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Levi Johnston is having another kid!

Levi Johnston is having another kid!

Levi Johnston has announced that he and wife Sunny Oglesby are expecting another baby! As you may know, Levi rose to fame after knocking up “teen activist” Bristol Palin. After they called it quits, he had a baby with Sunny…and now they’re expecting their second child together.

Tripp’s about to get another sibling! Bristol Palin’s ex Levi Johnston and his wife Sunny Oglesby announced her second pregnancy to friends and family in a comical photo, which was obtained by TMZ.

In the picture, the couple is enjoying a spaghetti dinner with a bottle of Prego marinara sauce. Taped to the sauce bottle is the word “we’re,” reading, “We’re Prego.”

He is definitely on his way to turning into the next Kevin Federline, no?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Bristol Palin “Smitten” With New Boyfriend

Bristol Palin is head over heels…again.

Just a bit ago, Bristol and ex-boyfriend Gino Paoletti were considering marriage. Sources close to the reality star tell Us Weekly that the 22-year-old Palin is over it, and VERY into the new man in her life: professional snowmobiler Joey Junker.

Junker, 30, is an Alaska resident with a talent for riding and a taste for adventure. Palin is super into it…and an insider confirms this.

“She really likes him! She is a quiet person, so [she] hasn’t been gushing about him, but she has been texting with him a lot the past few weeks,” a source tells Us, adding that she seems to “light up” whenever she gets a message from Junker.

“Someone asked about her ‘boyfriend,’ and she turned bright red blushing!” the source adds. “It was cute.”

Bristol hasn’t been so lucky in love…what with the daddy of her 4 year old son, Tripp, calling off their engagement and then her on-again, off-again romance with Gino Paoletti.  Maybe this one will last? Oh yeah, I forgot- Palin is only 22! She’s got a lot of living left to do.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Suspicious Package Sent To Bristol Palin

Wow, someone does NOT want Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars!

TMZ recently learned that a suspicious package was sent to the CBS lot yesterday and it came with one strange demand: to remove Bristol from DWTS…or “else.” At least, that’s how the note was interpreted.  It read, This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [the show].” Included in the package was a white, powdery substance.

Wait- so cocaine will happen if Palin keeps dancing? Flour? Anthrax? Talc?

The white powder was later determined to be harmless, though law enforcement is still treating the situation as a credible threat, and is currently investigating the situation further.

Just so you know, this is the second threat Bristol has received during her time on DWTS-  the first package was sent when Palin first appeared on the show in 2010, and also had a message of a threatening nature.  But did it include a handy bag of flour for any of Palin’s cooking needs? Sorry, should I be more worried about this? It seems a little threatening, I guess, but nothing that can’t be handled by LAPD.

Am I right?!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Bristol Palin Gets Into Argument With a Heckler, Calls Him a Homosexual

According to Bristol Palin, if you don’t like her mother, it’s because you’re a homosexual. While filming her BIO reality show at Saddle Ranch restaurant and bar in West Hollywood, a heckler began shouting obscenities at the 20-year-old who was attempting to have a good time. When he began talking about her mother, Bristol asked if his dislike for her was because he was a homosexual:

That’s when the taunts of an angry patron at the establishment could be heard, as the bald-headed man shouted a series of epithets at Bristol, such as  “Did you ride Levi like that? Your mother is a whore! Your mother is a f**king devil!”

Bristol sprung up to action, rushing up in the man’s face to defend her family name — at one point, she asked him, “Is it because you’re a homosexual and that’s why you hate her?”

The man said, “Pretty much … and why’d you say I’m a homosexual?”

“Because I can tell you are,” Bristol said.

The war of words continued at a tense clip until Bristol’s crew members and handlers put a distance between her and the angry man.

“You’re f**king white trash from Wasila!” the livid man shouted as Bristol walked away. “F**k you, you f**king b*tch!”

Such tacky behavior from the man, and such an off response from Bristol. Makes for good reality television, I suppose.


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