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Britney Spears Is Dropping Her 9th Studio Album. Get The Deets HERE!

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More details on Britney Spears’ elusive ninth studio album, HOT OFF THE PRESSES!

She talked a little about it way back in November, but other than that the pop star has kept pretty silent about the followup to 2013’s Britney Jean. But the pop star didn’t forget us! In fact, new reports are saying Brit’s new record will be dropping in only one month, which feels crazy soon. But maybe not? It’s not like she writes her own material or anything, LOL.

According to the Las Vegas Sun‘s Robin Leach, the Toxic songstress will pick the album’s lead single on Monday, and will be shooting the video for it next week. So it’s all happening quickly, and from the looks of her Vegas show, will be super throwbacky to the old days of Brit.


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Britney Spears Is Great At Throwback Pics

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Isn’t she? Look at this GEM.

The pic also proves that Leonardo DiCaprio pretty much is pals with every single famous person, ever. In any case, Britney Spears threw this little baby on Instagram Thursday, showing a very 2000’s hangout with the recent Oscar winner and his VERY STREET hand gesture. LOL.

It’s unclear when the pic was taken, and Brit doesn’t give the viewer much besides #tbt. But hey, I’ll take it over nothing.

Other things to check out: Brit’s denim top with cutoff sleeves, and Leo’s Boston Red Sox cap and “west side” sign. DUDE HAS NO ALLEGIANCES!

Photo: Instagram

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Britney Spears Endorses Hillary Clinton…And Then Takes It Back?

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Did Britney Spears turn liberal?

She’s basically skewed republican since she’s been sixteen, so I’m kinda hoping she’s coming into her own as an adult and a voter, but who knows. She’s not the brightest crayon in the box, seeing as most of her insta is inspirational quotes with the occasional dance recital. ANYHOW, on Thursday, the pop star gushed about meeting Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas, NV.

However, after sharing a pic (above) of herself and the former Secretary of State, the pop star altered the caption slightly, which has us wondering if Clinton will get her vote (or you know, if she even decides to vote. Sigh).

Initially, Brit Brit wrote:

“Being in Vegas for#PieceOfMe is amazing for so many reasons… Especially today… because I had the incredible opportunity to meet@HillaryClinton!! Such an inspiration and beautiful voice for women around the world!!! This woman had an intense presence and I felt very honored to meet her!!! #ImWithHer”

AND THEN…she deleted the “I’m With Her” hashtag. Which basically means she wants to remain a-political or doesn’t really know what that hashtag even meant (hey, who knows).

Where do Britney’s political allegiances LIE?!?!

Photo: Instagram


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Brit-Brit Is Revamping Her Vegas Show-Show

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Britney Spears is gonna Work, B*tch… on a new, different show that her fans might like cause change is good!

Brit’s going on a hiatus from her Las Vegas residency in the beginning of 2016 to revamp her Piece Of Me show, and I’m not taking changing up her “Toxic” costume, I’m talking 75% will be different, which sounds RAD. Brit will be adding in new songs and dance routines  to beef up pre-existing content and add some new dimensions we’ve never seen. But don’t get too excited just yet- the fruits of her labor won’t be seen until they debut around Valentine’s Day in 2016.

What songs do you want to see added to her show?

Photo: Instagram

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