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Cara Delevingne Sports A Short, Sexy New ‘Do At Comic-Con!

Charlize Theron at The 2016 MTV Movie Awards in LA

Cara Delevingne said goodbye to her signature long locks!

The model showed up to the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets panel at Comic-Con on Thursday with a brand new hairdo, that’s very summer-chic. Want to check it out? Stay with us, after the jump!


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Gwyneth Paltrow Said Mario Batali Approved Of Brad Pitt But Not Ben Affleck

Cannes Lions 2016: Day Five

You gotta run your dates by your celebrity chef friends- EVERYBODY knows that!

As part of a Goop/Cadillac “experience,” Gwyneth Paltrow co-hosted a dinner with her BFF Mario Batali at Batali’s new Manhattan restaurant La Sirena. And yes, it sounds insufferable.

First Batali described, in vivid detail, the meal about to be served (which included a tricolore appetizer, and a choice of halibut and beef short rib for the entrée), before ceding the stage to Paltrow. “So now that we all want to have sex with our food, based on [Batali’s] description . . .” Paltrow began, and it was possible to imagine, as the crowd all chuckled, that we were inside her palatial, pristine foyer, at her home in Los Angeles, that she was about to walk around and pour us all glasses of sparkling rosé (or watch, approvingly, as someone else did). She went on to note that she and Batali had been friends for 18 years. “He was just teasing me about every boyfriend I brought to [Batali’s restaurant] Babbo over the years. He liked Brad Pitt, if you want to know. Didn’t like Ben Affleck that much.” Batali chimed in at this point with a joke about babysitters, to which Paltrow chastised, lovingly, “Shut the fuck up.” She then told a short story about Cadillacs (her grandfather Buster was an obsessive fan) before signing off: “Thank you all for giving us your Wednesday night, and buon appetito, and enjoy!”

Paltrow is the platonic ideal of a dinner host, of course; without even being able to hear what she was saying (“That’s not what they do in Majorca,” “I’m telling you, three drops of grapefruit seed extract will make a world of difference,” would be my guesses), it was clear that those speaking to her were riveted. She holds a wine glass in the effortlessly cool manner of your older cousin at Thanksgiving dinner (“One day, I hope I’ll be able to look like that,” you think). Toward the end of the dinner, she left the room so gracefully that it took a few minutes for anyone to notice it had happened.

(Via Vanity Fair)

I can hear Paltrow’s tone in my head as I read this, and it makes me violently angry. She’s like, a caricature of her own self at this point- so sure everyone cares about every little bit of her “glam” life. UGH.

What do YOU think about Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goopy dinner? Weigh in below!

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Winona Ryder Is All ABOUT Gettin’ Older!


Winona Ryder is on the latest issue of The Edit looking FIERCE!

She looks good- though I’m not sure if she’s gotten work done or what. If she has, this whole article just seems like BS. If not! Great. Thank your parents for your AMAZING genes, Wino. They deserve it. You can read the full Edit piece here, but here are highlights:

On fame: “Socially, I had a tough time at school; I was shy and different looking. It got so bad that in 7th grade I was homeschooled. When Beetlejuice came out and was a big hit, I thought, this will help me. [But then] people called me ‘witch’. But you know that thing, when you make one great friend, that can save you? Someone saved me.”

Jodie Foster’s advice: “In my first apartment in LA, Jodie Foster lived upstairs, and we’d do laundry together. She’s so smart. She told me to resist doing things that other people say you should do. Don’t be ‘strategic’! I was up for this movie, Mobsters, and everyone said I should do it. But Jodie said, ‘You have to feel very connected to something before you do it.’ So I turned it down. And it was a flop!”

Getting a real life: “It’s interesting: you can go through good times and bad times, but if you’re still working, people see you in a certain way. I was working a lot [in the ’90s] and I needed to slow down. It’s so important to have a life outside the industry, to not look to it to validate you as a human being. A lot of people had the perception that I just disappeared in the 2000s. And I did, but only from that world. I appeared elsewhere, I promise you. I was transformed into doing stuff I really wanted to do – it was a great awakening. It just wasn’t in the public eye.”

