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Lena Dunham Tells Jack Antonoff To Put A Ring On It

 Pictured: Lena Dunham, Jack Antonoff FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Pictured: Lena Dunham, Jack Antonoff FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813

Now that gay marriage is legal, time to put a RING ON IT, Jack Antonoff! 

Lena Dunham has been very vocal about not getting married to the fun. guitarist until gay marriage is legalized in the U.S. Well, it’s friday and it’s time to start picking out rings, Jack!  And just hours after the Supreme Court decision was made, she basically told her longtime beau that a proposal better be near. Us reports:

“.@jackantonoff Get on it, yo…” Dunham, 29, tweeted. “Woke up to learn that love is free! Thank you to all those who fought so hard to make this historic moment happen,” she added. “Weddings are about to get a lot less boring. Let’s use this victory as a reminder to keep pushing for equality on every frontier. We have the power!”

The fun. guitarist, 31, also was ecstatic about the historic news. And, OF COURSE, he favorited Dunham’s sly (and not so subtle!) hint. He had to!

The two have been dating since Sept of 2012. Do you think they’ll get engaged soon? I DO!

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25 Weird Facts About The Bachelorette’s Kaitlyn Bristowe

Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"

Hey Bachelorette fans- care about anything other than Kaitlyn Bristowe boning Nick Viall? No? Then move on to the next article. If yes, read on…

The reality star took a break from searching for love on ABC’s hit show The Bachelorette, to fill Us Weekly in on 25 surprising facts about herself, some of which are lame and some of which are kinda cool. I emboldened the ones that feel like the most interesting, SO AS TO NOT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME:

1. I have an extreme fear of birds. It’s the flapping that scares me.

2. I’m a huge musical theater nerd. When I was in high school, I was the fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof(dying to know what role)

3. If I could be an animal, I would be a quokka, the happiest animal in the world. (no idea what animal this is, but I hope there’s some kind of challenge the Bachelorette contestants have to do built around it).

4. I have naturally curly hair.

5. Monopoly was my favorite game as a kid.

6. I’ve never spent more than $100 on shoes.

7. My favorite movie is Across the Universe.

8. I secretly sang in a choir and didn’t tell my friends for a year.

9. I received a full-ride scholarship to a dance company.

10. I love sushi.

11. My guilty pleasure is watching Extreme Couponing.

12. A Bernese mountain dog named Doug is my dream pet. (somebody please make this dream a reality)

13. I attended cosmetology school for three years.

14. Laundry is my absolute favorite chore.

15. No one is closer to me than my mom.

16. I hate ice cream. My favorite dessert is chocolate sticky toffee pudding.

17. I am obsessed with Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.

18. My favorite color is black.

19. My middle name is Dawn, and my family calls me KD.

20. Sometimes I bite my nails in my sleep. (Gross.)

21. I’ve seen every single episode of Family Guy.

22. If I could go anywhere, I would go to the Canary Islands in Spain.

23. I love country music, especially Luke Bryan.

24. I love camping. One time the weather was awful, so we just camped in the garage.

25. I high-five myself in the mirror in the mornings to set the day off right.

(Via Us Magazine)

Does this make Kaitlyn more or less appealing to you? BE HONEST.

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Rob Kardashian Is Back On Twitter And Giving People Advice

Kris Jenner Pulls Rob Kardashian From 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

Yep, this dude. Any takers?

I guess there is one in Kim Kardashian.Rob Kardashian is back on twitter and has ALSO discovered the cure for morning sickness for his big sis, and somehow…it involves the sounds of French Montana?

When Kim K tweeted that she’s still experiencing pregnancy-related nausea, Rob replied with some assistance:

“I sent u that voice note. It should help,” he wrote on Tuesday, in response to Kim’s earlier post: “Wait wait wait I thought this nausea thing was supposed to be gone by now!!!! UGHHHHHH.”
And Kim said…
“Should I post it? I think people would love to hear the voice notes u send me!”
No word on her posting the voice note, but apparently Khloé Kardashians ex might have something to do with it? Rob responded with some soothing lyrics from Montana’s song “Hard Work.”  In caps. Here ya go:
(Via People)

Well, at least Rob’s keeping busy. What sage advice do you think he gave Kim?

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Amy Schumer Defends Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe For Her SEXY Transgression!

51709082 The 2015 MTV MOVIE AWARDS held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California on 4/12/15 The 2015 MTV MOVIE AWARDS held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California on 4/12/15 Amy Schumer FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Yeah, you can depend on Amy Schumer to defend gratuitous SEX! (I love it).

Reality TV fans are slamming Kaitlyn Bristowe for having sex with one of the contestants on The Bachelorette yesterday, but sometimes you gotta if you wanna know if they’re marriage material (I use this logic in bars ALLLLL the time).

In addition to the sexy yet pretty questionable Nick Viall defending the 30-year-old star, Bachelor super-fan and all around best celebrity ever Amy Schumer has Kaitlyn’s back, too.

Amy showed solidarity over Kaitlyn’s decision to sleep with Nick on Twitter, saying:

Amy guested on a prior episode this season, so she of all people should know how RIDICULOUS the process is.  Kaitlyn should be able to make her own decision.

What do you think about this shocking (and sexy) turn of events?

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