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Little House on the Prairie: Nellie Wasn’t the Biggest Backstage B*tch


In next weeks Steppin’ Out magazine, Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson on “Little House on the Prairie”) sits down with Chaunce Hayden and admits who was the REAL bitch on “Little House on the Prairie – and that’s just for starters.

Arngrim’s interview was pretty damn interesting to tell you the truth, she tells some behind the scenes dirt on Little House, shares about the sad & tragic life of Dana Plato and says she even knew Liberace as a child!


Here are the best excerpts from the juicy interview:


That’s an easy call. The biggest bitch on the set of “Little House On The Prairie” was Melissa Sue Anderson! Poor little blind Mary. She was seriously high maintenance. She’s not working now. She finally gave up. Plus she married a guy with a lot of money. But the worst part about Mary Sue is that she denounced her U.S. citizenship! She moved to Canada and last year swore in on Canadian TV as a Canadian citizen! Really? How many American’s do you know who denounce their American citizenship? So many actors are desperate to become Americans. But she denounced her citizenship. Not even Johnny Depp who moved to France denounced his American citizenship. Not even the Baldwin’s who keep threatening to leave the country have denounced their American citizenship! But Melissa Sue Anderson said, “Screw you America!” She was so difficult on the show. Okay, playing a blind girl is a drag, but she was a bitch before she went blind. I really think it was her mother. She was the worst stage mother. She was a very troubled woman. Almost as bad as Dina Lohan. It was like hanging out with Yoda all day. I really don’t know what her trip was. If the show was being done now, she would be wearing hair extensions and having her nails done on the set. She would be totally Paris Hilton about the whole thing.

My dad would take Liberace to Vegas and so me and my dad would take him. I called him Uncle Lib. I would go trick or treating at his house and a butler would come to the door with a silver try and give me little plastic pumpkin’s with jelly beans in them. Very high end.

There’s a photo of Liberace and me when I was just eight years old. Back than I just thought he was insane. I thought he was nuts. He would send a booklet to all the small towns on how to promote the show…who to call, how to advertise the show and how big his name should be on the banner. It was hilarious. It was a book on how to sell tickets. Plus he insisted nobody say he was gay. He had so many female fans who were madly in love with him and he was convinced they would be upset if they knew. But I was eight and I totally knew he was gay! My dad would say, “don’t say anything about Liberace being gay.” I say, “Um, dad… I’m eight and I know he’s gay.” The man is wearing rhinestone hot pants and his show is freakishly gay. He’s the f–king definition of gay!” (ed note: an 8 year old talking about how “fucking gay” someone was in the 80s? Really?)

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