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Why No Marriage, Joshua Jackson?


Joshua Jackson has always been a hottie in my book, but this Glamour interview makes him seem even cooler/more progressive. ESPECIALLY how he talks about his longtime relationship with Diane Kruger, who kinda “cleaned him up” (at least that’s what it seems to insinuate!), and why the two aren’t palnning on MARRIAGE:

Making a show about messy relationships: “Our show tries to portray the messiness of life—sometimes you make bad choices and don’t get to walk around with your head held high. But having seasoned actors helps. Our industry tends to cast 23-year-olds, but in this show everybody’s got a couple of wrinkles, a little bit of life under their belts. We’ve all had to recover from heartbreak.”

Whether he still gets recognized for Mighty Ducks & Dawson’s Creek: “If I’m somewhere cold, Mighty Ducks. Anywhere else, Dawson’s. I’m now at an age where my friends’ kids like Dawson’s…but they like it ironically.”

Why he and Diane Kruger aren’t married: “I can tell you why we’re not married: We’re not religious. I don’t feel any more or less committed to Diane for not having stood in front of a priest and had a giant party. We’re both children of divorce, so it’s hard for me to take marriage at face value as the thing that shows you’ve grown up and are committed to another person. But it may change at some point. We may get married.”

What Diane taught him about fashion: “That if you want to be respected as a grown-up, you have to dress like one.”

Diane threw out his part of shoe collection: “I used to have a collection of Adidas sneakers, but one day all the obnoxiously colored ones disappeared. She still claims I must have lost them ‘somewhere.’”

(via Celebitchy)

Aw, I’d let you keep your cute sneaks, JJ!

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Dane Cook DISHES On Jessica Simpson


Dane Cook is ALL ABOUT the gossip.

The comic talked to Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night, revealing some strong feelings! As you know, Andy Cohen is all about asking controversial questions, but lots of times celebs don’t feel the need to answer them. Well, not Dane! He was down to clown.

Firstly, Dane put Jessica Simpson on blast. When Cohen asked about the dumbest thing Simpson did on set of Employee of the Month, he said that she asked “if we were making a movie.” Whaaa?

He also said his worst on-screen kiss was with Kate Hudson, whom he believes to have eaten “a feast of onions” before the smooch. Yikes! Check out the video here.

People in the industry, watch yourself around Dane Cook!

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Lindsay Lohan won’t comment on that sex list


Remember how there was that “sex list” that came out a couple of months ago that included the names of 30 men that Lindsay Lohan had supposedly slept with? Well, guess what: it was probably true – at least she wishes it was, although she won’t confirm either way.

Lindsay Lohan would neither confirm nor deny to Andy Cohen the accuracy of the list of guys rumored to be among her sexual conquests.

LiLo taped her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Wednesday night (it airs on Thursday). We’re told Lindsay showed up a little late … or “right on time,” in Lindsayspeak.

Our audience sources say while the crowd enjoyed alcohol as they always do … Andy stuck to his vow and didn’t drink during the taping.

As for the so-called conquest list … all Lindsay would say is that she made lists during her latest rehab stint.

And get this … we’re told Lindsay and Andy did the handshake from “The Parent Trap.”

Ha. Considering what a mess Lindsay has been lately (have you been watching Lindsay on OWN?), I’m not surprised at how this interview went – but I think Andy is a true hero for humoring her.

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Heather Graham is pretty gorgeous, admit it!


Heather Graham stopped by the Today show in a very chilly New York City on Thursday and she looked darn good doing it, too!

That blue ensemble is just gorgeous, and while I don’t care for her acting, her fashion sense is generally A+. Looking good, Heather!



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