!”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Brooke Mueller wants a divorce from Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller wants a divorce after his court case for domestic violence is over, is reporting exclusively.

Despite the fact that both Charlie and Brooke’s reps have publicly said they want to work things out, sources who know both of them say it’s actually the exact opposite – both are miserable.

Brooke left two rehab facilities within recent weeks and is doing rehab at home according to her lawyer — the latest chapter in the bizarre saga of her drug and alcohol addiction that has been covered up by her reps.

As was first to report, Brooke is being treated for crack addiction and alcoholism. She has been in rehab more than five times over the years.

Sheen is also in rehab and before he went in he was visited at home by the Department of Children and Family Services. While his reps described that visit as routine (and an outgrowth of the Colorado domestic violence case) it still scared Charlie.

The Two and a Half Men star has been using coke and boozing for months, reported exclusively, and he spent his first few day in rehab detoxing.

Drugs, alcohol, rehab and an upcoming domestic violence trial in Aspen form the framework of a marriage that insiders tell is “beyond awful.”

“Brooke wants out. She’s said it before and she’s saying it again right now,” a source close the situation told “She’s worried though, because Charlie has a lot of dirt on her. Using drugs while raising children is obviously a horrible situation.”

When reported two weeks ago that Charlie was told to go to rehab Team Sheen loudly denounced that report. But shortly after that, Sheen checked into rehab.

Public pronouncements by reps of both Sheen and Mueller about keeping the marriage together are equally disingenuous, says the source.

“The marriage is a nightmare,” said the source. “But each one is worried about ways the other one can hurt them. For Charlie, he’s terrified Brooke can help Colorado prosecutors send him to jail. For Brooke, she knows Charlie knows all the dirt about her drug and alcohol use.”

That mutual fear has kept them together so far, but Brooke has decided enough is enough, says the source.

“She can’t take it anymore,” the source told “Remember, the Christmas day incident that ended with Charlie’s arrest started when she told him she wanted a divorce.

“Things didn’t get magically better after that.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Report: Brooke Mueller Leaves Rehab

Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller – who entered rehab at The Canyon in Malibu Feb. 9 for an addiction to crack – has left the facility, reports.

According to the site, someone from the staff had sent her admissions document to various media outlets.

The facility, which acknowledges the privacy breach, is currently conducting an internal investigation.

TMZ says that Mueller, who is now back at home in Los Angeles, is in the process of entering a new facility.

“Brooke is a serious drug addict,” an insider tells of the mother of twins, who was involved in a Dec. 25 domestic dispute in Aspen, Colo., with Sheen, 44.

Meanwhile, the LA County Department of Children and Family Services visited the family’s home Sunday to check on the couple’s twins, Max and Bob, who turn 1 March 14. “It was routine and procedural,” his rep tells Us. “It had been scheduled.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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