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Brian Austin Green Is Getting Some Nice Spousal Support

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Were Hit By A Drunk Driver!

See? Car accidents can yield some benefits…some sweet, lucrative, heartache-y benefits…

As everybody knew and I think kinda weirdly expected, Megan Fox filed for divorce on Friday.  As everyone also expected, she’ll be paying ex Brian Austin Green spousal support because of the large disparity in income, income potential and hotness.

Brian has worked very little since last December when he was in a head-on collision (not a metaphor for his career, I promise). As we reported, Brian and Megan were driving when they were hit by a drunk driver who was later arrested.  At the time of the accident, Brian and Megan were not injured but later I guess the accident triggered a bad case of vertigo, which is actually a real thing (at least according to Brian’s lawyers).

Apparently Brian’s vertigo is so bad he can’t get out of bed to “act.” In all the “acting opportunities he may or may not have.” In any case, it’s gonna get him some serious cash.

Can I get vertigo?

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Megan Fox Is Single

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Were Hit By A Drunk Driver!

Ahhh, what a way to end what I deem “The Summer of Divorces.”

On Friday, Megan Fox officially filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green after announcing their separation earlier this week. Fortunately, this breakup seems pretty tame in comparison to some OTHERS we’ve hear about (Ahem, ahem, looking at YOU, Ben Affleck). PerezHilton reports:

In the filing, Fox cites “irreconcilable differences” for the split and requests joint custody of the couple’s two sons. Since there was no prenup, the pair’s assets will be divided 50/50 due to the length of their 11 years long relationship. In fact, Meg will most likely have to pay Brian spousal support due to his medical problems and also because she’s the breadwinner of the family.

Sounds pretty simple to us! A source even went on to add that the couple will still live together in the same house and that the divorce is “very amicable”.

Well, what’re you gonna do, right? 11 years is nothing to scoff at. Maybe Matt Damon has some super insightful advice he’d like to impart? 

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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green SPLIT!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green SPLIT!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are calling time on their relationship after being together for eleven years!

Rumor has it that Brian had grown fed up over her insane work schedule and decided that enough was enough. Still, it appears that it was Megan who pulled the plug on their long-term union.

An insider close to the situation said, “Megan has separated from Brian. They decided on it six months ago.”

Their romance has recently been plagued with issues. Though sources remain vague on the exact cause of their split, “things have been rocky,” says one source close to the parents of sons Noah, 2, and Bodhi, 18 months. (Green, 42, also has son Kassius, 13, from a previous relationship.) The pair were last photographed together grabbing lunch in Beverly Hills on June 9.

They’re dropping like flies in Hollywood! Is it something in the water?

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Megan Fox Is Genetically Advantaged (SHOCKER)

Megan Fox: "Brian Doesn't Get Any Intimacy Whatsoever"

This isn’t exactly news of the century, but it IS interesting how Megan Fox thinks she’s at a genetic advantage.

The 28-year-old actress dishes out some simple beauty advice in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, including the ultimate secret: be really, really lucky.

Brian Austin Green‘s wife explained:

“I have a genetic advantage in that my family doesn’t seem to age poorly: my sister is in her forties and she looks exactly like she did 15 years ago.”

Yep, nothing you can really do but cross your fingers and hope your family has kinda okay genes. Simple, right? No diets or exercise needed.  Kids Noah and Bodhi will most likely inherit this “supermodel gene” (named it, just now), and will come to populate the earth with beautiful, dead-eyed actors who make a point to do large franchise films. A vision of our future, people!

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