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Miley Cyrus’ new single to be Poison’s ‘Every Rose Has it’s Thorns’!

Sounds like her cover of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” may be the second single released off her latest album, Can’t Be Tamed

Poison frontman Bret Michaels tells E! he and Cyrus will be hitting the studio to fine-tune the song before its release.

“When we sit down on the guitar and the piano and play, she just nails it,” the rocker says.

“And I just said to her, ‘Listen, you gotta throw everything else out. ‘Every Rose’ is a No. 1 classic around the world. It was No. 1 in almost every country. So here’s the deal—add just a little pop flair, but keep it organic.'”

And Michaels doesn’t want things to end in the recording studio. “I’m just throwing it out there, but I could direct a kickass video that would be insanely cool and very hip,” he says. “Very down-to-earth, very hip and just a walk through life.”

Just a couple of weeks after Can’t Be Tamed’s title track was released, Michaels and the teen queen performed “Every Rose” together on Good Morning America. Cyrus also appears on Michaels’ song “Nothing to Lose” from his latest album, Custom Built.


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First a brain hemorrhage, now Bret Michaels to have heart surgery!

Bret Michaels suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage back in April, and now the Poison singer is headed back to the hospital to repair a hole in his heart! According to RadarOnline, Bret Michaels has had the condition since birth.

The hole in his heart was discovered after he suffered a stroke.

“He said that there are times when, of course, he worries but he has great people around him and he’s cautious,” the source said.

“He’ll rest up, have surgery, take some time off, hopefully take a family vacation and get back on the road touring and promoting his upcoming book,” the rep said.

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Bret Michaels To Co-Host Miss Universe Pageant

Just announced this Tuesday, Bret Michael and Natalie Morales, will the hosts of this years Miss Universe Pageant.

The pageant will feature contestants from over 80 nations. It will air August 23, live form Las Vegas on NBC.

It’s just the latest in a string of high-profile roles for Michaels since his remarkable recovery from a brain hemorrhage and other health issues earlier this year.

This is just the one of the latest gigs for Michael’s after a miracle recover from a brain hemorrhage, and other health issues. It seems the limelight only makes him stronger!

I am sure Bret will be very happy to be surrounded by the worlds most beautiful women.

Source Bauer Griffin

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Pot Found On Bret Michael’s Tour Bus!

During a routine traffic stop in Dekalb County, Indiana sheriff’s deputies find weed on Bret Michael’s tour bus! The police dogs got a whiff of the illegal drug and sniffed it right out.

Not only did the authorities find weed on Bret Michael’s bus, but they also found weed and “a quantity of Schedule II controlled substances”.

Schedule II controlled substance could range from anything from cocaine to methamphetamine to the painkiller oxycodone. This was NOT found on the bus that Bret was riding in.

“Two of Bret’s tour buses were pulled over late last night,” his rep confirmed Thursday to E! News. “Officers on the scene claimed there were no trailer tag lights. No arrests were made. Mr. Michaels allowed an open search of the buses and everything was handled in a professional manner.”

I guess good manners go a long way! Another crisis averted by the talented Bret Michaels.

Source Bauer Griffin

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