Kanye West’s Tour Ryder Has Two Flavors Of Alcoholic Slushie Machines

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Just a reminder that Kanye West is BETTER THAN YOU.

While your weekend might involve, I dunno, a BBQ or a pool, just know that Kanye gets whatever he wants, be it Hennessy waiting on ice OR TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF SLUSHIE MACHINES AT HIS BECKON CALL.

According to TMZ, Yeezy’s tour rider demands 2 alcoholic slushie machines: one dispensing frozen Hennessy and Coke, and another with frozen Grey Goose and lemonade. Yum, sure, but also, what?

Apparently the Goose is for Kim Kardashian, who showed off the slushie gear during Kanye’s Toronto tour stop and the two machines will be standard at every show. Now, Kanye usually has a lot of booze at his shows, but this? Ridiculous.

Which slushie sounds better to you: Yeezy’s or Kims? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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Friday, September 2nd, 2016 at 2:14pm
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Taylor Swift Probably Had Multiple Boob Jobs

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Taylor Swift Is All Smiles In NYC

At this point, we kinda know Taylor Swift had some work done. But…was it just some boob job in 2012 or did she get an upgrade? Why do I ask? Well, for months now, Taylor has been walking around with a noticeably larger chest. Like, larger than usual. E! News denies Tay had a boob job and attests to the fact that “she has always liked her breasts.” But good ol’ Star Magazine decided to check in with some sources claiming that Taylor is admitting that she got work done, but that she got it it done for herself and no one else.

It’s no secret that Taylor Sift has been trying to revamp her image in the wake of her messy breakup with Calvin Harris and cringeworthy rebound with Tom Hiddleston, but brand-new photos of Swift beg the question: is she starting with her cup size?

One insider wouldn’t put it past Taylor to sneak in a boob job.

“Taylor has a very thin frame and has always been self-conscious over her smaller chest, so no one would be surprised if that’s the case,” says the source. Surgery rumors began to swirl earlier this summer when, during her Fourth of July bash, Taylor not only showed off new beau Tom, but an unusually large and perky bustline as well.

While some fans are blasting her for “ruining” her wholesome, all-natural image, Taylor is telling friends that she’s only focused on pleasing one person: herself.

“She loves looking curvy and thinks her fuller chest looks healthy. She doesn’t pay attention to the vicious comments or opinions because she’s happy and that’s what’s important.”

[(From Star Magazine, print edition)

I dunno, I feel like I get sad when 20-somethings get work done. If she wanted to be chestier, so be it. But I still wonder what the REAL reason is that Tay wanted work done…and then again. Rumor has it Tom Hiddleston is DEFINITELY a boob guy, and I think she’s looking slightly too big for her naturally pretty skinny frame.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Friday, September 2nd, 2016 at 1:13pm
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Pamela Anderson Is Not A Fan Of Pornography

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Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon Out For Dinner

You’ve come a long way, Pamela Anderson. 

The former Playboy model, 49, teamed up with Rabbi Schmuley Boteach to pen an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal called “Take The Pledge,” essentially warning people about the “addictive dangers of pornography” on Wednesday, basically saying porn degrades the family and messes up unions between people. It comes on the heels of former congressman/high grossness Anthony Weiner was caught in yet another sexting scandal. There’s anti-porn inspiration EVERYWHERE! Check the highlights:

“This is a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness given how freely available, anonymously accessible and easily disseminated pornography is nowadays,” the pair continued. “How many families will suffer? How many marriages will implode? How many talented men will scrap their most important relationships and careers for a brief onanistic thrill?”

“If anyone still doubted the devastation that porn addiction wreaks on those closest to the addict, behold the now-shattered marriage of Mr. Weiner and Huma Abedin, a breakup that she initiated … in shock at the disgraced ex-congressman’s inclusion of their 4-year-old son in one lewd photo that he sent to a near-stranger,” Anderson and Boteach wrote.

But the duo didn’t end there. They also warned that children raised in the current digital environment will “become adults inured to intimacy and in need of even greater graphic stimulation. They are the crack babies of porn.”

So how to address this? According to Anderson and Boteach, “We must educate ourselves and our children to understand that porn is for losers — a boring, wasteful and dead-end outlet for people too lazy to rep the ample rewards of healthy sexuality.”

(Via The Wall Street Journal)

…says someone who posed for 14 Playboy covers (including the magazine’s January/February 2016 issue, its final nude issue). I wonder where Pam draws the line between nude photography and porn. Seems like an interesting choice for her to co-write this piece…

Photo: FameFlynet

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Friday, September 2nd, 2016 at 12:12pm
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Julianne Hough Goes Makeup-Free In West Hollywood

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52161582 Actress and dancer Julianne Hough is spotted out shopping in West Hollywood, California on September 1st, 2016. Julianne decided to go make-up free for her shopping trip. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876

Good GENES, girl.

Actress and dancer Julianne Hough was spotted out shopping in West Hollywood, California and went completely make-up free. How good does her skin look, DAMN?! And the blue eyes and denim romper? Girllll. I love it. In fact, I hope Julianne didn’t buy makeup on her trip- she doesn’t need it!

Check out the pics for yourself and see Julie’s GLOW.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Friday, September 2nd, 2016 at 12:12pm
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