Even Taylor Swift Can’t Skip Out On Jury Duty, Y’all.

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As it turns out, Taylor Swift was not in New York on Sunday, creeping up on people like the ghost of the 2015 VMAS. NO! In fact, she flew to Nashville over the weekend to report for jury duty bright and early Monday morning. YES, I KNOW. JURY DUTY.

How do we know this? Because the other people in the potential jury pool were tweeting about her and taking photos of her. Obviously, she probably didn’t mind because being a good American and doing her civic duty is what Taylor is all about (cue national anthem). So here are a few things we can glean from the whole situation: 1. she’s registered to vote in Nashville. 2. She doesn’t ask for special accommodations (she’s in very little makeup, looking low key (I MEAN, this isn’t a visit to the GYM or anything!) and…she’ defines herself a a songwriter. Taylor was asked what she does for a living during voir dire. She could have said “pop star” or “singer” or lover of some Loki hiddledick, but she said “I’m a songwriter.”

She was dismissed because of her involvement in a sexual assault case, and the judge felt she couldn’t be impartial. Per local Nashville media: “When asked, Swift tells prosecutor she is involved in civil sexual assault case that hasn’t gone to trial yet but says she can be impartial.” That’s the case about a radio host allegedly groping her and she got him fired and now he’s suing her. Apparently, the judge thought her involvement in the lawsuit meant that she could not be impartial, so she was dismissed for cause. The case itself seems pretty intense: rape and assault. Not the kind of jury I’d want to be on.

Apparently, Taylor was called for jury duty last December, but she couldn’t make it because she was on tour. Honestly, I love that she went. I know it’s totally part of her image but it’s fun. I’m having FUN. ‘MURICA.


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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 10:10am
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Drake Didn’t Leave Rihanna’s Side At The VMA After-Parties

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Aww. Is Rihanna finally giving Drake a chance?

After her hot VMA performance Sunday night and Drake’s adorbs speech as he presented her with the Video Vanguard Award, how could they not spend the evening together?

Post-awards, the two grabbed dinner together at Carbone with Rihanna’s friends and family and then went over to Manhattan hotspot Up & Down for a party thrown in her honor by her label Roc Nation. A source from People says:

“They walked in a little after 3 a.m. Rihanna had a section by the deejay that was dedicated to her and Drake had one for him, but when they got in they chose to go into his section which was all the way in the back and much more private. They never left each other’s side. He was literally shadowing her every movement and was just so affectionate and adoring the entire night.”

Other VIP attendees included Naomi Campbell, Tracee Ellis Ross, Amber Rose, and Chance the Rapper. Also,  apparently there was magic? And not just between Drake and Riri:

“The Chainsmokers took over a whole section of the club. They can party!” notes the insider. To add to the fun, “David Blaine was doing a ton of magic tricks all night.”

You guys. I would love to see Drake and Rihanna together. I just feel like Rihanna hasn’t really let him in, because, I don’t know, she has horrible taste in dudes? What do YOU think?

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 10:10am
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Alicia Keys’ Makeup-Free Fabulousness. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Alicia Keys, you are a natural GODDESS. Dlisted

Iggy Azalea and French Montana make me wanna BARF Fishwrapper

Chrissy Teigen looks gooood Celebslam

Scott Disick has a sweet tooth ASL

Thor finally explained why he wasn’t in Captain America Celebitchy

Kate Beckinsale‘s kid is a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL TooFab

yes, that’s what happens when you get roasted, Ann Coulter Dlisted

Rudy Giuliani, do you not know who BEYONCE is?!  Fishwrapper

Kim Kardashian wears what she always does zzzzz Celebslam

Miss you, Gene Wilder. ASL

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 9:09am
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Oh Good, The Jonas Brothers Got Pre-VMA Matching Tattoos

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Yes, nothing says we love each other like a couple douchey tattoos!

For Nick and Joe Jonas, the MTV Video Music Awards meant more than Britney Spears‘ nonexistent onstage chemistry. No, no. Not only did Nick captivate the audience with his “Bacon” performance IN ADDITION TO Joe taking home the “Best New Artist” award with his band DNCE…but the two BOTH have a new lame tattoo to show off. Wanna see it? Yeah you do.

Hours before hitting the VMAs white carpet, the JoBros has a last-minute ink session, that you NEED to check out, after the jump!

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 9:09am
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