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How many of you are watching Top Chef!? Oh my lanta, I love me some Top Chef. I have to recap last night’s episode, it was a DOOZY!! It’s full of spoilers – so I’m going to put the discussion after the jump. If you watched it – come with me, let’s talk about last night’s shocking episode!!

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Last week on Top Chef we saw part 1 of restaurant wars. In part 1, the chefs were asked to create their own individual concept for a restaurant, and submit it to the judges. They announced two winners – one male (Sheldon) and one female (Kristen). Those chefs were then named head chefs in part 2 of restaurant wars – meaning their concept would be the concept used in their restaurants. The teams were broken into men vs. women! Bring it on!

The men’s team named Stefan as head of the front of the house – and the women nominate Brooke.

Josie – who drives me batsh*t crazy – is having time management problems AGAIN. Kristen has announced to her team that she wants to cook everything to order – which obviously isn’t going to work well, considering how slowly Josie moves.

As the guests start pouring into the restaurants, the chefs are vigorously working to get their feast prepared for 100+ guests. The men seem to be doing really well in the kitchen, while the women are really struggling. Josie’s dish is taking longer than planned, and Kristen is getting extremely frustrated.

The judges popped by the girls restaurant first, and they’re greeted by the adorable Brooke. The judges loved almost every plate the girls served, with the exception of Josie’s dish, which was lacking in sauce. Overall the judges really enjoyed the girls restaurant, and how Brooke handled the front of the house. They moved on to the boys restaurant.

Seems like everyone is having TOO good of a time, because by time the judges show up to the boys restaurant, there is a completely packed house – and patrons aren’t leaving their tables! Stefan is urging the waitstaff to hurry people out of the restaurant so they can make more room for new customers (judges included).

Luckily a table opens up, and the judges are able to sit down and start enjoying the mens meals. As the meal is started, the judges seem to be really enjoying the food. A couple dishes in, and the servers show up with the plates for the judges – but Stefan is not with them to explain which chef created the dish, and what it was. In fact – Stefan didn’t show up until AFTER the chefs had completed the plate. When Stefan finally did show up, he was snotty to the judges, making them feel stupid for having to ask what they just ate. From the looks on the judges faces, I’m surprised they didn’t just kick Stefan off right there on the spot. Emeril commented that Stefan’s attitude was much worse than Josie’s dish, and was enough to send him home.

After completing their dishes at the mens restaurant, the judges were very impressed with the food…just not impressed with Stefan.

Now – all the chefs are standing in front of the judges, and Stefan get’s a grilling for his attitude in the restaurant. He cracks that he’s a “chef not a waiter”. And I had to chuckle…. he’s right! He’s on Top Chef for his cooking, not his hosting abilities.

Ultimately the judges decide they like the mens food more – and name Sheldon the winner of restaurant wars. Which spells bad news for the girls.

The judges look to be interested in kicking Josie off for her dish, and the missing sauce. Josie pointed the finger at Kristen saying ultimately it was HER fault for the missing sauce, because it was her concept, and she approved the dish. SHOCKINGLY Kristen didn’t agree!! I was wanting at this point to shout at the TV and say DEFEND YOURSELF! You’re not going to take this, are you! Josie continued to push the knife in even further into Kristen’s back, and Kristen just bowed her head and said “I’m responsible.”

Ultimately the judges agreed with Kristen and voted her off. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? Here’s a tip to all you future Top Chef contestants! DEFEND YOURSELF! What good did it do for Kristen to just “fall on her sword” as one judge said. All that got her was voted off!

What did you think about last night’s episode??

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Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 2:14pm
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January 17th, 2013 at 8:53 pm

I’ve never been as angry as I was after last night’s show; I hope Kristen can come back and win the season. I was talking to my DISH co-worker about this episode and she was so upset she stopped watching the show. I’m going to finish watching the season, but with a bit of distrust for some of the judges. Unfortunately, this airs on Wednesday nights and my boyfriend likes to watch his favorite sports on the same night. To solve this problem we bought a DISH Hopper Whole-Home DVR; with it we can watch up to 4 HD programs on different televisions at the same time. I like to watch Top Chef in the bedroom and he can watch in his games in the family room. We’ve finally ended our arguments on why my shows are more import to watch than his sports.

January 18th, 2013 at 7:10 am

Oh my gosh I’ve never seen such a detailed-spam comment before. That’s really funny.

January 18th, 2013 at 7:46 am

She is still in it if you know what I mean (LCK) ~ She will probably win the entire thing. They did this for ratings. I was pissed….But I think it’s a false alarm….

January 18th, 2013 at 9:10 am

Phew! Thanks for the update 🙂

January 18th, 2013 at 9:31 am

Yeah ~ I was pretty relieved when I saw that!
Does Stephan drive anyone else NUTS?
He is so rude. I don’t think he is a truly awful person, but he drives me nuts…

January 18th, 2013 at 11:29 am

OMG I love Stefan. He is rude, yes. I don’t know why I love him – but I do!! 🙂

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