Rumor has it Jennifer Garner is pregnant again.

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I’ve been reading for a while now that Jennifer Garner is pregnant again. Jennifer Garner is one of those celebrities (like Jennifer Aniston) that everyone thinks is ALWAYS pregnant. I feel for her…so most of the time I don’t report on any of it. But there have been some very suspicious looking pictures lately that seem to indicate a bump, even if it is bloating or whatever. In these new pictures, Jen is layering a sweater over a t-shirt, and her pants are clearly unbuttoned at the top (PROOF!?).

Jennifer has been very adament in interviews that her 1-year-old son Samuel, would be her last baby. Her husband, Ben Affleck, has been very clear that he wants more children. Did Ben win out? What do you think? Is Jen pregnant?

In other Jennifer news, the actress just signed a deal with MAX MARA Eyewear to be the face of their Fall/Winter campaign.

“My style is pragmatic. I like to wear garments that have a real luxurious texture and feel good against the skin,” she said, adding, “I like the size of the JBag. I like that it’s big enough to carry anything you want to stuff in there, but it’s small enough that you won’t lose your keys!”