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Megan Fox Really is a Fox

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2014

I can’t say I’ve actually ever seen Megan Fox in a role other than, This is 40 [which is hilarious], so I can’t attest to her mad acting skills, but she really is a tasty dish isn’t she?  And she’s got a 5-month old and a 22-month old at home.  WTF?  She says about parenthood:

‘As a mom it’s hard because I don’t feel like I’m ever giving either one of them 100% of my attention or 100% of myself, so I carry a lot of guilt.’

The Transformers actress added: ‘[Noah] will try to comfort [Bodhi] sometimes when he cries and he’ll do the “Sh sh sh sh” and to watch him do that melts my heart…It’s sort of mind-blowing to think about how amazing the future is going to be with them, holidays and birthdays.’

The outspoken beauty allows her children to watch films, but she’s restricting TV, cell phones, and computers until they turn 13.

‘One day they’re gonna watch television. I can’t keep it from them forever,’ she shrugged.

Fox’s next film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in which she plays April O’Neil, will be in theaters August 8th.  Now that she’s a mom, she has said she only plans to make one film a year.

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2014

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Megan Fox only wants to make one movie per year

Megan Fox only wants to make one movie per year

In a new interview with “Parents” magazine, Megan Fox revealed that she would rather be at home with her two children than on the set of a movie. So, she plans on only filming one movie per year so that she can afford to send her kids to college and take care of them.

She said, “The main thing it does is it affects how much I’m willing to work. I’ve never been an extraordinarily ambitious girl or career-oriented, but especially once I got pregnant with my first son and now my second, it’s so hard to be a working mom especially when your heart is not in your work, when your heart is with your family.”

She continued, “I have to make one movie a year because I have to invest in their future and I have to be able to pay their way through college and be able to provide for them. I’m looking for movies that will shoot in Los Angeles, for projects where I’m part of an ensemble so I can shoot in and out in 10-20 days. It’s all about trying to spend as little time away from my kids as possible.”

She should just give up acting already, it’s not like she would be depriving the world of an award winning performance. What do you think?

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Megan Fox Is Pregnant With Baby #2!

Megan Fox Is Pregnant With Baby #2!

Congratulations are in order for Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green! It has been revealed that Megan is expecting their second child together — and his third.

People magazine has the official confirmation from Megan’s rep:

“I can confirm Megan is expecting her second child with her husband Brian,” the actress’ rep confirms to PEOPLE. “They are both very happy.”

The couple welcomed their 10-month-old son, Noah Shannon, last September. Green, 40, is also dad to 11-year-old son Kassius Lijah from his prior relationship with Vanessa Marcil.

“All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby and, now, I’ve finally done it,” the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star, 27, said in March. “I just want to give Noah as much of myself as I can.”

The new arrival has had quite the effect on the couple — especially Dad’s sleep. “I really felt young for my age until my new son was born. I’ve never felt so 40 in my life,” Green jokes.

Congrats to them!

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Esquire editor admits that their female covergirls are “ornamental” and are there to be “objectified”

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but apparently Esquire’s covergirls are there to be objectified and help boost sales. I know, you’re shocked.

Esquire Editor Alex Blimes is fully disclosing the magazine’s intentions with their covers, which usually feature barely-dressed women. He admits the use of “ornamental” women, “in the same way we provide pictures of cool cars.” Mmmhmm….

“The women we feature in the magazine are ornamental,” he said, speaking on a panel at the Advertising Week Europe conference in London on Tuesday. “I could lie to you if you want and say we are interested in their brains as well. We are not. They are objectified.”

Bilmes, speaking on a panel hosted by Cosmopolitan editor Louise Court about feminism in the media and advertising, added that men “see women in 3D” in many different roles in life “but at certain times we like to see them sexy”.

“[Esquire] provide pictures of girls in the same way we provide pictures of cool cars,” he said. “It is ornamental. Women’s magazines do the same thing.”

He said that in his view Esquire was “more honest” than many titles, citing the “anti-feminist” example of a newspaper using a picture of model Naomi Campbell next to a financial story “because she shopped at Marks & Spencer once.”

He argued that Esquire was, in fact, “less rigid” in its portrayal of women than women’s magazines. “We are more ethnically diverse, more shape diverse,” he said. “In fashion magazines women are much thinner. We have older women, not really old, in their 40s.”

He went on to cite the example of actress Cameron Diaz, who is in her 40s, as an “older” women used on the cover of a recent issue of Esquire. “Most women’s magazines don’t put them [older women] in their magazines.”

He said the women’s magazine industry and advertising targeting women were primarily responsible for perpetuating stereotyped and negative images of women.

I like how Cameron Diaz is considered “older.” Ugh, PLEASE. Anyway, I think the guy comes off like a pig, honestly, he should have just kept the comments to himself.

Here’s my thing. Cameron DaizMila KunisMegan Fox…. they weren’t drug there kicking and screaming. These girls certainly don’t look like they were forced into taking their clothes off. If this guy is objectifying women, the women certainly don’t mind. I don’t know…. victimless crime?


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Megan Fox Reluctantly Joins Twitter

Megan Fox is finally up on the times, in terms of social media!

The This Is 40 star finally decided to join the social networking site, but she’s a little hesitant about using it.

“Against my better judgment, I have finally joined Twitter,” the actress, 26, announced on her Facebook page Thursday, Jan. 3. “Every possible version of my name is already in use so for now my Twitter handle is See you there.”

Against her better judgement? Then why’d you join, girl?

Anyhow, soon after she posted that, she got her coveted and simple twitter handle, MeganFox, so that’s one less thing to voluntarily complain about.  Fox’s first tweet was… “‘m incredibly late to the party but I’m here nonetheless, so what now?”

Charming! Of course, the star had 50,000 followers by her second tweet, an obvious ode to motherhood.  It read, “Hello twitter. How is everyones day going? 7:30 a.m. and we’ve watched ‘A Bugs Life’ twice . . . so mine has been action packed as per usual.”

I don’t understand- why did Fox join twitter again? Any ideas, people?

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