Audrina Patridge is Back on the Market… After 5 Years!

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Audrina Partridge Films Her Shopping Adventure

Reality star, Audrina Patridge, is single once more, after ending her 5-year relationship with Corey Bohan, a BMX Pro.  Apparently the former Hills star and Bohan had been on-and-off a few times, but had been dating pretty steadily since 2011.  Last year, Patridge even indicated that the two had been talking about getting married.

“With other guys in the past I dated, I never felt safe,” she told Us. “We’d go out and I felt like I had to defend them, and so with Corey I feel like I’m safe—he’s a guy’s guy… He’s not afraid to get dirty and that’s what I like about him. He’s not super metro.”

Apparently things have changed, since sources say that a reconciliation is not in the cards this time around.  Patridge was most recently spotted at Comic-Con- dolled up in full Mystique makeup and apparently having the time of her life.  She tweeted over the weekend:

“You can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one,” she tweeted Sunday. “#future #dreams #followyourheart”

So… deep thoughts by Audrina Patridge.  And for any of you wondering what she does with her free time – she is currently the host of a late night travel series on NBC called 1st Look.


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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 3:15pm
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Anna Paquin is Still Rocking the Blue Hair

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Anna Paquin Shows Off Her New Look

True Blood star, Anna Paquin is still sporting her ‘mermaid’ hair while grabbing some coffee earlier today in Los Angeles.  The actress dyed her hair when the taping of her show ended as a way to celebrate her hair being her own property again.  I wonder what we will see Paquin in next, now that the final season of the show has been shot and filed away?

Anna Paquin Shows Off Her New Look Anna Paquin Shows Off Her New Look

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 2:14pm
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Ansel Elgort is the New ‘It’ Guy in Hollywood

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Celebrities Visit The "Today" Show

At the ripe young age of 20, Ansel Elgort, appears poised to take Hollywood by storm.  He has already landed high profile roles in the Divergent franchise, playing Caleb PriorTris’ brother, and more importantly, the heartbreaking role of ‘Gus’ in John Green’s film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars.  On Sunday, Elgort seemingly cemented his popularity at the Young Hollywood Awards, winning fan favorite actor and best on-screen couple (with co-star Shailene Woodley).  The Fault in Our Stars took home the award for best-movie.

Elgort spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his newfound fame:

“At times it can be a bit overwhelming, but at times you have to appreciate. Those people over there are probably really good fans.  They probably saw the movie and loved it, so in that way it’s nice.”

“Kate Winslet once told me there’s a reason why we’re actors and there’s a reason why people like to watch us on screen, and there’s a part of yourself that is your essence and you keep that sacred,” he said. “You don’t give all yourself away, you keep part of that to yourself.”

Elgort will be in the sequel to Divergent, which comes out next March, Insurgent.  Prior to that, we’ll be seeing him in Men, Women & Children that features an awesome cast of Judy Greer, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and Emma Thompson.  In addition to being darling, successful, and a talented actor, Elgort also makes music under the name ‘Ansolo.’  He recently released a summer song, ‘Totem’ which has made it to the iTunes Top 10 Dance Chart.  The kid is going places…

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 2:14pm
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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Continue to Be Most Amicable Exes Ever

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Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Are Calling It Quits! **FILE PHOTOS***

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow seem to be on better terms then ever now that they have decided to ‘consciously uncouple.’  The two are still going on dates together for goodness’ sake!  Paltrow and her mother, actress Blythe Danner, hosted a screening last night in East Hampton, for her friend Simon Pegg.  Pegg is also Apple’s godfather, Paltrow and Martin’s daughter.  The screening was of Pegg’s new film, Hector and the Search for Happiness.  

Sources at the screening remarked that Paltrow and Martin “seemed so comfortable with each other, it was like they were still married.”  The two shared a table with Blythe Danner and chatted with friends through the evening.  While they did appear to arrive separately, they left together.

On a radio show last week, Martin spoke of his ex-:

‘You know, there’s a lot of love.’ ‘So there’s nothing — there’s no scandal I’m afraid. I wish I could give you scandal.’ ‘The truth is – well, I don’t really love talking about this stuff.’ ‘But the thing we told everyone at the beginning of the year is true. We are very close, we are not together. But, we’re…you know…that’s the truth… and uh, that’s it.’

So who knows.  Maybe the uncoupling was a wake-up call?  Maybe they truly are just incredibly mature and friendly exes?  Any way you have it – I guess good for them.  They both seem very happy and comfortable with whatever they’ve got going on.

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 1:13pm
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Is Martha Stewart Throwing Shade at Blake Lively?

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Is Martha Stewart Looking To Change Careers?

The beautiful Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively, recently launched her own lifestyle website, Preserve.  It’s had some mixed reviews- and some have called her out for trying to be the next, Gwyneth Paltrow or Martha Stewart.  Well it turns out that Stewart is friends with Lively and her hottie McHottie husband, Ryan Reynolds, because they were neighbors for a period of time.  They are so friendly, in fact, that Martha Stewart saved their wedding day from falling apart and called in her own team to make it a fabulous last minute affair in South Carolina.

That aside- Stewart appears a little skeptical about Lively’s foray into the world of being a lifestyle guru.  Stewart spoke with HuffPost Entertainment about the blonde starlet:

“They’re very friendly, very nice people,” she added. “In a way, kind of shy — not shy on the screen, at all, if you’ve seen any of Blake’s movies — but very shy in person. But she’s a baker and a homemaker and now she’s starting her own blog [Preserve] … I haven’t seen it yet.”

She continues:

“I mean, it’s stupid, she could be an actress! Why would you want to be me if you could be an actress? I just did a movie yesterday, though — I can’t even tell you about it — but I want to be Blake Lively,” she joked.

So perhaps she thinks Lively should stick to what she knows…  On a completely superficial note- I think Stewart should maybe stick to a different stylist.  Those gold lame pants aren’t doing her any favors.

I don’t mind the Preserve website- nor do I mind Paltrow’s GOOP. I guess neither are just that applicable to my own day to day life.  But I don’t think these women are crazy for trying something new and putting themselves out there.  Why not?  They don’t claim to speak for everyone.  I don’t know.  I hope Lively and Reynolds start making really adorable babies soon though.  Their genetics shouldn’t go to waste.

"Turbo" New York Premiere

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 1:13pm
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