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Aubrey O’Day Has Issues

We aren’t lying about Aubrey O’Day– she really does have mental health issues, and enough of them to warrant bringing her dogs on a plane with her!

O’Day has a piece of paper from her psychiatrists that allows her to bring her 2 pets into the 1st class section of a flight from LAX to San Francisco this week. Why?  Because they are registered as “Emotional Support Animals” for the reality star and singer.

According to the Virgin America website, the airline requires a passenger to produce a letter from a licensed mental health professional which “substantiates the guest’s disability-related need for the animal to accompany them in the aircraft cabin.”

And, O’Day did!  No word on O’Day and her mental health condition yet, TMZ reports.  Still, staff on the Virgin America flight called O’Day and her furry companions sweet and polite.  Well, that’s good, at least!

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Aubrey O’Day considered doing ‘A Shot At Love’ reality dating show

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day seriously considered taking over Tila Tequila’s dating show A Shot At love after she was kicked out of the band – because she wanted to find out which sex she preferred dating.

The sexy star admits she went for an interview with TV executives about the show, where men and women fight for an unlucky in love celebrity’s affections, the day after news broke of her departure from Danity Kane in 2007. And she seriously considered signing up for the show.

She tells Curve magazine, “(I said) ‘I’m not in a relationship and I don’t know (if I) prefer one sex over the other at this point in my life’, and so, for me, I thought it was perfect.”

But O’Day turned the job down and instead started developing her own reality show, which will air soon. She admits she’s still confused about her own sexuality.

O’Day adds, “I just don’t know. I haven’t fallen in love with the person that has taken my heart and made me want to be a better person every day. I could be happy marrying a woman. I could be happy marrying a man… I have enjoyed the time that I’ve spent with a woman, but, you know, not everything was there and it wasn’t any one thing in particular, just that person. I’ve had amazing relationships with men but not everything was there. There was something missing. That’s another reason why I thought long and hard about A Shot At Love, because that would right away… put me as the television bisexual… I don’t even know that that is the case.”

O’Day admits she might even be partial to dating a transgendered person after one recent encounter: “I fell in love with this woman. She was so amazing and my g-hub (gay friend) was like, ‘That (used to be) a man. She’s post-op…’ I was like, ‘Wow, I would never have known. And I would never have cared.'”

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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Aubrey O’Day arrives at Coco De Ville to enjoy a night out with friends

Aubrey O'Day

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Aubrey O’Day hates Paris Hilton comparison

Paris Hilton

Aubrey O’Day has hit out at people who liken her to Paris Hilton, branding them “horrible” for making the comparison.

The blonde is sick of being mistaken for the hotel heiress – because she is “nothing like that girl”.

She says, “Whenever I carry my dog around, people say ‘Paris Hilton’. That’s horrible because I absolutely love my dog and I’m nothing like that girl. Like, nobody can have a dog? I think any white girl with blonde hair who carries around a dog is compared to Paris Hilton. I’m not concerned with who people think I am. I’m just concerned that people know who I am.”



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