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Gillian Anderson Is “A Vain Woman Trying To Embrace Her Aging Face.” WOAH

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Gillian Anderson, you’re still freaking GORGEOUS, and telling ALLLLLL the truths!

The actress has been pretty open about the fact that she’s not into plastic surgery or injectables, and it shows. At 47, her face looks like her own, which feels extremely rare in her profession. Anderson tells People that she’s not ruling out plastic surgery entirely, and it sounds like she’s not shaming women who opt for it, but that she is doing her damndest to age naturally. Pretty healthy outlook, I’d say. People reports:

At 47, I feel quite strongly that I wouldn’t do plastic surgery, but also, I know that I am a vain woman,” The X-Files star tells PEOPLE. “Talk to me in ten years – they may have invented something which feels less invasive, and then it’s possible that the line will be easier to cross.”

“I don’t want to say never,” she continues. “I don’t want to be hypocritical about it. But also, at this juncture, I just hope that I would be able to embrace these stages of my aging face, and not feel like something was wrong and that it needed to be fixed through surgery.”

Get it, girl.  If I could look half as good as Gillian at her age, I’m 100% in.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Olivia Munn: It’s Not Plastic Surgery, It’s…Potatoes?

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A couple days we reported that Olivia Munn was looking REALLY different, e.g. her face got smacked with the homogenized plastic surgery stick. After recognizing that people were calling her out on it, Olivia decided to say something about the matter. In a recent interview, Olivia says POTATOES were the culprit to this beauty controversy:

 Olivia said, “I’ve talked about this before and I still stand by it: Japanese potatoes that are high in Hyaluronic Acid help keep wrinkles away.”

Yeah, still not buying it? Me either.

Apparently, potatoes make our faces look a little fuller, as well as other parts of our bodies. Which leads me to believe that Olivia has a very magical Japanese potato stash probs guarded by her fiance Aaron Rodgers that I would LOVE to get my grubby little hands on.

She also said that exercising thinned out her face AND changed the shape of her jaw, and that Proactive pads took away her freckles. Sure, girl. Suuure.

This annoys the hell outta me- she should just come clean about the plastic surgery/plumpers, because nobody’s buying this potato/workout lie. I feel like if you can’t admit to having plastic surgery, you shouldn’t be able to have it.

Are you buying ANY of this, gentle readers???

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Olivia Munn’s Face Looks Different…

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I love Olivia Munn, but it seems as if she’s fallen prey to the unrealistic hollywood beauty norms. Sigh.

Last week, Olivia posted some new photos on instagram, which feel very different…FACIALLY. It seems as though the girl has plumped her lips and had something done to like, open her eyes more, making her face more lifeless and frankly, boring.

Check out her instagram HERE, and let mus know if you think she’s had work done. So sad! She was super beautiful just the way she was…without the doe-eyes and f me lips. Sigh.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.41.38 AM

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Mindy Kaling: Loving The Zit Cream Lyfe

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.45.42 AM

Mindy Kaling, I HEAR YOU.

The star, 36, posted a somewhat makeup-free photo on instagram Thursday, depicting her performing some not-so-glamorous skin maintenance in the form of lots of zit cream on some seemingly problematic facial areas.

“That zit cream in your 30’s life,” she captioned the photo. “At least I’m not going on the Tonight Show later today.”

Yes, that’s a good thing. Because then thousands of people would see you lik–oh wait.

Photo: Instagram

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