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Selena Gomez Got A Haircut From 1994

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.33.03 AM

Selena Gomez decided to take her look back 20 years, or, you know, so says her Instagram.

Apparently, the star (who usually wears extensions or without, has a shoulder-length cut) decided to do a different ‘do, though at first it looks a little wig like. Still, her instagram sports her out and about with the 90’s shag, so I’m kinda thinking it is her real, new cut.

What do you think of Gomez’s new look? Throwback chic or past its prime?!

Photo: Instagram

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Jennifer Garner Doesn’t Wear Red Lipstick

"Draft Day" - Los Angeles Premiere

I never noticed this…but she really doesn’t, does she?

Jennifer Garner dishes to People about her beauty…limitations?

“Red lips on me is obnoxious. I have enough of a big ol’ face that the last thing anyone needs is to have anything exaggerated that much. I never used powder unless I’m about to be in front of a camera. I don’t need that matte, crunchy feeling.”

Hah! You have a gorgeous face, Jennifer!

The star also talks about dieting, or lack thereof. People reports:

“There’s always a point in the fitting where I feel like, ‘Why didn’t I just try to lose four pounds and then I could wear any dress?’ I just can’t though,” Garner says in a new interview with Yahoo! Beauty. “I dieted for so long in the middle of doing Alias and being a superhero, that there’s something in me that can’t do anything that extreme.”

But it’s not like the 42-year-old mom is sitting around eating donuts. “I eat lots of leafy greens, dark greens, with rice too because I want it to be a meal,” she shares. “I just have a big bag of greens that I get from the farmer’s market on Sunday. I keep it in a Ziploc bag and I just pull out handfuls of it for lunch everyday and add whatever I have to it.”

There’s always room for PIZZA, though!

“With food I’m probably good 80 percent of the time. I’ve found out that I cannot pass up pizza without having some. I just can’t,” she says. “My kids have a lot of pizza. I can’t go to a kid’s birthday party without having a slice.”

Hear, hear, JEN!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Plus Sized Model Speaks Out: Jennifer Lawrence is NOT The Poster Child for “Curvaceous Women”

Jennifer Lawrence Compared To Jesus Christ By Donald Sutherland

Hear, hear!

Plus-size model Ashley Graham, recently revealed her feelings on Hollywood’s beauty standards… especially when people call actress Jennifer Lawrence “curvy.” Which might be true, seeing asJ.Law said she’s considered “obese” by celebrity standards.

Yeah, this model is not having ANY of it. Graham explained:

“Jennifer Lawrence is the media’s poster girl for curves — she’s tiny. There needs to be more education in schools, because that’s where eating disorders start. It’s not just about being healthy; it’s also about loving who you are.”

She added:

“We need role models for young girls who say embrace your curves, who cares if you body isn’t perfect? I think that you can be healthy at any size and my goal is to educate women on that. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22, you can be healthy as long as you’re taking care of your body, working out, telling yourself ‘I love you’ instead of taking in the negativity of beauty standards.”

(Via PerezHilton)

AGREED! Both Jennifer Lawrence and Ashley Graham are beautiful. Period.  PREACH!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Anna Kendrick’s Beauty Routine


Anna Kendrick, you little minx you!

Thought she always looks effortless,  the Academy Award and Tony Award nominee has a lot to share about how she’s doing in the BEAUTY DEPARTMENT, transitioning from 29 into her (EEEK!) 30’s.  Here are some snippets from the New York Times:

Skincare: If you’re not using Intuition razors, you’re wasting everybody’s time. It cuts your shower time in half. Whenever I hear someone is still using a separate shave gel (the Intuition has it in the razor), it’s like hearing they still use dial-up Internet.

Fragrance: I like to buy a new fragrance for each film. I’ll go out in the city where I’m filming and snap it up. The one I have for “Into the Woods” is Terry de Gunzburg Flagrant Delice, which I bought in London. But the one I’m wearing now is Orange Flower and Lychee by Kiehl’s, which is from “Happy Christmas.” I was feeling nostalgic. That’s the thing about fragrance: Memory is so attached. I also love buying fragrance for special times in my life. Like maybe if I got engaged, I’d buy one.

Diet and Fitness: I feel like 30 is just around the corner, and I’m reluctantly trying to take care of myself. My friend Aubrey Plaza has been trying to get me to be a grown-up and not eat the junk that I do. So now I’m taking Pure Barre and eating fancy cereal with almond milk for breakfast. The most disappointing part is how great I feel. I even like this Daily Greens juice called Purity. It tastes like you’re eating grass, but you feel so freaking good after it. I’m sure part of it is mental.

She’s so funny and adorable- like I wanna put Anna Kendrick in my pocket and feed her little thimbles full of grass juice to keep her alive. Read more about her beauty regimen, HERE.

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