Guess The Celebrity Kid!

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A hint: you’ve never really seen him before!

The celebrity mom shared a quick, seconds-long look at the 7-month old on Snapchat yesterday. He looks pretty happy- and very cute. So who is he? Find out, after the jump!

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Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at 9:09am
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Kanye West And Calvin Harris Are Best Friends Now

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Lol, of course they are.
A source close to newly single Calvin Harris tells E! News that the record producer “wants to make some music with Kanye down the road.” And while nothing is in the works quite yet, Calvin thinks Kanye West is “brilliant with music.”

I guess Calvin wants a couple songs written about him!

The feeling seems mutual, too. A source close to the Kardashians tells us that the couple “always thought” that Calvin was really talented.

Just this past weekend, Kim and Calvin were hanging together and chatting at Jennifer Lopez‘s 47th birthday party in Las Vegas.

“When Kim walked in, Calvin saw her and stood up. He was clearly excited to see her and said ‘hi’ to Kim backstage,” a source told E! News, adding that the two “spoke for about 15 minutes.”Oh man, Taylor would be LIVID. I hope it happens!

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Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at 8:08am
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Michael Lohan Is Now The Authority On Lindsay Lohan’s Pregnancy And Broken Relationship

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2016 Butterfly Ball

Again, not sure I trust Michael Lohan about, well, anything. But if this is true, DAMN!

Yesterday we reported that Lindsay Lohan told her dear old dad she was preggers (via text, of course) writing, “Daddy, I’m pregnant.” To clarify, he told Page Six that “she texted it to me and told me … I don’t know [how far along she is].” Now, that’s just the tip of the maelstrom of crazy that’s Lindsay’s life right now- because she ALSO wants her ex back, has gotten into some major fights and might (I mean, it’s a good 60% chance) that she’s using the pregnancy news to get attention:


She has been telling friends she is pregnant after a huge bust-up with her now-ex fiancé Egor Tarabasov where she accused him of partying with an alleged prostitute. A source close to Lindsay says he has broken up with her but she desperately wants him back. The source said, “She is saying she is pregnant, but it could be for attention.”

But her father insists he believes her. “She tells me she is and I have no reason not to believe her … I was a little bit taken aback, but it was to be expected. She’s 30 years old. She wants to have babies. She loves kids. She’s had relationships with people in the past who have children and she’s very close to them. She’s got a very maternal instinct.”

Michael told Page Six TV, “I want to speak to him. He hasn’t returned any calls [or] any texts … He can refute as much as he wants. I got the texts. We’ve seen the video in the press and what she said happened, happened. And it’s a serious matter.”

He also claimed Tarabasov was very controlling over her career, “She was doing well, but then Egor got involved and he wants to be a manager…she used to have a lot of offers. Tom Sizemore sent a huge offer over to me to send to Lindsay to star in a movie with him but Egor shot it down.”

And despite coming off as hungry for fame himself, Michael says: “They can say whatever they want to say, but when someone’s going to attack my daughter and people are going to start twisting it and saying she’s a liar, I’m going to speak up for her and I’m going to defend her. It’s really hard especially seeing her in that video in that state of mind after being subjected to what he did — and her standing alone there, crying out for help and there’s no one there for her.”

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s been hanging out on a yacht in Sardinia with her Israeli socialite friend Hofit Golan. And what’s she doing on the boat? Smoking. In most cases I would say that means a person faked a pregnancy, but who knows. Oh wait, Michael might!

When asked why Lindsay was smoking, Michael continued, “Well, people smoke when they’re pregnant. People drink when they’re pregnant. Lindsay doesn’t drink … I’m very proud of her because through this whole thing most people might have relapsed. They might have had a drink or taken pills or something. She stayed clean and sober through this whole situation.”

(Via Page Six)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…this family should NOT reproduce.

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Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at 8:08am
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Lindsay Lohan At The 'Uno de 50' Jewelry Line Event

And…the search for true, everlasting love continues…

Lindsay Lohan has had a rough couple of weeks with her unconfirmed, probably controlling, 22-year old son of Russian millionaire fiance Egor Tarabasov. Now, dude looks sketchy as hell, which is why I thought he was a perfect match for Lilo. But, not so. The two have had a dramatic few days of abuse claims, pregnancy and alleged cheating. SO hey, this is probably the most clear-headed thing that’s been announced pertaining to the celeb. I welcome it!

On Tuesday, Tarabasov was seen moving out of her London apartment, as a source close to Lohan told Page Six, “They are taking a break, she didn’t want him trespassing in her apartment, but he went in and took all his possessions.”

The source added that Tarabasov is from a conservative family who didn’t approve of her recent revelations on social media, claiming he was cheating with a “hooker” and she might be pregnant.

Lohan also reportedly claimed he had tried to strangle her, and he needed therapy for “anger management.” But she also said she’s pregnant, posting a picture from her 2009 movie “Labor Pains” and writing, “I am pregnant!!”

A friend told us, “After moving to London and meeting Egor, Lindsay felt like she’d finally moved on from the chaos of her youth. She was really ready to settle down and start a family. Sadly, for her, she is losing much more than just a boyfriend.”

On Tuesday, Lohan apologized for her outburst on Instagram: “I am sorry that I’ve exposed certain private matters recently. I was acting out of fear and sadness . . . We all make mistakes . . . Maybe things can be fixed . . . Maybe not . . . I hope they can.”

(Via Page Six)

Dumped the dude- good. But I also think Lindsay should definitely take a breather from instagram. I mean- especially if she’s pregnant. Because you KNOW she’s going to want to take some embarrassing selfies/body pics and making weird claims about world peace in them, when she should be thinking about her own future and/or taking care of herself.  OH LINDSAY. Will you ever calm the drama down?

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 at 3:15pm
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