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Gillian Anderson Is “A Vain Woman Trying To Embrace Her Aging Face.” WOAH

Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London

Gillian Anderson, you’re still freaking GORGEOUS, and telling ALLLLLL the truths!

The actress has been pretty open about the fact that she’s not into plastic surgery or injectables, and it shows. At 47, her face looks like her own, which feels extremely rare in her profession. Anderson tells People that she’s not ruling out plastic surgery entirely, and it sounds like she’s not shaming women who opt for it, but that she is doing her damndest to age naturally. Pretty healthy outlook, I’d say. People reports:

At 47, I feel quite strongly that I wouldn’t do plastic surgery, but also, I know that I am a vain woman,” The X-Files star tells PEOPLE. “Talk to me in ten years – they may have invented something which feels less invasive, and then it’s possible that the line will be easier to cross.”

“I don’t want to say never,” she continues. “I don’t want to be hypocritical about it. But also, at this juncture, I just hope that I would be able to embrace these stages of my aging face, and not feel like something was wrong and that it needed to be fixed through surgery.”

Get it, girl.  If I could look half as good as Gillian at her age, I’m 100% in.

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OF COURSE Khloe Kardashian Wears Makeup And Earrings To The Gym


Surprise surprise…Khloe Kardashian is that annoying person you make fun of at the gym (her rich elite gym, but a gym, nonetheless)!

While wearing makeup and earrings to work out sounds like gross breakout city to me, I guess Khloe digs it. Or you know, she says so for the interview, to seem more glam or Taylor Swiftian or whatever. She did an interview for Shape’s May issue, airing her comfort level with lipstick and makeup while sweating it out. Again, it sounds gross, but I guess it works when your whole life is a stew of ridiculous:

“Just because you’re going to work out, you don’t have to look like a slob. I always wear hoop earrings; they’re like my security blanket. People laugh at me, but why not? They make me feel more dressed up.”

And again with the makeup.

“I also wear makeup when I work out,” the Strong Looks Better Naked author admitted. “I put on a tinted moisturizer, mascara and cherry lip balm, and fill in my eyebrows. If I feel cuter with a little lip color and mascara, why should anybody else care?

“I’ve totally gone to SoulCycle with a bold lip,” she revealed. “Sometimes you need a little something to get through your workout.”

Know what little something I usually need to get through a workout? WATER. And a comf sports bra. Not a whole freaking Mac store on my face.

What do you think of Khloe wearing makeup to the gym?

Photos: Shape Magazine

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Kylie Jenner Has Spent 4-5 Hours Doing Her Nails

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.36.47 AM

I could think of a lot of other things she could be doing with that time. Like, going to college!

Kylie Jenner is making a lot of money off of two fake things on her body: her lips and her nails. What it says about as as a society that we are buying into it is a different story. ANYHOW, girl has been super successful hawking makeup to the masses, including Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Lip Kits which sell out every time they go on sale and has her SinfulColors collaboration when she launched its first King Kylie Collection last month. Come April 1, the 18-year-old’s dropping yet another collection for SinfulColors named Trend Matters, which features 27 matte shades. Hell, I almost bought some fit tea like 5 seconds ago.

“I’m really into matte polish,” Jenner tells PeopleStyle. “It spices up anything.”

SURPRISE SURPRISE, her nail obsession was passed down from her mother, Kris Jenner.

“My mom always drilled it in my head to have nice, pretty nails,” she says. “It’s just really important to her. Anytime she meets someone, she’ll look at your fingernails. I never cared when I was younger and I hated getting my nails done. It just took up my play time. But she likes pretty nails, so that’s where I got my nail obsession.”

Now, nice nails are a priority.

“I get my nails done every week,” said Jenner. “I’ve sat literally for four to five hours doing them. I used to spend so much time doing the craziest artwork.”

(Via People)

Ugh, there is so much wrong with this young lady- I just want to wrap her up in a blanket (hair extensions and all) and bring her to some remote church for nuns to raise. Sigh.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.35.42 AM

Photos: Instagram

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Adele Grew A Beard During Her Pregnancy

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Oh Adele. You’re the best.

Adele always looks like she has perfect creamy skin, but I guess when she got preggers her hormones went all crazy. A result? Facial hair, and lots of it. Yes, the singer admitted to having a beard the other day, one she grew during her pregnancy. And even better- Adele’s famous beard has a name. Larry. LARRY!

ADELE has revealed she has a BEARD, declaring: “I’m proud of it. I call it Larry.”

The Hello singer, 27, told thousands of stunned fans at a concert: “I only cut it last night. It’s true, honestly.”

Adele made the revelation as she spoke about her partner Simon Konecki’s facial hair and admired beards among members of her audience in Glasgow.She said: “There are a lot of good beards here. My man’s got a good beard and trims it sometimes in summer. It really annoys me — but I do have a beard myself. I understand when it gets hot.”

The star, who gave birth to son Angelo in 2012, blamed hormones from her pregnancy. She said: “When I got pregnant I had so much testosterone in me that I grew a beard. It’s not a joke. I actually do have a beard.”

Adele, pictured above how she might look unshaven, then had Friday’s crowd in stitches as she admitted she also has hairy legs.

She said: “If anyone gets a glimpse of my really hairy legs I’m really sorry but I’ve got a weekend off, so no need to shave my legs.”

(Via The Sun)

She says she shaved Larry… I wonder if she’s ever tried waxing Larry? Or laser removing Harry? Or maybe they’re thick as thieves now, and she doesn’t wanna lose the fella. Either way, adorbs.

Photo: FameFlynet

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