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Jessica Simpson Would Also Like Her Own Vegas Residency, Please

PICS: Jessica Simpson Catches A Flight Out Of LAX Airport

For what?

At this point, I’d be hell-bent to name a song Jessica Simpson sang from way back in the early 2000’s. Now, I don’t deny she’s a savvy businesswoman, but singing just like, isn’t her thing anymore. According to In Touch, however, Jessica is really jonesing to return to music for the next stage of her career. She’s hoping she can get one of those shiny Vegas residencies like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey or Jennifer Lopez. Well, I got news for ya, Jessica: you ain’t Mariah Carey.  You ain’t even Jennifer Lopez.

Watch out, Britney Spears! Jessica Simpson is looking to revive her singing career by seeking out a Vegas residency, In Touch has exclusively learned.

“She’s hell-bent on landing a Vegas residency,” a source reveals, explaining that Jess recently built a recording studio in her LA home and began working with top songwriter-producers like Linda Perry.

“With state-of-the art technology and backdrops paired with her sex appeal, she thinks she can give the other headliners a run for their money,” says the source.

“After 20 years in the music business, Jess is excited to follow her dreams and become a Vegas legend.”

(Via In Touch)

If this is true, and Simpson wants a Vegas residency, she’s going to have to sing a lot more than that “These Boots Were Made For Walkin” remake from 10 years ago. In fact, I’m not even sure what she’d do at this point. A fashion show or reality show would be more plausible.

Would you see Jessica Simpson sing anymore? Be real. Weigh in BELOW.

Photo: FameFlynet


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Johnny Depp Is Auctioning Off His Multi-Million Dollar Art Collection

'3 Days To Kill' Los Angeles Premiere

Somebody might need some MONEY.

Did you know Johnny Depp has been secretly collecting Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings for the last 25 years? Yeah, me either. But when they call art an investment, this is what it means.

The actor has decided to auction off his nine pieces at Christie’s in London later this month, a press release from the auction house revealed on Thursday, June 9. Most of the paintings and drawings are from the early 1980s and they are describing them very prettily to get more of that sweet, sweet cash:

“Nothing can replace the warmth and immediacy of Basquiat’s poetry, or the absolute questions and truths that he delivered,” Depp says of the artist’s work in the press release. “The beautiful and disturbing music of his paintings, the cacophony of his silence that attacks our senses, will live far beyond our breath.”

(Via US Weekly)

Maybe the Alice Through the Looking Glass actor know’s a chunk of those paintings will go to, Amber Heard, or maybe it has nothing to do with it.  The actor is worth an estimated $400 million, so another 25 million doesn’t seem like that big a deal? Or does it? I can’t wait to know how this settlement goes down.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Rachel Roy Most Definitely Had Sex With Jay-Z

2016 CFDA Fashion Awards

UM. Yeah.

Beyonce made a surprise appearance at the CFDAs on Monday night and unfortunately, the CFDA also invited Rachel Roy, the woman many people believe was the main “Becky with the Good Hair” reference in Bey’s Lemonade. AWKWARD. Honestly, Rachel is a designer and probably deserves to be there more than Bey, but if the Queen B shows up at your event, I guess you have to give her some kind of award (which she received, in a very large hat). Anyhow, when Bey showed up, Rachel made a BEY-line for the door. See what I did there?

Designer Rachel Roy grabbed her place card and left the starry CFDA Fashion Awards dinner before Beyoncé ever entered the room as the surprise recipient of the night’s Fashion Icon Award, sources said. At Monday’s CFDA gala, Roy arrived with model Candice Huffine, whom she dressed, and they posed together for pics on the red carpet. But as the gala began, rumors spread that Beyoncé might attend. One fashion writer tweeted, “Jay Z has just arrived . . . What could it mean?” Then Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy, and mom, Tina Knowles, showed up, essentially giving away the night’s Icon winner. Sister Solange was also rumored to be on the way, but didn’t materialize.

But Roy dashed before Beyoncé arrived onstage. “She disappeared with her place card and never came back,” said a source. It was “weird. I don’t know if it was because she’s ‘Becky,’ or what?” Another stunned source at the event said, “Rachel just came and left.” But a friend of Roy’s explained she exited the awards only because she had to catch an early flight the next day to be with her kids in LA.

(Via Page Six)

No Beckys are allowed in the presence of the Beyonce, ya HEAR? I mean, this makes Rachel Roy seem like the guiltiest, most Beckiest becky out there, doesn’t it?!

Photo: FameFlynet

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This Terrible Celebrity Got A New, Terrible Tattoo! GUESS WHO:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.25.34 PM

Yes, a very famous musician has the odd looking face of his infant daughter now PERMANENTLY ETCHED INTO HIS SKIN. Happy Father’s Day?

The Daily Mail broke the story that early this morning, the dude threw up the picture you see above to Instagram, followed by a picture of his shoulder with a not-finished portrait of his spawn on it. Not long after, everything was deleted.

So who’s the dad with the classy tattoo plan? Find out, after the jump!


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