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Tyga Owes Kylie Jenner Some MONEY.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Step Out In NYC

Uh oh.

Breakups can be bad, especially when there are millions of dollars involved! Apparently, Tyga owes his ex Kylie Jenner lots of money, because for years he’s been her sugar baby, but like, older and grosser. “Kylie had been bankrolling Tyga for well over a year and she’s finding herself short on cash as a result,” an insider revealed.

And according to Radar, Kylie “begged” Tyga to start paying her back. And then, KRIS JENNER GOT INVOLVED.

“He was shocked when she asked to be paid, telling her he thought the money was a gift, not a loan,” the insider said. “He’s a total loser and owes her over $2 million

However, 26-year-old Tyga’s shock was nowhere near the surprise Kris Jenner got when her 18-year-old daughter broke the news.

“Kylie had no choice but to admit it all to Kris, who absolutely hit the roof,” said the insider. “She threatened to go after him if Kylie didn’t ditch him.

“She was always helping him, paying his legal bills when he was getting out of his record contract and she funding most of his latest album, which flopped,” continued the insider.

(Via Radar)

Yeah, If I was momager Kris I’d be pretty livid myself. That lip kit money goes to KYLIE!

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David Hasselhoff Is BROKE.

More Celebs at The 73rd Golden Globe Awards in LA

David Hasselhoff apparently has less than $4k in cash to his name?! WHAT?

The actor, who made hundreds of millions of dollars from “Baywatch”, “Knight Rider” and various other TV shows, movies and European world tours says he can’t afford to support ex-wife Pamela Bach anymore because he’s broke as hell. Which is sad. But this is all a good lesson- when you marry someone, PRENUP, baby. They’ll have their fingers in your finances forev. TMZ reports:

David and ex-wife Pamela Bach are locked in a spousal support war — she’s currently getting $252k a year, but he wants that amount significantly lowered, saying he’s a shadow of his former financial self.

Hasselhoff says his European tour got cut short because of poor ticket sales, and he’s not sure if his new reality show, “Hoff the Record,” will make him flush again.

David says he’s trying to stay “relevant,” but it’s hard. He admits to grossing $112k a month, but spends $66k. When you add what Pam gets plus taxes and living expenses, he says he saves next to nothing.

As for other assets, he states in court docs, obtained by TMZ, he has a total of $1.79 mil in real estate, retirement savings, cars, jewelry, art and other odds and ends, but cash is running perilously short.

Pamela has a wildly different story, claiming Hoff’s worth more than $120 million and he continues to work. She says he has property all over the world.

There’s a court hearing at the end of the month.

Yikes. David Hasselhoff is still a name and he still gets invited to the Golden Globes and looks DAMN good in a tux- so he’s still rich in company, reputation and tux hotness, if that’s any consolation. But he IS getting married again and I would urge him to lawyer up before he ties the knot…

More Celebs at The 73rd Golden Globe Awards in LA

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Someone’s Trying To Con Farrah Abraham.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.22.23 AM

Listen, I’m no fan of Farrah Abraham, but nobody deserves this.

The reality star has been accused of filming a sex tape without her alleged partner’s consent and blackmailing him, which feels very on-brand, until the plaintiff, a dude named Jonathan Lee Riches, speaks. Then he sounds completely insane and horrible. Riches asked for a temporary restraining order against the Teen Mom OG star on March 14, claiming he is facing “imminent danger and bodily harm” from Farrah.

According to the court papers, Riches had sex with Abraham, 24, at an Iowa Holiday Inn in 2012, and beware, his comments are SHADY:

“I was actually filmed without my consent by her and now Abraham is selling this illegal tape to the Adult Entertainment Industry for millions of dollars,” he claimed in the documents.

Riches bizarrely went on to explain how Abraham, who was underage at the time of the alleged romp, is “blackmailing” him.

“I am the true father of her daughter Sophia and though I committed pedophile acts by getting Farrah Abraham pregnant when she was a teenager, I was only acting on the advice of my mentor JoshDuggar.”

Riches added to the outrageous claims, “Abraham tells me I have to pay her $1,000 a month in hush hush money not to expose our past relationship or she will call the police on me and press charges.”

(Via Radar)

Any dude who says his mentor is JOSH DUGGAR deserves whatever he gets. I HOPE Farrah is extorting money from this horrible dude. She should really ask for more.

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Jay-Z Supports Lemonade, Because $$$$

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.52.41 PM

Of course.

Sure, halfway through Lemonade everyone thought Beyonce was announcing her divorce. BUT ALAS! At the end, she makes peace with Jay’s infidelities, and we can’t stop talking about it. But don’t feel badly- Beyonce wants us to! She wouldn’t have given us Lemonade if she didn’t want us to talk about her, analyze her relationship, talk about feminism, sex, identity. Which is what E! News decided to do. E! did a detailed analysis about what Lemonade says about Jay and Bey’s marriage and what this means going forward. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

Their marriage was in crisis in 2014: Their marriage was at breaking point and they were barely talking. A source says: “They had been having problems for years. There was a constant commitment issue between them and in the end they were barely speaking. Beyoncé didn’t fully trust Jay and it was hard for her to get past that. They went to a lot of counseling and have been working on their issues ever since. They had help to get them through it.”

The rumors about Rachel Roy & Jay-Z: An insider says: “It’s true, Rachel and Jay were friends and it wasn’t seen as appropriate by people who knew them.”

Why did Rachel Roy post that Instagram? “Rachel Roy wanted to defend herself after watching Beyoncé’s Lemonade,” a source close to Roy reveals, noting that her Instagram post was an “immediate reaction” to the singer’s visual album. Meanwhile, another insider adds, “Bey will never mention any names, but the people who those songs are about know.”

The Elevator Incident in 2014: “The fact everything became so public, it was embarrassing, and the first time she had to really deal with some of the questions people were asking about her marriage. It changed things. It was a pivotal moment.”

Jay supports Beyonce’s Lemonade: “He is fully supportive. He understands the reasoning. This is part of the process of being transparent. And they have healed. He has been very humble about the experience. Beyoncé is the love of his life and he will do what it takes.” Another insider adds, “Jay was involved in the creation of Lemonade and knew every song Bey was going to release. He knew the lyrics; he knew the implications. He had to approve the songs before release. Jay is a very smart businessman…Bottom line is that they are both really smart and they both saw dollar signs… Jay is all about self expression, so he gets it. Beyoncé shares music before it’s released with Jay so he can listen and share his thoughts. When it comes to music, they are very in it together and supportive of each other’s craft.”

Beyonce loves the reaction she’s gotten: “Beyoncé is amazed on how everything turned out. She worked day and night on this. She celebrated with family; Jay was by her side. When Beyoncé put this album together she was aware of the message she was sending out. She knew that people were going to dissect each word. Beyoncé wanted to connect with women’s emotions with this album.”

Their second chance: “They are going to be OK. This is round two. They are determined to make it work and we all believe they can do it.”

(Via E! News)

The sources E! News spoke to make it sound like Beyonce and Jay-Z are a lot stronger right now than they were two years ago BUT, you know, marriage is hard work especially when you have people throwing themselves at you like, pretty much always. And Bey and J know their brand…and they love the money that comes with that.

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