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Calvin Harris Calls Out Taylor Swift On INSTAGRAM!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup over Thai massage parlor visits?

Do NOT mess with Calvin Harris, he’ll put you on blast…via Instagram comment?We’ve ALLLLLL been following the Taylor Swift Calvin HarrisTom Hiddleston semi-love triangle, and here’s one weird element I never thought would go down: The music producer began spilling the deets on what happened between him and Taylor Swift through responses to Instagram comments on his page.

I know, WEIRD. I love when guys get scorned! It kinda gives Taylor a taste of her own medicine.

Of course, these comments have since been deleted, but he responded to some RANDO “She controlled the media and the situation,” and that “he had no idea what was going on, which made it a lot worse in (his) perspective.”

Another user claimed that Harris was “jealous of Taylor now because she’s moved on and found a new boyfriend,” to which Harris allegedly said, “not jealous sir, FREE.”

Many were perplexed as to why Calvin would go to the comments section to address such a highly publicized topic, and he said, ” because I want to understand how these people’s minds work.” Another user asked if the producer was hacked, he said, “No it’s me.”

Check out all of the comments HERE and let us know why you think just HAD to put in his two cents.

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Lindsay Lohan And Her Fiance Made Their Creepy Red Carpet Debut.

2016 Butterfly Ball

I don’t even know where to BEGIN with this.

Lindsay Lohan and her 23-year-old fiancé Egor Tarabasov made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Caudwell Children’s Butterfly Ball in London on Wednesday, and I don’t know who looks worse- botoxy, stunned Lindsay in her icecapades dress or her suspicious-looking, clearly uncomfortable fiance sporting a serial killer face. IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE, you guys!

The two have been dating for about 10 months and I always wondered why Lindsay (being the famemonger that she is) didn’t bring this lil dude out in public more. BUT NOW I GET IT. Good lord, these two. Just go home? You’ve supported the charity and taken a couple pictures.

You know it’s bad when the best pic in the bunch is Lindsay’s bejeweled freckle-claw. Tell us what YOU think of the couple IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW!

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'The Giver' New York Premiere


Finally finally FINALLY we have confirmation of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes‘ relationship, even though I’ve literally been reporting on it for years. Good to know that somebody is acknowledging it, good to know it’s there and that it truly exits. Right?  That being said, the source- Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Claudia Jordan- is probably geting MAJOR s**t from her friend Jamie about it. The woman  joined the Allegedly podcast on Tuesday and revealed that Foxx is, in fact, dating Holmes. BOOM:

When asked about the Annie actor, Jordan said, “[He’s a] good friend of mine. Never [hooked up with him].” When asked about his relationship with Holmes, Jordan added, “He is very happy with her. I like that he seems very happy.”

The confirmation comes after Holmes sparked engagement rumors in January when she was spotted wearing a ring on that finger, recirculating speculation that she’s been seeing Foxx after her split from Tom Cruise.

It all started in 2013 at a charity event, the 4th annual Apollo in the Hamptons,where Jamie and Katie were photographed dancing together. Then, earlier this year, a report claimed the stars have “been hooking up on the DL” for the past year and a half. Both Holmes and Foxx remained mum on the speculation at the time, but the actor wasn’t afraid to speak out about it in March, promising it’s all tabloid rumors.

“Oh come on, you guys have been trying to get that to stick for three years,” Foxx told an inquiring paparazzo in Los Angeles at the time. When asked for clarification, Foxx reassured the shutterbug that the two are “just friends” and are actually working together on an upcoming animated project. “That’s all it is,” he added.

(Via E! News)

I have to hand it to Katie and Jamie, they’ve been very good about not slipping up- being seen publicly, saying stuff or saying ANYTHING at all. Sorry, Claudia. I think you maybe have lost a friend in exchange for a juicy podcast.

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Taylor Swift Broke Up With Calvin Harris OVER THE PHONE

Taylor Swift Shops In West Hollywood

Guess she took a page from Joe Jonas‘ playbook!

Despite rumors saying the opposite, word on the street is that Taylor Swift dumped Calvin Harris in a phone call, which is especially interesting because Joe pulled the same BS back in ’08, when they were dating. Is Tay hardening into some celeb D bag? Is this for REAL?

Sources say Swift called Calvin from Nashville at some point after his car crash to pull the plug on their relationship. Tay was vague during the call, only saying she needed some space, which is maybe code for “please I would like to bang Tom Hiddleston now.”

Not surprisingly, this blindsided Calvin, because Taylor has made every indication she’s into marrying, having kids, and making her own little wholesome future with someone (preferably famous). He didn’t accept the news well, TMZ reports, and apparently the two haven’t spoken since.

And just a reminder: Taylor put Joe Jonas on blast on Ellen’s show back in 2008 when she called him out for an over-the-phone breakup. Calvin, next time you’re in an interview situation, you get to s*it talk TAY. KARMA, BABY!

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