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Brooke Mueller Has Her Kids Back

Brooke Mueller Enjoys A Night Out At Dan Tana's

Actress/socialite Brooke Mueller has regained full custody of her twin boys with father, Charlie Sheen, almost a year after she lost custody.  Additionally, it looks like she will no longer be required to undergo random drug testing.

‘Brooke was recently granted full custody of four-year-old Bob and Max by a child dependency judge after it was deemed that she had complied with all of the terms set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.’

The source adds: ‘Moving forward, Brooke won’t have to undergo random drug tests. DCFS will keep in contact with Brooke and check up on the boys, but there will be no unannounced visits.

‘As far as Child Protective Services is concerned, Brooke has made a successful recovery, and is now ready to be the legal custodial parent for the boys.

‘Family reunification is always the goal in these types of cases,’ the source tells Radar. ‘Splitting up a family, taking children away from either the mother or father, only happens in extreme cases of neglect and abuse.’

Mueller lost custody of her kids last year when she was caught on video smoking crack cocaine.  She has been in rehab for her substance abuse problems 20 TIMES!  In the same video, Mueller is overheard asking for crystal meth, which she was offering $1,500 for.  She was later placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold at UCLA and then sent to Betty Ford.  LA’s Children and Family Services removed her twin boys from her custody following the incident, and temporary custody was given to Denise Richards, also an ex- of Charlie Sheen.  Brooke and Sheen were married in 2008 and then divorced in 2010.  Apparently she is friendly enough with Sheen currently to be invited to his upcoming wedding to porn star Brett Rossi… So….

It’s great when children are reunited with their mother, and I truly hope that Mueller has addressed all of her demons.  It’s worrisome that she has completed rehab 20 times that have not stuck.  Addiction is a disease and once an addict always an addict.  I hope she can keep it together for those boys though.  Scary.

Brooke Mueller Dines Out At Mr Chow

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Brooke Mueller called the cops on Denise Richards – claiming child abuse!

Denise Richards Takes Her Daughters To A Pumpkin Patch

Brooke Mueller has just accused Denise Richards of abusing her twin boys, AND Denise’s own two daughters!

Sh*t just got real!

According to TMZ, police were called to Denise’s house Tuesday night and told her they had to question her about a child abuse claim filed by Brooke. Denise did not allow the police to come in because her daughters were in the house.

We’re told Denise walked outside and told cops the claim was “ridiculous” and “vindictive” — that the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services was already handling the dispute … a dispute that started after Brooke was stripped of custody after a raging drug problem flared up yet again.

Sources say Brooke’s latest claim will have dire consequences, especially if it’s false, because Denise’s daughters and the twins will be grilled about the allegations — something that is ALWAYS emotionally traumatizing.

We’re told Richards made it clear — she hasn’t even seen the twins for 2 weeks, so if Brooke really had a gripe why didn’t she lodge it earlier. Also, Brooke has not had contact with Denise’s daughters, so the claim is suspicious.

Brooke needs to pipe down. If it weren’t for Denise, her boys would have been in really bad shape when she was in rehab!

Denise Richards Takes Her Daughters To A Pumpkin Patch

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Charlie Sheen is selling Brooke Mueller’s house – because he wants her OUT of the neighborhood!

Brooke Mueller Picks Up Her Boys From School

Charlie Sheen wants his ex-wife Brooke Mueller OUT of the neighborhood!

The actor is putting Brooke’s house up for sale, and he wants her gone so badly he’s making the price too good to pass up.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Charlie thinks Brooke is poison and does not want her living in his gated community any longer. Charlie owns the house, which he bought for Brooke to live in.

This explains why Brooke was out condo shopping in Bev Hills Monday.

As for the price … we’re told he paid $4.8 million and is willing to sell it for the same amount just to unload it quickly. Sources tell us … under the terms of their divorce settlement, Brooke will get half of any profit.

Can you imagine living in the same neighborhood as your ex? Especially when your ex is Brooke Mueller?

These are new pictures of Brooke picking up her twin boys from school in Los Angeles.

Brooke Mueller Picks Up Her Boys From School

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Brooke Mueller tested positive for amphetamines, but she still gets to keep her kids. WTH?


Charlie Sheen’s troubled ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, has had to undergo random drug tests as part of her petition to gain custody of her four-year-old twin boys. Brooke has had so much trouble with drugs – she’s been in and out of rehab 21 times. (Seriously, 21 times.) Brooke is desperately trying to get custody of her kids, or more importantly the $55,000 a month child support from Charlie. She disgusts me. In an effort to re-gain custody of her boys, she’s had to submit to drug tests. On the last test, she tested positive for prescription amphetamines. Her lawyer says she tested positive for Adderall – which she has a prescription for, so everything’s fine. So she’s allowed to use drugs…. as long as she has a prescription for it? Sounds like a totally healthy environment for her children.