She loves getting older: “I love getting older. I think it has to do with always being the kid on set. It’s interesting because, these days, [cosmetic surgery] is treated almost like hygiene. I’ve had people say to me, ‘Oh, you should, you know…’ and they point to my forehead. ‘Get that seen to!’ But I’m like, ‘No! I’ve been waiting so long for that to happen!’”

She doesn’t see casting-ageism as a bad thing: “I know actresses have a tough time because of their age – they’re just not getting hired. I know it exists. You’re the girlfriend, then you’re the mother. But I don’t see it as a bad thing – it can be just as interesting, if not more so, than the leading-lady, ingénue phase.”

Serial monogamy: “I’m a serial monogamist. I was single for a while and dating and…I just didn’t know how to do it! I’ve always been like that: when I was 15, there was a guy I liked, and we made out, and I thought that meant he was my boyfriend. My mom had to explain it to me. But marriage? I don’t know. I’d rather never have been married than been divorced a few times. Not that there’s anything wrong with divorce, but I don’t think I could do it if that was a possibility. When your parents are madly in love for 45 years, your standards are really high. But I’ve been happily with someone for quite a while now.”

(Via The Edit)

Interesting. I REALLY wonder what she was doing in the 2000’s. Manning a chic food cart? Making experimental animation? Oh yeah, I guess costarring with Adam Sandler, a role she definitely should’ve turned down. And, shoplifting. Sweet, sweet shoplifting…


Photos: The Edit

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Kylie Jenner Was “Glad She Didn’t End Up On Botched.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.53.50 AM

Kim Kardashian interviewed Kylie Jenner for Allure, and it went exactly as you thought it’d go- save one small detail. Now, mostly they talked about beauty tips and general sister schtick, but there’s one moment in the interview where Kylie talks about how she went overboard on her lip filler, and it is GLORIOUS.

I am suspicious of anyone who hangs her own beauty line (lip kits) on a synthetic part of her body (her ginormous lips). It always seemed insecure to me. But hey, she’s also 18. Here are the interview highlights: ”

KKW: “Have you ever lied to Mom, but not to your sisters?”KJ: “Oh, God! A lot of times. Well, not a lot.”

KKW: “Mom used to tell me to use a hot washcloth to wash off makeup and exfoliate. Not sure why she didn’t pass that on to you. What’s the best beauty tip you ever got?”

KJ: “Khloé always tells me to wear sunscreen. [And] we were in Bora-Bora, and you and Kourtney were like, ‘Immediately go and get an eye cream and start using it.'”

KKW: “So funny you remember that.”

KJ: “When my skin feels dry, I’ll do a little bit of Kiehl’s face moisturizer under my eyes.”

KKW: “You really should do it every day. OK, what’s the biggest beauty mistake you’ve ever made?”

KJ: “Well, I definitely made my lips a little too big at one point.”


KJ: “I got excited and felt like I needed to do a lot. And then you guys were like, ‘Kylie, you need to chill.’ And then I had to go back and have it fixed, and it was a crazy process. Thank God I didn’t end up on Botched.”

KKW: What’s your earliest memory?”KJ: “I was four. We were in the old El Dorado house, and Khloé was like, ‘It’s your birthday today! Hold up your fingers and tell me how many you are.’ And being grounded because I wouldn’t eat my salad.”

KKW: “I do remember you getting grounded a lot for not eating. What would I see if I opened your refrigerator right now?”

KJ: “A lot of pressed juices, eggs, milk. And I always keep a block of medium cheddar at all times.”

(Via Allure)

Ya hear? She loves medium cheddar and making sure her lips are to scale. You know, everyday normal stuff. Check out the video to Kylie’s Allure cover shoot HERE!

Photo: Instagram

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