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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp I’m gonna HURLLLLLL Dlisted

Ignorance is the main ingredient in a K-Stew Fishwrapper

Lindsay Lohan is probably banned from Canada Celebslam

Prince Harry‘s ginger beard turns 31 today ASL

Duchess Kate Middleton has female bodyguards as to not be ‘compromised’ Celebitchy

Matt Damon is an idiot EvilBeetGossip

Hillary Clinton says some nice things about Kim Kardashian Dlisted

Oh, Amber Rose. You and your womanhood. Fishwrapper

happy vacation, Krysten Ritter. Celebslam

Taylor Kitsch‘s butt is not safe for work ASL


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Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 at 1:13pm
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Scott Disick Seems Like He’s Doing REALLY Well.

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 Scott Disick Lying To Friends About His Substance Abuse
Once a confused D bag, always a confused D bag (…or at least that’s what my grandmother used to say).
Scott Disick seemed to be back on track after splitting from longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian earlier this summer, but a source close to him worries he’s headed back to douchey debauchery. People reports:
“He’s totally lost right now,” the source tells PEOPLE of the father of three. “He’s just going from place to place, doing things that aren’t making sense. He’s recording a video. No, he’s building his brand. He’s hanging out with brand new people. That’s sort of his issue in general, that he can’t focus.”

“The thought was that he was going to try for a reconciliation, but now it seems like that’s not going to happen,” the source explains. “He isn’t working on himself, which is one of the conditions he has to meet for Kourtney to take him back. He’s not working on himself at all.

“Everyone is very worried about him. Whatever his problems are with the family, no one wants him to be hurt.”

Although he’s been in and out of rehab for years, the source does not know whether he is sober or drinking again – and says that uncertainty isn’t a good sign.
“He’s not talking about it. Scott has in the past been willing to talk about what he’s going through, seeking advice,” the source explains. “He’s not seeking advice from anyone anymore, probably because he knows he’s not going to like the advice that we give him.”

Yep, sounds like he’s in a REALLY good place.  Really healthy, stable and ready to build his life back up again. KIDDING! Probs back to bottle service and hosting gigs.

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 at 1:13pm
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Robert Pattinson Feels Like A Fraud?

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Robert Pattinson Thinks Acting Isn't That Cool

Dude, I’m very quick to make fun of Robert Pattionson, but maybe I shouldn’t? He seems- admittedly- like kind of a good dude?

The 29-year-old actor has seen his fair share of, uh, drama: his quick fame for Twilight,  the Kristen Stewart cheating, racism with his fiance FKA twigs…

Thus, in speaking with The Observer, Robert empathizes with his upcoming role as James Dean‘s photographer in Life. Here are some snippets from the interview:

“The idea of taking a photographer back to my family’s house… it’s just insane!” he says. “It’s not really even to do with the photographs – it might be nice to have a really good photographer do it, but it’s bringing your family into the public domain and then having to have them deal with this horrible cacophony of demons who live on the internet.”

He continues, “That’s really ruined a lot of things, internet trolls, because no one wants to put themselves out there. Even if you can ignore it, and I don’t think anyone can really ignore it.”

“I definitely feel like I need to prove something, and I’m not entirely sure what it is,” he reveals. “So that’s probably what my turmoil is.”

He continues, “In a lot of ways, I’m quite proud that I’m still getting jobs. To go from starting a job by accident when you’re 16 and maintaining it somehow and learning how to do it on the job as well. Because of falling into a job, you always feel like you’re a fraud, that you’re going to be thrown out at any second. So yeah, the main thing I do hope is to gradually get rid of that and really be doing without feeling like you’re faking it.”

(Via E!)

Life hits theaters Sept. 25. And you know what? I hope it does well because Robert genuinely seems like a good dude who just wants a nice career, wife and life.

What do you think of this interview?

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 at 12:12pm
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Ben Affleck Enjoys Some Family Time (And That Includes Jen).

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Ben Affleck & Family Leaving The STAR Eco Station

Looks like things are getting a little less dramatic for Ben Affleck

Affleck has been more at ease of late, what with nanny-gate dying down and everyone getting off his nuts for two seconds (not that he deserves it!). He’s been spotted with his kids on numerous weekend outings, and now that Jennifer Garner is home, they are spending time together as a family.

“His family is all he cares about. This is what makes him happy and it makes sense that he looks happier,” a source tells PEOPLE.”He enjoys the time with his family and that includes Jen. They are still working hard at this.”

Don’t get too lovey-dovey yet: the two are still gonna get de-married, but they just wanna put their kids first. The family’s gone to the farmer’s market together and to church, and the exes were spotted leaving a family counseling center together earlier this month, and sources say they are learning the best way to make this transition as a family.

“It’s still really hard and every day Ben’s learning new positive ways to cope and that goes on both sides,” says the source. “He’s just focused on his family.”

Affleck and Garner are working out their new normal, and simply trying to figure out their next steps.

“They had to take a step away from each other at first and now they are coming back together and you have to find your footing first and then move forward,” says the source.

(via People)

Well, good. And everyone has Christine Ouzounian’s number blocked, right? Okay, cool.

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 at 12:12pm
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