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Shia LaBeouf’s uncle owes him $800,000


Oh, Shia LaBeouf, whatever will we do with you? After seemingly suffering a break from reality and then launching his “performance art” exhibition debut earlier this month in Los Angeles, you’d think things would be quieting down in his world… but alas, you’d be wrong. This time, however, the story isn’t really about him – it’s about his Uncle Barry, who apparently borrowed $800,000 from Shia and never repaid it. Well, now he has to, according to a Manhattan judge!

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Eileen Bransten rejected Barry Saide’s arguments that his actor nephew should accept Saide’s interest in four companies in lieu of cash. Saide’s investments were used as collateral for the 2009 loan.

“The terms of the note are clear and the amount due and owing … is forth in the note,” Bransten wrote in a decision signed Monday but posted Wednesday.

Saide, who is a maternal uncle, will have to pay interest of as much as 9% in accordance with the terms of the deal. The agreement required Saide to repay the loan in 15 installments of $53,333 but Bransten noted that Saide never repaid a dime.

Well, that seems fair. You know what they say: mo’ money, ‘mo’ problems!


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Posted Thursday, February 27th, 2014 at 3:15pm
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Britney Spears is a Pepsi Traitor!

Britney Spears Hits Up A Dance Studio In LA

Sorry, Pepsi. Britney Spears has definite beverage preferences!

Remember her famous Pepsi deal back in 2001? Well, turns out she’s been using that precious pepsi money to invest in…Coke!

According to TMZ, her stock portfolio tells all…Britney sold 574 shares of Coke for a modest profit of $3,238.55. She held on to 208 shares. As for Pepsi?  It’s nowhere to be found in her portfolio!

Brit let go of few other random stocks for a profit that show her likes and dislikes: she lost $640.13 on McDonald’s and $1,277.38 on Chipotle….her two favorite restaurants! Sorry, Brit.

Overall, Brit netted $97,883 last year in stocks, but not like she needs it, am I right?

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Posted Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 1:13pm
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Joe Jonas’ Girlfriend Using Him for Fame?

 Joe Jonas‘ girlfriend isn’t a fan.

Like, for real.  A pal of Joe’s current flame, Blanda Eggenschwiler, told she doesn’t dig the Jonas Brothers… or their music!

Cold, girl. Cold!

“Blanda can’t get enough of the attention she’s receiving now that that’s dating Joe and she actually believes she’s famous now,” the pal exclusively told Radar. “She told me, ‘I don’t even like their band. I just go to their show, appearances and meet-and-greets so the fans will talk more about me and buy my products.’ She’s all about herself lately and expects Joe to shower her with public attention.”

According to the source, Blanda used to be a nice girl, but fame has made her superficial as all hell…

“She walks around acting as if she owns everywhere that she steps. She wouldn’t even hang out with her friends much at Coachella because she was worried she would miss a paparazzi opportunity,” the source continued.

And…she’s less focused on her career.

“She’s never in New York anymore working on her career. Her life is pretty much dedicated to paparazzi shots, and her addiction to the attention she gets from his 12-year-old fans.”

Not to mention, she’s got her hooks in the Disney star…

“Blanda has a lot of control over Joe and his actions,” the insider told Radar. “She continues to brag about how she has so much control over him and she tells him when he can and cannot see his mom. To her, everything should be about her.”

Well, she sounds just lovely, doesn’t she? A real keeper, Joe!

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Posted Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 at 2:14pm
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Ex-Supermodel Janice Dickinson is Broke.

Ex-supermodel Janice Dickinson is broke!  BROKE, I SAY!

Find out how much the 58-year old (yeah, 58! Oy gevalt) owes and to whom after the jump!


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Sharon Stone Vs. Her Nanny!

Sharon Stone won’t be giving any recommendations to her former nanny…in fact, she’s SUING her for thousands of dollars! Yikes.

According to TMZ,  Erlinda Elemen, Stone’s former nanny, sued the actress claiming she was unfair and tyrannical, including hurling racially charged insults her way. Yikes.

Stone denied the allegations, calling the case “frivolous.” TMZ reports that Stone has her own agenda and accusations towards her former help…

Now, Stone is lashing back with a brand new lawsuit of her own — alleging she loaned the nanny $12,500 back in 2010 … but the woman only paid back $3,000.

In her suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Stone claims Elemen stopped making loan payments in January 2011 … one month before Elemen claims she was fired.

Stone is suing for the remaining debt — $9,500 … plus interest.

Oh man.  I can believe Sharon Stone is a tyrant, but would I pay 9,500 to get the woman off of my back? Hard to say…

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