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Ashley Graham Has A New Bridal Lingerie Collection

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.19.17 AM

And it is SEXYYYYY.

Ashley Graham is riding high on her Sports Illustrated cover, and naturally she wants to leverage that into some other opportunities. And I don’t blame her- she’s been inspiring to many and like, basically made herself this generation’s Marilyn Monroe (unless you count Caitlyn Jenner, who might also be this generation’s Marilyn Monroe. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe Gigi Hadid is that too. You can’t have too many Marilyn Monroes walking around, can y?). ANYHOW, Graham teamed up with luxe plus-size retailer Addition Elle for a pretty reasonably priced line of bridal lingerie hat oozes luxury…or you know, heavily features yachts and jets in the ads.

The Dreamer Collection, which launches in select Nordstrom stores, was inspired by Graham’s own wedding night: “I felt sexy,” the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, 28, said of her 2010 wedding to videographer Justin Ervin in a video produced by Addition Elle. “I want every woman to know what it feels like to have that one-of-a-kind moment.”

The collection includes 12 pieces and we’ve got a nice little mix of Ashley modeling a lot of the pieces. Bras are offered from 38C to 42H, while the panties, chemise and corset are available in X-3X and everything is under $95. Watch out, Victoria’s Secret.

What do YOU think of Graham’s new lingerie line?


Photos: ADDITION ELLE, Nordstrom

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A Bunch Of Goth Teens On The Cover of W


“more dark lipstick STAT!”

Willow Smith, Zendaya and Kiernan Shipka were all featured on the April issue of W Magazine, where they are billed as “dream teens” who are next in line to transform the worlds of style, design, art and fashion. Kind of a lofty prediction, seeing as the interview is still asking them who their “Celeb crushes” are, but whatever.

Now personally I find Willow Smith intolerable so I’ll let y’all just peruse some of the pretty photos of the three of them, and be envious of their clothes. Seriously, it’s a better use of your time.

Photos: W Magazine

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Do you Think These Ads Are “OFFENSIVE?”

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.29.11 AM

Lane Bryant is trying to roll out a sexy new ad starring Ashley Graham and other plus-sized models wearing almost nothing … but tv spots aren’t having it. Yes, networks including ABC and NBC are rejecting a sexy plus-sized TV Ad, which is basically a video version of what you see here.

TMZ has obtained the un-aired commercial, which you can check out HERE.  Nobody knows specifics of what made the commercial un-airable, though sources firmly believe it’s a size issue and not nudity, since thinner women frequently appear in commercials where they’re half-naked and objectified.

All I have to say is how disappointing.  These are major networks and should absolutely be promoting body equality and body positivity. It feels like major networks want to go far…just not far enough for true equality.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.29.26 AM

Photos: Lane Bryant

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The Worst Dressed Of The Golden Globes

Jennifer Lawrence at The 73rd Golden Globe Awards in LA

Oh, lord.

Sure, there were some awesome dresses at the Golden Globes (don’t believe me? Scroll down) but man, there were also some dudes in the group. Most of the dresses were tragically boring (I’m looking at YOU, Emmy Rossum) but the ones on this list also seemed a little, uh, too risque for a black tie event.

Kate Hudson looked straight out of a No Doubt photo shoot circa 1999, while Eva Longoria‘s dress was just lame and matronly. Katy Perry’s dress was a little bit too revealing for my tastes (this isn’t a dance hall on the wrong side of the tracks, it’s the GOLDEN GLOBES, Katy). Also, girl, can you breathe? That shizzz seems TIGHT.

What were the looks you hated at this Golden Globes?

Photos: FameFlynet

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