The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen told a judge recently that she’s been stoically sober for seven months, but has learned, Brooke Mueller recently returned a positive test for Adderall, the amphetamine used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It’s the same drug she blamed for sending her to rehab — her 19th stunt — last December and comes after an angry Sheen tweeted at the weekend that his third ex-wife was an “adderol [sic] snorting husk.”

The mother of troubled twins Bob and Max, four, “tested positive for amphetamines under the court ordered drug tests she is required to take,” a source with direct knowledge of the situation revealed to

“However, the hair follicle test revealed that the positive result was from the Adderall that she takes for ADHD and has a prescription for. There is no indication that she is abusing crystal methamphetamine, as she has done in the past.”

What makes Mueller’s use of Adderall somewhat perplexing is her previous abuse and efforts to get clean of the prescription drug.

“Brooke was uncomfortable with the way Adderall was making her behave,” her attorney Yale Galanter said previously.

Said a source: “Brooke has snorted and smoked Adderall in the past. There is no way to determine if Brooke is snorting or smoking it, or if she is taking it in the pill form, as prescribed.

“But if Brooke was truly serious about her sobriety, you would have to think that she wouldn’t be taking Adderall. Someone with her extensive addiction to crystal meth can be treated with another class of prescription drugs that aren’t amphetamine based.”

Despite this revelation, the source added that socialite Mueller, 36, is still on track to regain full custody of her twins with the Anger Management star and that child protective services don’t view this as a violation because of her prescription.

I can’t believe that a drug addict like Brooke (who’s had REPEATED issues with drugs) is allowed to continue to take Adderall. It’s a recipe for disaster – there’s no way around that. I’ve heard that you can snort Adderall – and have a MUCH different experience with it than taking it orally as prescribed. Unfortunately a drug test won’t show if it was snorted – and if so how much.  Back in December of 2012, Brooke went on an Adderall bender before entering rehab. She obviously has issues with the drug.

Remember the picture above? The video catching her smoking crack?? We’re going to give this woman her kids back??? Our system is so flawed.

Brooke Mueller Enjoys A Night Out At Dan Tana's


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Brooke Mueller’s brother granted temporary custody of the twins, wants Charlie Sheen’s money.

Brooke Mueller and Kids at The 18th Annual Dream Halloween Party in Santa Monica

Brooke Mueller is fighting for full custody of her four-year-old twins with Charlie Sheen. DCFS seems to want the boys reunited with their mother, which seems completely asinine to me. The woman is a major drug and alcohol addict, and if you ask me they should be adopted out to a family living in North Dakota. I don’t see any positive influences around them at all, with the exception of Denise Richards. She does seem to have their best interests at heart, but she had to give the kids up because they had violent tendencies towards her kids and animals.

Brooke’s brother is coming to his sister’s defense, and has stepped up to take temporary guardianship of the boys while she tries to get full custody. Max and Bob are believed to be headed back to their mom’s care – possibly within a week. Brooke’s brother has also petitioned for the $55,000 a month child support Charlie was previously paying Brooke.

Charlie is throwing a fit on Twitter about Brooke getting custody of their boys again, and going after the judge verbally online.

The feud between the actor and Brooke Mueller, the mother of his 4-year-old twin boys, Bob and Max, has been increasingly heating up— Sheen recently threw shade at his ex on Twitter and questioned whether she’s fit to be a mom—however, a judge reportedly granted temporary guardianship to her brother, Scott Mueller, and ruled that the children will live in their mother’s house.

The shift in guardianship comes after their former caretaker, Sheen’s ex Denise Richards, informed the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services that the boys are misbehaving in ways that she blames Mueller for and that she no longer wants them to stay with her.

Scott Mueller, along with reps for Brooke and Charlie, refused to comment on the matter, however Sheen expressed his feelings on Twitter: “so lemme see if I got this straight. my twin boys are now in harms way and in grave danger. being ‘raised’ by a gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes all ruled and fooled by an adderol snorting husk called Brooke.

“and guess what CPS and ‘I’m Italian’ judge anus-brain, you may have gagged me temporarily, but mark my unspoken words, anything happens to my boys, and you will know get to know me, know who I truly am, a loving father. tag – I’m it.”

As for the living situation, the judge reportedly felt it was important for the kids to stay in the same school, and since their uncle lives in a beachside community far away, the court felt the next best thing would be for Scott to move into Mueller’s home, according to TMZ (who first broke the story).

The move is said to happen by the end of day today [Friday], with Scott agreeing to move into his sister’s home. It’s unclear whether Brooke will permanently reside under the same roof as her sons, since DCFS has not given her full custody rights, however they also felt it was important to gradually reintroduce the kids to Brooke, who has been in and out of rehab.

According to Radar, the boys are still with Denise – and “transitioning” back into living with Brooke. Radar is also reporting that Brooke has agreed to have the boys tested for fetal alcohol syndrome. It was widely reported that she entered rehab twice while she was pregnant. She agreed to the tests in order to get her hands on the $55,000 a month custody money. She is disgusting.


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