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Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Had A Secret Meeting About Blake Shelton

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Well, not SO secret, I guess!

Gwen Stefani and her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, met in private to discuss the “Used to Love You” singer’s romance with her current beau, Blake Shelton,and it sounds…hilarious.

Apparently, Shelton has formed a tight bond with Stefani’s sons, Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 2, much to the dismay of Gavin Rossdale. Though the former couple share custody, a family source tells Us that Rossdale had an “emotional” meeting with Stefani, 46, to reassert his dad rights. LOL.

“Gwen had a meeting with Gavin to discuss her relationship with Blake and how it will affect the children going forward,” the insider explains to Us. “[Gavin] wants to be consulted on everything concerning the kids and the role that Blake is playing in their lives.”

While Rossdale would like to be kept in the loop when it comes to his sons’ relationship with Shelton, the country chart-topper has no interest in having a relationship with the Bush frontman.

“[Blake] has nothing to do with Gavin,” says a source close to Shelton, noting that he is disgusted that Rossdale, as Us reported last year, cheated on Stefani with the kids’ nanny. “He can’t forgive someone who treated his lady that way.”

(Via US Weekly)

yeah…I gotta say- this feels like Gavin just being a big ol baby. What do YOU think of this SECRET MEETING?

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Cameron Diaz’s Tube Top Days Are Over.


Cameron Diaz has a new feature in Harper’s Bazaar because she’s still hitting the pavement, promoting her health and wellness book, The Longevity Book. Which is cool by me. This interview is much more personal, and she sounds relatively sane, which is interesting. So what does she talk about? Her husband, Benji Madden, age and…TUBE TOPS. Check it:

Do you believe in “dressing your age”?
I do, actually. But everybody’s age is different, and by that I mean that even when you’re a certain age, it’s all a matter of how you present yourself, how old your spirit is, and where you are in your life. Some 50-year-olds are still 35. It’s about expression and what they can pull off.

What’s something you refuse to wear at 43 (or ever)?
I’m definitely not doing tube tops. No way.

Who are some older women you most admire?
Gloria Steinem is one of the great feminist examples of a woman doing it her way. Jane Fonda has also always been somebody who puts herself out there in a very honest way. I appreciate that. We have so many great examples in Hollywood, from Meryl Streep to Helen Mirren. They walk such a fine line between giving everybody what they want and not sacrificing themselves for it.

What’s something new you’ve tried after 40 that you never thought you would?
I got married last year. That was the biggest thing I’ve done in my 40s, and it opened me up in different ways. It’s pretty awesome. I didn’t think it was something I’d do, and I don’t know if I’d have done it if I hadn’t met my husband [Benji Madden]. It was a surprise.

What is the biggest realization you’ve had about yourself after turning 40?
That as you get older, your body changes in so many little ways. It doesn’t react the same way that it used to. I don’t get the results that I used to as easily as I once did. Now I look at myself and I realize, “Oh, right. I’m in this time now in my life where I have to be thoughtful. If I slack off, things don’t come back so easily. I have to be committed.” In part that’s what my new book, The Longevity Book, is about. But just like everybody else, I’m more and less disciplined at various times based on what’s going on in my life.

Which trend has enjoyed too much longevity?
Social media is great for a lot of things but not as a substitute for actual human connection. We need more actual human contact with one another. And less screen time.

(Via Harper’s Bazaar)

I love how she called “social media” a “trend.” I wish, Lady. But back to tube tops, something I never got on board with. They’re ugly, but honestly, I think capri pants are something I’d never wear again if I had to had to choose.

What article of clothing would YOU never be caught dead in?

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

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These Hollywood Powerhouses Talk About Being A “Diva,” Sexism And Nudity.




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Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Kirsten Dunst, Julianna Margulies, Regina King, Sarah Paulson, and Constance Zimmer are all like, the best people on TV right now, so it only makes sense that they all posed by a chaise lounge for The Hollywood Reporter‘s latest cover.

Now, I’m fans of most of these women, some, not so much. But I do love how they’re calling out some serious double standard BS in their interviews. Here are my favorite snippets:

J.Lo on  how she HATES being labeled a “diva:” I got a moniker of being ‘the diva,’ which I never felt I deserved — which I don’t deserve — because I’ve always been a hard worker, on time, doing what I’m supposed to do, and getting that label because you reach a certain amount of success.”

