Tilda Swinton and her young lover take a walk in NYC

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I have an odd fascination with Tilda Swinton. I just think she is so F*$&ING cool, I don’t know why. She chooses the greatest roles on film, she just intrigues me. You rarely see her in public, and even MORE rare are pictures of her stepping out with her younger lover, artist Sandro Kopp.

Tilda is 52, and Sandro is 35. Tilda, I believe, is still officially married to John Byrne, and they have children together. It was rumored YEARS ago that they had an open marriage, and that they had both taken on lovers. Sandro is that “lover” Tilda took on. I don’t think Tilda lives with her husband anymore, but I don’t think there’s denying this is her current lover, and has been for a couple years.

As for Sandro, he’s hot, no?

PS: Just when you think you’ve seen everything, Tilda goes and does it again. In case you haven’t seen her shocking NEW photoshoot, click on more to see it after the jump! WARNING: BIZARRE!