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Anne Hathaway Gives Away Some Serious Spoilers To Her Own Movie!

Matthew McConaughey Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Now I’m not an actress, Anne Hathaway, but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t give up the big plot twists in a movie you’re trying to promote…

The actress was on the The Daily Show last night promoting her film Song One when she made a BIG mistake…she TOTALLY spoiled one of the MAJOR aspects of her new film! OOPS.

However, the spoiler moment turned into a kinda adorable giggle sesh between Anne and Jon Stewart, so at least there was that?

The pair also talked about the Les Miserables actress’ upcoming stage gig where she’s starring in a one-woman show called Grounded, playing in NYC.  BUT STILL- don’t forget- spoilers.

Check out the hilarious clip of these loose lips HERE!

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TWINSIES: Anne Hathaway and Amal Clooney

"Interstellar" Shanghai Press Conference

I think Amal Clooney‘s got somewhat of a doppleganger on her hands!

Extra host Tracey Edmonds broke the news to Hathaway in an interview…and the actress appeared genuinely shocked.

“I’ve never heard that, but thank you!” the actress said, bringing a hand to her chest in surprise. “That’s, like, so going to be the best thing that happens to me today.”

She went on to compliment the accomplished human rights lawyer.

“I hope that I become half the woman that she is — she’s so accomplished, and it’s so thrilling to look at someone and and be like, ‘Oh, you really are making the world a better place.’”

(Via People)

What do you think? Do these two look like sisters or what?

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George and Amal Clooney Leave for Their UK Wedding Reception

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Anne Hathaway: How Marriage Changed My Life

Anne Hathaway & Adam Walk Hand-In-Hand In Brooklyn

People talk about marriage changing their personal lives, but this couple is also starting to do a lil’ business together…

Anne Hathaway stopped by NBC’s Today on Tuesday morning to talk about Song One, her first indie movie venture with her husband of two years, Adam Shulman.

The Interstellar star, 32, gushed about how marriage has transformed her relationship with Shulman more than she had ever expected.

“We both talked about it beforehand, and how it wasn’t going to change anything, but something shifts,” Hathaway told Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie. “I didn’t realize that I was keeping a part of myself protected, and it’s kind of all on the line now. I’m his and he’s mine.”

Hathaway stopped herself from divulging more relationship details for fear of sounding too cheesy (hah!) but that didn’t stop cohost Savannah Guthrie from making her blush.

“Can I tell you what he told us?” Guthrie asked, not waiting for an answer. “He said the biggest surprise about being married is that he continues to fall deeper and deeper in love with you.”

“Well, that’s very nice,” Hathaway responded – along with a great big smile.

(via People)

AWWWW Marriage! Happiness! Partnership! Anne, this is all making you sound LIKEABLE again…and I don’t like it!

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Anne Hathaway Offers Neil Patrick Harris Oscar Hosting Advice

Anne Hathaway Films 'Song One' In NYC

Hosting the oscars might’ve been one of Anne Hathaway‘s most embarrassing moments, but the 2011 show has kinda made her…and expert?

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Hathaway had some solid advice for this year’s host, Neil Patrick Harris: “Do the opposite of what I did, and you’ll be fine.”


Two years ago, the actress also gave advice to 2013 Oscars host Seth MacFarlane, saying, “Have a plan. Have several.” Which is also pretty solid, though, we’re all PRETTY SURE  Harris will be okay- he’s previously hosted the Tonys and Emmys, so Oscars should be just fiiiine. Hathaway also thinks this, saying, “He’ll be great. He’s a natural host.” We agree!

For the full interview with Anne Hathaway, head over to The New York Times.

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