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Brit-Brit Is Revamping Her Vegas Show-Show

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Britney Spears is gonna Work, B*tch… on a new, different show that her fans might like cause change is good!

Brit’s going on a hiatus from her Las Vegas residency in the beginning of 2016 to revamp her Piece Of Me show, and I’m not taking changing up her “Toxic” costume, I’m talking 75% will be different, which sounds RAD. Brit will be adding in new songs and dance routines  to beef up pre-existing content and add some new dimensions we’ve never seen. But don’t get too excited just yet- the fruits of her labor won’t be seen until they debut around Valentine’s Day in 2016.

What songs do you want to see added to her show?

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Have A Great Weekend, Love Britney Spears’ ABS

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And still rocking the 90’s belly button piercing, I see.

Britney Spears took to her Instagram again yesterday to show off the results of her workout, in a thinly veiled “funny” post where she’s making a weird face and wearing a “cute” cutoff tee. Yes, she’s done this before and she’ll probably do it again.

With the caption, “enough said,” Spears, is seen posing in front of her elliptical machine in her little costume.  So yeah, let those abs speak for themselves, and that 90’s tee and piercing. Because this weekend, Brit Brit wants you to pretend it’s the 90’s again, and make bad, bad 90’s choices.


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Britney Spears Is Looking AB-Tastic

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Britney Spears is looking good and she knows it.

Yesterday, Brit Brit decided to remind the world that her abs are flat again with a mirror selfie (ahh, an old CLASSIC) and a little humblebraggin’ on the Instagrams. She said:

“Long day recording…now it’s facial time!”

Brit also let her instagram followes know that her new album is in the works. OF COURSE, everyone wants to know what she’s got up her sleeve, and here’s hoping it isn’t a “Pretty Girls” redux, right?

How bad do you covet those abs? Be real.

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Britney Spears’ Birthday Party Seems Very Sophisticated And Mature.

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You know, like a toddler would like.

Britney Spears celebrated her 34th birthday Wednesday with a surprise party thrown by her family and friends including her kids Sean, 10, and Jayden, 9. Gifts of note? Baby-themed cake and some crazy mylar balloons from Miss Miley Cyrus herself (surprise). I mean, only thing that would be more Miley gift-wise would be a weird pizza onesie or like, a face full of glitter paint.

Brit feasted on cupcakes (which are cute, if I was 10) and fish from her dad’s catch, not pictured here because the content is too mature. And by mature I mean boring. Check it out HERE.

What do you think of Brit’s Bday festivities?

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