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Taylor Swift Donated 5,000 To A Fan’s GoFundMe Campaign!

Taylor Swift Is All Smiles In NYC

Aw, this is when I LOVE me some Taylor Swift.

Recently, Swiftie Kimi Carter’s sister Katie Beth Carter died in a car accident. Very tragic, very horrible. But, as Kimi mourned her late sister, she received love and support from her favorite pop star in the form on an uplifting note and 5,000 dollars! WOW.

As seen on Twitter:


But that’s not all. That same day, Tay Tay chatted with fan Meghan Hils, who suffers from a congenital heart defect called pulmonary atresia. Because of this, she’s had to undergo five open-heart surgeries. And Taylor brightened up her day! So sweet.

Nothing like helping others to make your life better, Swifty.


Photos: FameFlynet, Twitter


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Kylie Jenner Just Gave Tyga A Bentley

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.59.30 PM

Kylie Jenner, can you stop buying your loser boyfriend gifts he doesn’t deserve?

The reality star just gave her on-again boyfirend Tyga a new Bentley Bentayga…just because. I don’t know. Because she’s a teenager and she loves her do-nothing, lousy-no good of a boyfriend? I guess. Dude is LUCKY, because his lady snagged the $300k SUV on Tuesday. I guess overall she pitied Tyga after his Ferrari got repo’d.

Check out the video on TMZ of the generous gift (stupidity). KJ’s super excited, but Tyga’s speechless. Yeah, he should be. Because once Kylie comes to her senses, there won’t be extravagant gifts like this anymore (I hope).


Photos: Snapchat

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Guess Who Topped Forbes’ List Of Highest Paid Actresses?!

"Spy" Berlin Photocall

Well, well, well.

Every year, we get the Forbes‘ annual ranking of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses to see what’s up and who’s making some moneyyyy. As a teaser, second to top the list is Melissa McCarthy, fresh off hits like The Boss and Tammy, reportedly scored an eight-figure paycheck for headlining the recent Ghostbusters reboot.

Who’s first? And who else got on the list? Find out, after the jump!


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Taylor Swift Is The World’s Top-Earning Celebrity

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Arriving On A Flight At LAX

Tom Hiddleston, you LISTENING?!

Taylor Swift’s income is the stuff that dreams are made of: namely, my dreams of wanting to buy giant farms in Wyoming and forget Taylor Swift exist. ANYHOW, the pop diva earned $170 million over the past year, giving her the No. 1 spot on the 2016 FORBES Celebrity 100 list. Can you believe it?  We all kinda can, but I guess the extent seems surprising.

Swift’s payday comes courtesy of her massive 1989 World Tour. She smashed the Rolling Stones’ North American touring record, grossing $200 million on the continent en route to quarter of a billion dollars in total. She also pads her pocketbook by shilling for brands including Diet Coke, Keds and Apple.

The superstar’s total is barely half as high as last year’s Celeb 100 champ’s haul–Floyd Mayweather pulled in $300 million in 2015 after the fight of the century with Manny Pacquiao–but it’s easily more than last year’s highest-paid musician, Katy Perry, who banked $135 million.

Swift’s 2016 take is by far the highest total of her career, more than doubling last year’s $80 million sum, her previous best.

She’s also got plenty of new song fodder: Swift out-earned ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, who claimed the No. 21 spot on our list with $63 million, by a nearly threefold margin. Had they stayed together, they would have been the top-earning Celebrity 100 couple, more than doubling Beyonce and Jay Z’s $107.5 million total.

(Via Forbes)

Ahhh, international businessmen. What’s that like? Turns out, it IS great, provided no parents step on your clothes!

Photo: FameFlynet

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