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Billy Crystal Clarifies Sex on TV Comments

HBO Presents Exclusive Presentation Of "Billy Crystal 700 Sundays"

Billy Crystal wants you to know that he’s not here to hate!

In fact, he wants to emphasize that the comments he made on a panel to support FX’s upcoming half-hour series The Comedians, was really taken out of context.  A  couple outlets blasted Crystal for the comment (us included) because honestly, it sounds very anti-gay.

The Hollywood Reporter asked Crystal to clarify his comments, and he said:

“What I meant was that whenever sex or graphic nudity of any kind (gay or straight) is gratuitous to the plot or story it becomes a little too much for my taste.”

So why didn’t you just SAY that? When you use the word gay, people think gay.  If you mean all gratuitous sex scenes, that’s different. Careful with your words, Billy…

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Billy Crystal’s Hatin’ On TV Gays.

HBO Presents Exclusive Presentation Of "Billy Crystal 700 Sundays"

Billy Crystal, who is VERY familiar with portraying gays on TV, is throwing some serious shade on his gay-representing contemporaries!

Crystal, who played Jodie Dallas one of television’s first-ever gay series regular on the comedy “Soap,” said today’s portrayal of LGBT characters is, at times, gratuitous.

“Sometimes I think, ‘Ah that’s too much for me,” the comedian told the audience at the  Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena during a panel discussion for his new show, “The Comedians,” which premiers in April on FX.

On playing gay himself, back in the 1970’s…

“It was very difficult at the time,” said Crystal. “Jodie was really the first recurring [gay] character on network television and it was a different time, it was 1977. So, yeah, it was awkward. It was tough.”

“I did it in front of a live audience and there were times when I would say to Bob [Seagren], ‘I love you,’ and the audience would laugh nervously. I wanted to stop the taping and go, ‘What is your problem?’”

(Via The Wrap)

In a world that is saturated with explocit sex- particularly women as sexual objects, I wonder what’s “too much” with some gay male portrayals?!  It’s sad to think Billy Crystal himself is uncomfortable with a couple homosexual instances what he sees almost every day, in a hetero-normative sense.

What do YOU think of his comment?

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Billy Crystal as host of the Oscars: How was he? What critics are saying today.

The general consensus of last night’s Oscars is pretty much the same across the board this morning. THEY SUCKED.

If you watched last night’s Oscar Awards hosted by Billy Crystal, chances are you were extremely disappointed like the rest of us. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than last year’s awards with Anne Hathaway and James Franco, along comes last night’s hot mess. I know everyone was excited about seeing Billy Crystal as the host again, but he was soooooooooooo bad. Like really, really bad. He was incredibly UNFUNNY the entire night. As The Hollywood Reporter writes, “The colossal hosting disaster from last year is now forgotten by the safe, unfunny, retro-disaster that was Crystal making jokes that he laughed at repeatedly and overseeing an Oscars telecast that was as poorly paced as any in recent memory,” said Tim Goodman.

The Washington Post said Crystal “seemed to be to be overseeing a cruise ship dinner show designed to appeal to the over-50 travel club. Early on, it hit the rocks and started to list. Almost everyone drowned.”

New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley wrote: “The whole night looked like an AARP pep rally,” with jokes referring to Crystal’s age and a slow-moving format where the “some of the least interesting awards” kicked off the broadcast.

Newsday‘s Verne Gay wrote: “Billy was back and it was very good to have him back. But the hard truth is that the Oscars, like life itself, has moved on. The world has changed, and sometimes it’s better to cherish our memories than rehash them.”

Meanwhile, Mary McNamara of The Los Angeles Times pondered what the three-hour, super-reverential event might have been like had disgraced would-be producer Brett Ratner not opened his mouth, thereby dragging pal Eddie Murphy along with him as a prospective host.

Chris Rock‘s riff about how easy it is to voice animation also cleared the smoke of the holy incense for a few minutes, raising the question of how different the show would have been if Ratner had kept his lip zipped and Murphy had remained host,” McNamara wrote.

“But if Crystal and his bar mitzvah humor seemed a bit dated and occasionally weirdly racist — yes, that was him in black face as Sammy Davis Jr. during the opening number, and yes, he did make a joke about there being no black women in Beverly Hills — his hand was steady on the tiller, even if the waters were bathwater calm and very, very familiar,” she continued.

The awards went at such a slow pace, I found myself not even really caring anymore. I liked the first couple montages of celebrities between commercial breaks, but there were waaaaaaay too many of them.

I do feel bad for Billy Crystal. He should have never come back to host the Oscars. Until last night – he might have gone down as the best Oscar host of all time. But last night’s hot mess may have tarnished that.

I see a huge presence online saying Melissa McCarthy should have hosted, and I couldn’t agree more!


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It’s official!! Billy Crystal is hosting the Oscars!!!

Well, Brett Rattner and Eddie Murphy are out of the Oscars for good. But – I’m thinking it’ll all work out in the end, because producer Brian Grazer is in, and Billy Crystal has signed on to host!

I was upset that Eddie Murphy had quit, because I think he would have been amazing. But now that Billy’s on board, I’m even MORE excited, because Billy is – in my humble opinion – the best Oscar’s host there’s ever been.

The comedy veteran and eight time Oscar host tweeted on Thursday afternoon that he would be hosting the Oscars, though he added a sarcastic aside: “Am doing the Oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions. Looking forward to the show.”

If true, Crystal will take over for Eddie Murphy, the planned host who withdrew on Wednesday after Brett Ratner resigned from his producing post on Tuesday night. Ratner left amid controversy, including making a homophobic slur at a screening of his new movie, “Tower Heist,” last week.

New producer Brian Grazer, who took over last night, was allegedly trying to bring Murphy back into the fold, but instead has turned to a beloved choice to right the ship.

Variety later Tweeted the confirmation, saying “BREAKING: THE ACADEMY HAS CONFIRMED THAT BILLY CRYSTAL WILL HOST THE 2012 OSCARS.”

Can’t wait!


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