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Anne Hathaway Offers Neil Patrick Harris Oscar Hosting Advice

Anne Hathaway Films 'Song One' In NYC

Hosting the oscars might’ve been one of Anne Hathaway‘s most embarrassing moments, but the 2011 show has kinda made her…and expert?

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Hathaway had some solid advice for this year’s host, Neil Patrick Harris: “Do the opposite of what I did, and you’ll be fine.”


Two years ago, the actress also gave advice to 2013 Oscars host Seth MacFarlane, saying, “Have a plan. Have several.” Which is also pretty solid, though, we’re all PRETTY SURE  Harris will be okay- he’s previously hosted the Tonys and Emmys, so Oscars should be just fiiiine. Hathaway also thinks this, saying, “He’ll be great. He’s a natural host.” We agree!

For the full interview with Anne Hathaway, head over to The New York Times.

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Anne Hathaway Talks About Dealing With Internet Bullies

Anne Hathaway Talks About Dealing With Internet Bullies

Anne Hathaway appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about all of the backlash that she has received on the internet lately. Ellen told Anne, “For whatever reason, and it’s a small group, trust me, but they’re loud. I went through this, and voices that don’t like you and say mean things really stick with you for some reason, more than voices that say you’re great.”

Anne said in response, “Well, I listened at first. I couldn’t help it. You know, you try to shut it off, and I couldn’t. Then I realized why I couldn’t: I hadn’t learned to love myself yet. I hadn’t gotten there. If you don’t love yourself when someone says horrible things to you, part of you is always going to believe them.”

She went on to say, “So then I was like, ‘Okay. I don’t want to believe these people. I don’t want to agree with them on any level, and I want to figure out who I am. I want to learn who I am. I don’t want to feel like I’m fragile every time I leave the house because I’m so dependent on what other people think about me.'”

She also said that she listened to the words of her pal Matthew McConaughey. She said, “I just took a step back, and as he would say, ‘I just kept living…'”

She added, “It’s been a really cool journey. I feel like I arrived in a place where, maybe not every minute of every day, but way more than I used to, I have a tremendous amount of love and compassion for everyone else, and best of all I have it for myself, which I never enjoyed before.”


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Anne Hathaway Covers ‘Elle UK'; Talks Marriage, Fame & Validation

Anne Hathaway Covers 'Elle UK'; Talks Marriage, Fame & Validation

Anne Hathaway is featured on the cover of the November issue of “Elle UK” and inside she talks about her marriage to Adam Shulman, fame, and the validation that she no longer needs from other people.

With regard to what she has learned, she said, “The thing I’ve learned this past year is to chill out. I think when you’re young and struggling to find yourself, there’s something alluring about the idea of being tortured. Life for me these days is a lot about letting the unknown be wonderful, and letting myself feel safe.”

On the topic of marrying Adam, she said, “The first year of my marriage was insane. So much happened so fast, and we didn’t get to focus on just being married until about a year in. So now, it’s just about letting myself feel safe. There was a part of me that I was keeping in reserve, and when I got married, something shifted…That question of, ‘How long’s this gonna last?’ is off the table. And when you’re not worried about that, there’s space to just be silly.”

With regard to fame, she said, “This fame thing? F**ked me up for a really long time. I didn’t know how to do it; I didn’t know how to engage with it; it stressed me out. And people would say, ‘You just have to be yourself,’ and I was like, ‘But I don’t know who that is yet!’”

She has a nice little anecdote about Matthew McConaughey: “The man speaks in poetry. I remember once while we were filming, something got screwed up, and he said to me: ‘Look, we can get upset about this, or we can go with it and have a great story for the rest of our lives.’”

Lastly, Anne revealed that she no longer needs validation from everyone. She added, “I’ve realized that don’t need validation from anybody. At all. I’m not sitting here now worrying, ‘What do you think of me?’ With all due respect, you seem like a lovely lady, but I don’t need you, or anyone else, to like me. And that’s so liberating. It’s a big reveal, man.”


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PICS: Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman Out And About In NYC

PICS: Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman Out And About In NYC

Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman enjoy some coffee together before taking their dogs for a walk in New York City, New York on September 14, 2014. Anne is currently in NYC filming her new movie “The Intern” which co-stars Robert De Niro.

PICS: Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman Out And About In NYC

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