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Joe Manganiello Does An AMAZING Sofia Vergara Impression

Sofia Vergara confirms November wedding to Joe Manganiello


I love Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara, if only because he seems like a normal Pittsburgh dude and she’s like, eccentric enough to love that. And this impression makes me love them (and him!) like 1000% more…

Joe stopped by The Late Late Show on Tuesday night to give James Corden an update on his romantic life, and ended up telling a very cute story about going on a fried chicken date in New Orleans in the beginning of their relationship. The Modern Family star’s accent clued the restaurant into their identities, and Joe does a SPOT ON impression of his wife.

Check it out below- it’s roughly at 1:15!

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Mariah Carey Is Slowly Explaining Her Engagement To Her Kids

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.03.40 PM

Mariah Carey‘s whirlwind engagement romance with the billion dollar Hulk I mean James Packer is news to all of us…but especially Carey’s kids, Monroe and Moroccan.

I don’t see what the problem is- you add another rich person into the equation with two small kids and that means…more Christmas gifts from crazy Uncle Aussie, right?! The biggest problem with the engagement from the perspective of the twins is that they might get seasick on all those yachts. People reports:

“I haven’t talked to them about it completely because they are so young, so they don’t really understand things yet,” Carey told E! News of her wedding plans while gearing up to launch her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in Europe next month. “So you have to go slowly and explain things and always make sure they know that this is only going to be good for them.”

Although Carey and her 4½-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan are set to move into a luxury home outside L.A. with the Australian billionaire, the singer insists “their lives are not going to change.”

Carey went on to explain the importance of Monroe and Moroccan’s connection with their dad, Carey’s ex Nick Cannon, telling E!, “For me, as long as we are together and they have a great relationship with their dad, then that’s great. It’s good. And they are great.”

Everything’s great in Divaland. Let’s celebrate with some butterfly-centric Lisa Frank love. It’s what Mariah would want for us, don’t you think?

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Mariah Carey And James Packer Are Shacking Up In Kardashi-Land

Mariah Carey & James Packer Walk Hand-In-Hand Through Portofino

These block parties are gonna get DRAMATIC.

Mariah Carey and James Packer, on the eve of the rest of their romantic, still-married lives, just leased a home in Calabasas and it’s all about the kids.

The couple just settled down in The Oaks, a fancy gated community in Calabasas. TMZ says that she and James wanted to live in an area that is “family friendly,”especially because Mariah has her two kids- Morocco and Monroe– full time.

So what does 250,000 a month get you? I’ll tell ya:  18,000 square feet on one acre with sweeping views, imported Italian stone, theater, sauna and gym. The house took 5 years to build and has never been on the market.

The lease has a lease to buy option and though it seems pricey, you KNOW these two can friggin’ afford it.

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OOPS Mariah Carey And James Packer Are Still Technically Married To Their Respective Exes

Mariah Carey & James Packer Walk Hand-In-Hand Through Portofino


Though Mariah Carey and James Packer just got engaged, there’s trouble in awkward billionaire butterfly paradise- they’re both married to other people.

TMZ says that Mariah is still not divorced from her ex Nick Cannon, as  their financial issues are still kinda up in the air despite a specific prenup. One good thing is that these two are finally civil and not screaming at each other over the telephone. Also, big issue: who’s going to get all the Disney couples costumes? (It’s a long, hard battle, y’all).

As for James? He’s still married to his ex, too (point of connection?) Erica Packer. They separated in 2013 and she’s dating Seal, so you know, she’s doing ok. But laws in Australia have slowed the divorce process way down, so that’s a thing, too.

Sounds like a long, romantic, yacht-y engagement to me!

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