Cameron Diaz Thinks Social Media Is An Experiment And Other Links!

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Cameron Diaz says social media is a crazy-ass experiment – Dlisted

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Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 4:16pm
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Ryan Phillippe Opens Up About Depression; Gives Cruel Intentions Trivia Tidbits!

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The 2015 Disney/ABC Winter TCA Press Tour

Actor Ryan Phillippe’s new series Secrets & Lies debuted last night.  It’s still waiting in my DVR, but I will get to it tonight, fingers crossed.  During the promotion of his new show, Ryan sat down with to chat about the series, revealed his struggle with depression, and he dropped a major Cruel Intentions bomb on us!

You mentioned that you connected with the character because you yourself are ‘quietly tortured at times.’ What does that mean?  “You know, depression has been a huge obstacle for me ever since I was a child. As you get older I think it decreases some, but I’m just innately kind of a sad person. I’m empathetic, and I take on the feelings of others and transpose myself into the position of others. I see it in my daughter. She has it, and I wish to hell she didn’t. It’s just, some people do have this pervading sort of sadness, or they’re so analytical that they can kind of take the fun out of things because they think too much.”

If you could un-feel or reduce the receptors a little bit, would you? 

 “Yes, absolutely. There’s great value to it, but it can also ruin your f*****g life. But, that being said, if it was a choice between being this way or being completely ignorant I’d prefer to suffer through the sadness than to be a complete moron with no feelings.”

You seem pretty funny—even on social media! “Yeah, I am. I’m way funnier than people know me to be. And it’s a dark humor, like a gallows humor. I think that’s where, if you do carry any of that sadness or depression, your humor does tend to be a little darker than most people. And the greatest comedians do—trust me. I know so many of them. And they’re depressed and they’re dark and they have this incredible gift of humor to offer others and also, probably, therapeutically themselves.”

Okay, last question, what’s one thing no one else knows about Cruel Intentions? “Well, everyone was always like in love with that Porsche I drive, but it was actually a plastic shell on the crappiest…It was not a real Porsche. It’s basically a prop. But the girls don’t care about that because I don’t care about that either.”

Read Ryan’s full interview by clicking the link below – it’s so worth the read!  Trust us!

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Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 4:16pm
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Jared Leto Chops Off His Long Locks And Shaves the Beard

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Jared Leto Spotted Out And About In New York City

Jesus has left the building, y’all!  Jared Leto is gearing up for his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad, where he’ll be starring alongside Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jesse Eisenberg and more.  In preparation for the role, it looks like Jared has finally hacked off the super long hair and shaved his bushy beard!

Director and writer David Ayer posted the photo below on Twitter, captioning it “Should we? #SuicideSquad.”  In the next photo, we see a clean shaven Jared and it appears he might have short hair once again.  Or they just did a great job of pulling the hair back and making it look that way?

Thoughts?  Do you prefer Jared with long hair or short hair?  Beard or clean-shaven?




He looks a bit like Zac Efron, no?


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Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 3:15pm
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Jamie Dornan Lines Up First Post-Fifty Shades Of Grey Project – WWII Drama

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Jamie Dornan & Wife Amelia Make A Starbucks Run In London

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan has officially signed on for his next project: a WWII drama!  Jamie will star alongside Cillian Murphy in Anthropoid.

According to The Guardian,

Jamie Dornan is to play a Czechoslovakian soldier who takes part in an assassination attempt on notorious SS officer Reinhard Heydrich in a new film to be directed by Sean Ellis, the British film-maker best known for the Philippines-set Metro Manila.

The film is to be called Anthropoid, named after the real-life Operation Anthropoid in which two Czechoslovak paratroopers attacked Heydrich’s car in Nazi-occupied Prague in 1942 after they had parachuted in following training by British forces.  Although the attack appeared initially unsuccessful, Heydrich died several days later from his injuries. His death resulted in the massacre of thousands of civilians by the SS in reprisal.

I’m sure this will be a big hit with the men, since they can never seem to get enough when it comes to World War II!

Rumor has it that the sequels for Fifty Shades of Grey have been given the go-ahead but they’re scrambling to figure out who will direct and who will write the script, and more.  Hopefully the second film is a smoother process than the first!

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Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 3:15pm
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