Diane Kruger Refuses To Shop At Thrift Stores

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The Paley Center For Media's Premiere Screening Of FX's "The Bridge"

How does this not surprise me?

Diane Kruger is promoting her movie The Infiltrator, and she’s been giving interviews for a few months. She just did a piece with  Yahoo Style, and  you can read the piece here. She talks about the movie, sure, but the most interesting parts were about her red carpet habits, beauty, and style. Like…she hates thrift stores! She does her own makeup for red carpets! She styles herself, GDMN it!

Her ‘90s style: “I love fashion. I think it’s a really fun way to be a woman. I like to change it up. I like to try different things. These days, I guess you could say I’m a kid of the ’90s. That’s when I was a teenager. I’m loving the whole slip dress-sneaker phase. I feel like that’s how I went to school forever. I am unafraid of whatever is coming next. I’m not scared by it. I like to have fun with it.”

She doesn’t have a stylist: “I still style myself. For the red carpet, I often borrow dresses from designers though because that’s easier in a way. You give it back and you don’t have to go shopping for it. To be truthful, in my daily life, I don’t really shop that much. I love online shopping. Every once in a while I’ll go to Barneys and just have an indulgence day. But I love the convenience of ordering from home, I have to say. I think people need stylists when they don’t have time or they don’t find it fun to do it themselves. At this point, I think if I had to do a big tour, I would use a stylist to pull clothes, but I just don’t think I need a stylist.”

Whether she ever shops at thrift stores: “No. I know that is going to disappoint people, but I cannot shop in thrift stores. I hate the smell of them, and I can’t ever get over it. I love used jeans, but they have to be in a regular store, or I order them online. I have ordered vintage jean jackets from online. But there is too much stuff in thrift stores. It takes me too long to go through stuff.”

Whether she does her own makeup: “It depends. For photo shoots, I always have a makeup person. But often for red carpets, I do it myself.

(via Yahoo Style)

I’m surprised that she hates vintage/thrift stores, but also, not really. She doesn’t need to do that kind of shopping, so if she can’t stand the smell, why should she? It makes her sound prissy, until you read the part where she actually styles herself…

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 at 2:14pm
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The Woman Dani Mathers Body-Shamed On Snapchat Comes Forward. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.35.00 AM

Dani Mathers, karma calling.  Dlisted

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Watch Out: Britney Spears Will SUE YOU.

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Britney Spears Hits Up A Dance Studio In LA

Watch out, In Touch…and any other media outlet who wants to tell lies about Britney Spears!

Britney’s lawyer wrote a not-so-nice letter to the higher ups at In Touch, warning them not to publish a story they’re pushing about Britney allegedly acting erratic at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards and “talking and laughing to herself and using a British accent.” Now, this doesn’t seem that weird to me (remember when Britney shaved her head and went to town on a car with a golf club? Yeah), but for whatever reason Britney’s trying to keep her rep free of even the smallest tarnishes.

According to the letter, the magazine notified Britney’s rep the story will run, and Britney’s lawyer shot back, saying it is “utterly false, highly defamatory and completely offensive to Ms. Spears.” Yikes.

A source connected with Britney tells TMZ, the singer and her team are sick of “made-up” stories and if the piece runs they will absolutely sue the magazine, adding this will be the first of many lawsuits to stop the lies.

In essence…they mean BUSINESS.

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 at 12:12pm
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Calvin Harris Is Dating Liam Hemsworth’s Old Hookup

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Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.19.17 AM

What do Calvin Harris, Liam Hemsworth and Christiano Ronaldo have in common? Eiza Gonzalez!

According to People Magazine, Calvin Harris is hanging out with Mexican actress and singer Eiza González, as the two were spotted in Los Angeles leaving a friend’s party ARM-IN-ARM. DAMN! A source said of the “new” pairing:

“They have been talking and hanging out. It’s new.”

Well, well, well. Clearly, Eiza is no stranger to dating high profile men, and I guess it’s safe to say Calvin’s moved on from his casual thing with the singger Tinashe. 

So, are YOU down with this pairing?


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