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PICS: Al Pacino Has Lunch In Beverly Hills

PICS: Al Pacino Has Lunch In Beverly Hills

Legendary actor Al Pacino and his girlfriend Lucila Sola enjoy lunch together at the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California on August 19, 2014. Al is one of the many celebrities who will be headed to Canada next month for the Toronto International Film Festival.

PICS: Al Pacino Has Lunch In Beverly Hills

Al has to be one of my favorite actors of all time. At 74-years-old, he is still looking good, am I right? The Wrap reports that a television show based on his movie “The Devil’s Advocate” is in the works:

“The Devil’s Advocate” is being prepped for the small screen. NBC has ordered a put pilot from producers John Wells and Arnold Kopelson and writer Matt Venne (“Bag of Bones.”)

If NBC doesn’t order the pilot, which focuses on a public defender who joins a law firm literally run by the Devil, to series the network will be forced to pay a substantive fine to the studio.

Would you tune in?

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New ‘Scarface’ in the works!

I have to admit something. I’ve never seen ‘Scarface’. I know, I know, it’s un-American. I might as well also admit that I’ve never seen any of the ‘Godfather’ movies. I went a looooooooong time where I couldn’t handle overly-violent movies. I would always choose a comedy/drama/romance over anything violent. But as I’m getting older – I should broaden my horizons, and watch some of these older classics. I should probably do it before they massacre the original, because is reporting that ‘Scarface’ is being re-made.

Universal Pictures is working on a new film in the “Scarface” canon, looking to use the basic elements of the first two films — produced in 1932 and 1983, respectively — to create a new rags to riches, immigrant mobster story.

The move is sure to draw howls from the legion of fans of the Al Pacino-starring film, which featured the the Oscar winner as a Cuban immigrant who grows to own the Miami drug market. Though Hollywood has always thrived on recycling its own products — “Scarface,” after all, is a remake — the industry has ramped up the reboot cycle in the past few years.

This year alone has featured box office duds “Conan the Barbarian” and “Fright Night 3D,” as well as a new “Final Destination” and “Scream” film. This fall, a remake of 80s classics, “Footloose,” and “21 Jump Street” hit theaters, while a re-telling of the famed British miniseries “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” will also make its way to screens. Just recently, a remake of surfer film “Point Break” was announced, to much dissatisfaction amongst fans. Martin Scorcese just announced a remake of “The Gambler,” while Johnny Depp is currently working on his own remake of the TV show, “Dark Shadows.”

Looks like every college freshman dorm room in America will have a new poster option.

I am really weary of remakes. I think 9 times out of 10 they should have just left well enough alone. What do you think of this news?


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What happened to your face? Al Pacino edition.

It’s called too much sun…. dayum. If he’s not the poster child for sunblock, I don’t know who is. And could that be his own hair?

Al Pacino attends the Wilde Salome photo call at the 68th Venice International Film Festival in Venice, Italy.

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Al Pacino’s Daughter Arrested!

Julie Pacino, 21, daughter of famous actor Al Pacino was arrested on Saturday in New York City for DWI.

Julie was arrested round 1:35 a.m. when she drove through a DWI checkpoint in her Mercedes Benz.

“She had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech and the strong smell of alcohol on her breath,” says officer James Duffy, quoting the police report.

“She admitted to drinking three beers and smoking marijuana prior to entering the checkpoint.”

Julie was released on her own recognizance after she was arraigned on Saturday at 5:23pm.

Source Fame

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