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Stay Outta This, Kris Jenner.

Kris Jenner Meets Scott Disick For Lunch

Kris Jenner, c’mon. Everyone knows you’re more manager than mom.

Thankfully, we’ve been reporting that there’s pretty much a zero percent chance that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian will get back together, but the Kardashian matriarch doesn’t wanna give up hope.  Kris admitted recently that she’s “always hopeful” that they’ll rekindle their romance. GROSS.

Kris has her own relationship with Kourt’s fallout with Scott, saying that she hasn’t been able to cut ties as easily. Or at all, really:

“Scott is like my son. He came over yesterday. He was on his way over to see the kids. He’s a great dad. They’ve got things to figure out.”

Great dad? Hmmm, haven’t seen evidence of THAT recently. And Kris ONLY sees Scott as like, this angelic responsible dad, not the douchey club dude:

“You know what. I don’t see that side, so I don’t want to talk about what I don’t know. I just know that, you know, they’ll figure it out.”

Thankfully, she knows it’s not any of her business.

“I don’t tell her things like that because I don’t think that’s my place. But my kids were brought up to be very forgiving people. My wish is that, you know, they work it out and figure it out and we’ll see what happens.”

(Via PerezHilton)

Ugh, in this case mother does NOT know best. What do you think? Should Kourtney and Scott get back together? Or should she ditch him for good?

Let us know now or mull it over over the weekend!

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Posted Friday, September 18th, 2015 at 3:15pm
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More Proof The Beckhams Made A Deal With The Devil

The Royal Wedding Guest: Elton John, David & Victoria Beckham
Gorgeous, super successful, lots of love AND a happy, easy marriage? Seriously, something is UP.

In an interview with ABC News on Friday, Sept. 18, David Beckham revealed some new details about his marriage to Victoria Beckham and how they co-parent their four kids. And it seems…pretty adorable and chill.  Beckham told Juju Chang that his marriage with his wife was “pretty easy,” and they trust each other. UGH BRING A BOOK.  Us Weekly reports:

“We’ve been together for 18 years, we’ve been married for 16 years,” the soccer stud explained. “So you trust each other’s judgment. I think that has worked for us.”

The proud hubby also praised his wife for her “incredible” dedication to designing. “My wife, you know, she’s a hard worker,” he said. Indeed, the former Spice Girl debuted her Spring 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week, where David and their eldest son, Brooklyn, were seated front row.

Noticeably missing this time around was their cute daughter, 4-year-old Harper, who was famously snapped last year picking her nose during her mom’s fashion show. David joked that he was recently scolded by his wife — whom he called the “strict one in the house” — for giving Harper ice cream after mom had already said no.

The dad of four, 40, also said he and Victoria try to protect their kids (Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 10, and Harper, 4)  from public scrutiny, especially on social media.

“It’s hard,” Beckham reflected. “Because our 16-year-old son, Brooklyn, he’s got like 4 million Instagram followers. We control everything that he posts, everything that he does, and it’s the same with our other kids.”

This family is so cute and happy and healthy about their relationship to work and the media that it KILLS me. Can you think of a better couple in Hollywood? Can ya?!

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Posted Friday, September 18th, 2015 at 2:14pm
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Carrie Underwood Loves Her A Good DATE NIGHT

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.07.47 PM

Though they’ve been married since 2010, Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher still enjoy a good date night.

The country singer, 32, wore natural makeup and her hair in a side braid in the photo she posted on Instagram on Thursday, and captioned it: “Date night with this handsome hunk.”

She and her hockey-star hubby smiled into the camera as they were en route to…I dunno. Dinner? Line Dancing? Bowling? Swinger Sex club? Who knows. And whatever happens, you know that side braid gonna get unravelled, girl.

Where do you think they went?

Photo: Instagram

Posted Friday, September 18th, 2015 at 2:14pm
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I Guess T.I.’s Celebrating “Backpedal Friday.”

Iggy Azalea Loves Her New Boobs

It looks like T.I. is changing his tune about his relationship with Iggy Azalea!

Earlier this week, the rapper revealed in a radio interview that his business relationship Iggy has ended-prompting speculation about what went down and how they’re going to move forward.

Now, the 34-year-old is going back on his recent comments, insisting that the two ARE still collaborating and that everyone should just CHILLLLLL. He explained:

“That’s still my partner. Her life has taken her in a different direction. My life is still as it was before. But Iggy is doing what she feels makes Iggy happy. That’s what she should do. We’re focused on making the next Iggy record and dodging the same adversities we faced last time.”

T.I. went on to clarify that his earlier comments were more about Iggy taking a break on music to focus on her wedding with fiancé Nick Young! He said:

“It’s definitely not a ‘sever my ties, walk away, I’m upset’ thing. It was more so like, ‘Okay, you have a lot on your plate right now. I’m going to pull back or wait until you come to a place where you’re ready to come back to the table, so we can start again and make history some more.'”

As far as the miscommunication between the two rappers, T.I. said:

“We speak to each other without having to speak to each other. It’s funny sometimes, but we’re straight.”

(Via PerezHilton)

Hmmmm….not sure I believe things are all good between the two! What do you think the status of their relationship is?

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Posted Friday, September 18th, 2015 at 1:13pm
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