Sarah on sexism in the industry: “I’ve never been asked to play the [romantic] leading lady without having to be a blonde…. I don’t mind it, I like the blond — but to be told that in order to be considered a romantic lady opposite some hunky guy, I need to have long blond hair that looked very L.A. Real Housewives? It does do something to your brain. You go, ‘Gosh, so the way I came into the world is not as appealing as it would be if I were altered in some way?’ That’s a funny message to extend to a person. And that’s the other thing: I did it. I put the extensions in, I blonded it up.”

Julianna on nudity: “I’ve been playing the same character for seven seasons, and all of a sudden this season the girl is taking her clothes off. I’m seven years older than I was when I started it, and I love it. I mean, it’s CBS, so there’s only so much you can take off, but there’s something great about seeing a woman in her 40s having sex with someone and not being inhibited.”

Kirsten on why she took her first regular series role: “Because [Peggy is] a total nutcase. You don’t read roles that are inspiring in that way. I got to do so much more in that TV show than I have in a film in so long. It was the most challenging thing I ever did. I remember my friend Lizzy Caplan, who’s on Masters of Sex, being like, ‘Get B12 shots, you’re going to be exhausted.'”

Constance on the roles being reversed: “On UnREAL, we have two female leads, female showrunners and writers, and it’s very driven toward us being empowered, which is definitely different. We can treat the men a bit like how we may have been treated earlier in our careers or just as women in general. It’s fun to watch the tables be turned and to see the guys on set eating lettuce.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

TELL ‘EM LADIES. More women doing things on tv, feeling empowered, running the show and showing real women in real women situations. Cheers!

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

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Cara Delevingne Threw A Ginormous Tantrum During A Security Check

Shy Model Cara Delevigne Hides From Cameras

Surprise surprise, Cara Delevingne is a big ‘ol baby.

While I think her look is cute and I like all her modeling badmouthing, I don’t like that the girl seems privileged as all hell. News is, she had a full-fledged temper tantrum and nothing really happened to her…except being detained briefly and let go. Check it:

Cara Delevingne was detained for more than an hour after a four-letter “meltdown” at Eurostar security staff. Onlookers say the model acted like a “spoiled brat” as she erupted in fury on her way from Paris to London for her sister Poppy’s birthday bash. The bizarre incident was sparked as her luggage was pulled aside for a random check. As she swore at the officer and his colleague, the 23-year-old got down on her knees and pretended to pray she would be allowed to board the train quickly. But she calmed down and later apologized as she emerged from an interrogation room an hour later with red eyes as if she had been crying.

An onlooker said: “It was a full-on meltdown in the middle of security. There were at least 20 people around and she didn’t seem to care who saw. It was like she thought she didn’t have to abide by the same rules as everyone else just because she’s famous. Cara was with a friend who was trying to calm her down, but it wasn’t working. She shouted ‘let him do his f**king job, it’s ridiculous.’ She got down on her knees and put her hands together as if she was praying for the whole thing to be over. It was bizarre.”

A French security source told The Sun many officers are fed up with celebrities acting as if they are above the law. He said: “Famous people often [don’t] seem to think the same rules apply to them as everyone else. But everyone is subject to the same security procedures regardless of how well known they are. Sometimes celebrities will behave as if they are above the law and will be rude for no reason. They need to learn they have to be treated the same as everyone else.”

After the model-turned-actress swore profusely at the first officer, another came over to try to calm the situation. But Cara began using her phone, despite signs saying it was not allowed, and took exception to being told to put it away. She screamed “F–k you” at a female officer before being detained and taken upstairs to a private room away from stunned passengers. Cara, who was dressed in casual bottoms and a top, emerged an hour later with red eyes, which made passengers think she had broken down in tears during the interrogation. But after calming down, she apologized profusely to the officers and was able to board the next train. She escaped with a fine for verbal assault.

(Via Page Six)

I think she probably had drugs. She had a big ol hissy fit so that everyone would be weirded out/embarassed so that they wouldn’t find her stash. Right?  And she’s white and young and pretty, so they felt badly and let the famous person go.


Photo: FameFlynet

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