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Prince Officially Died Of An Opiate Overdose

Prince Watches A Match At The French Open

Let’s remember him in the best of ways, okay?

Now that the autopsy report is officially out, we’re getting some finalized answers on how music legend Prince died. It’s now official from the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office that he died from an overdose of Fentanyl-a synthetic opiate more powerful than Percocet and morphine.

There were several reports Prince had either AIDS or HIV, but the report says there were no “other significant conditions” that led to his death…only his sad and private addition.

According to the report, … Prince was discovered fully dressed in all black and grey, and weighed 112 lbs and stood 5’3″ at the time of his death. So tiny!

As we first reported, Prince’s private jet was forced to make an emergency landing when the singer almost died after ODing on Percocet 6 days before he was found dead in an elevator. Poor Prince.

What a tragedy.

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Chyna’s Death Was From An Accidental Overdose

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.24.17 AM

Chyna‘s manager thinks he has the answer to the wrestler’s tragic death.

If you remember, last week was a week of tragic deaths, and while Chyna’s kinda got swept under the rug, it really shouldn’t have. She was a wrestling pioneer and though she was kind of down and out, Chyna had a pretty interesting life. Wednesday, manager Anthony Anzaldo gave a statement that said that he believes the pioneer wrestling star died of an accidental overdose of Ambien and Valium. She was 46:

“She accidentally and unintentionally misused her legally prescribed medication over the course of 2-3 weeks. It’s an epidemic,” manager Anthony Anzaldo said in an email.

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner has not yet ruled on a cause of death. Coroner’s office Assistant Chief Ed Winter said full test results aren’t expected back for the next couple of months. “It is not closed,” Winter said of the case.

“It’s premature to give a cause of death on a case that the final tests are not in yet,” Winter said.

Anzaldo said Chyna died after falling asleep April 17 and that he found her at 3:30 p.m. April 20 after being unable to contact her.

“She fell asleep on Sunday night and peacefully took her last breath,” Anzaldo said. He said there were no alcohol or drugs, legal or illegal, at the scene.

(Via NBC News)

All this sounds a little fishy- she was young and I feel like there had to be something else at play here.

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Jamie Lee Curtis calls 911 after a friend ODs on pills and alcohol!



Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t often in the news these days, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing – a tabloid-free life is a bit of a blessing in Hollywood, so good for her! However, sometimes it’s the people you hang out with that you’ve got to be careful of… Jamie was forced to frantically call 911 on Tuesday night when an unknown friend had what seemed to be some sort of overdose related to pills and alcohol while they were out! Yikes! When paramedics arrived, the friend was passed out in the back seat of the car they were in.

We’re told Curtis initially tried to drive her friend to the hospital — hence why the friend was in the backseat — but she decided to call 911 instead when the situation took a turn for the worse.

Paramedics took the woman to a nearby hospital. She was treated and released hours later.

Good to hear she’s okay, but people really should be careful about mixing their substances!


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Brooke Mueller Has a Problem.

Brooke Mueller has a serious problem with drugs and alcohol, far more serious than anyone could have imagined…

Charlie Sheen‘s jewelery-clad ex-wife and mother to his twin sons has a drug addiction, and it’s a serious one. reports that Mueller has overdosed  no less than six times in the past two years.


It’s a pretty shocking development, but one that isn’t altogether surprising after her most recent drug overdose on crystal meth, which resulted, Radar reports,  in her being placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center and sadly losing custody of her boys, Bob and Max, to Denise Richards.

Mueller is enrolled at Betty Ford for the 20th time in her life (yikes, that’s a significant portion of one’s life at the clinic), and sources tell Radar, “It’s amazing Brooke is still alive. She had a horrible Adderall overdose late last year, when she gave the boys to Denise. She had to be hospitalized, and it had definitely taken a toll on her body. The only thing that has saved her when the overdoses occur, is that someone has always been with her, and able to call 911. Brooke doesn’t seem to grasp that her drug addiction and overdoses are going to kill her unless she is able to stay sober. She doesn’t get how lucky she is to still be alive.”

That woman is lucky, but let’s hope her kids will be even luckier, and someday have their mother clean and sober! So sad.

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