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Why Does Everyone Keep Calling Ashley Benson Fat?



Ashley Benson is pretty high profile for being in a couple CW shows and Spring Breakers. That being said, it feels like every magazine interview she does she talks about A**holes telling her to lose weight. And her March 2016 Health cover story is no different:

“It’s come up a few times in the last few years, like, ‘You’re too fat for this,'” the 26-year-old beauty shared with the mag. “And I’m just sitting here like, ‘Wait, what? Do you want a skeleton?’ But I feel good. I don’t want to lose 20 pounds, because I don’t need to.”

“I get told all the time to lose weight,” the Pretty Little Liars star continued. “I got that a month ago. It’s just weird. With my stuff recently, it’s been, ‘You have to be skin and bones or you’re not getting it.’ There was a point where it was getting to where a size 2 was great. I’m a size 2, but I think that a size 4 is healthy. I think that all of these sizes are healthy.”

But don’t get it twisted- she still has a rigorous workout routine.

“I play with my two dogs. I get coffee. If I don’t have coffee, I don’t function. And I usually do Pilates three days a week for an hour, and I try to box or do SoulCycle two or three times a week. There are times I just want to do nothing! But then I don’t feel good about myself,” she said, adding that squats are magic. “Not for my butt but for my legs. We usually do circuit training, so I’ll do 25 squats, then I’ll run back and forth, and then I’ll do lunges to the other side of the gym both ways, run, then squats. I can’t move for days!”

Sorry you have to workout like the rest of Hollywood: like a crazy person. Hopefully in another 10, 20 years we won’t expect our actors to look grotesquely skinny anymore. I hope.

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Angelina Jolie Has Three Large, New Tattoos. CHECK EM OUT!

The 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals C

Three new tattoos are making their grand debut on Ms. Angelina Jolie!

At last count, Ang has 17 tattoos on her body, including that new forearm tattoo she added in December. But now the count is up to 20, as photos of Jolie’s bod from her new film, First They Killed My Father, revealed that the actress has three new- and like, BIG, tattoos on her right shoulder and spine.

Wanna check them out? Then stay with us, after the jump!


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Coco Austin Has A Lot Of Creepy Things To Say About Dressing Up Her Daughter

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.21.18 AM

Coco‘s all about butt shots and bedazzling her baby, and she doesn’t care what you think!

Ice-T‘s wife took to her brand new mommy blog to address the haters for oversharing photos of her newborn baby girl, Chanel. The 36-year-old goes from sounding like a concerned mom who just wants to do her thing, to like, a woman screaming from her trailer into the night about her baby’s countenance:

“Of course I know she’s a real human being. Don’t you know I know that? In these pictures, you can see how much love I have for her. Should I just dress her up in a normal T-shirt? Is that better? Why can’t I just have my moment of dressing my daughter up? Why is that such a negative thing? Does she look like she’s really mad in these pictures? She actually looks very happy dressed up. I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. No matter what I post on Chanel, people are going to find something negative about it. It amazes me. If you’re really not liking the way I do things, get off my page. I just avoid them.”

But, dear readers. It gets so much better…

“This little girl is already so stylish. You should see her closet—all about the shoes and she has an amazing shoe collection. She’s now becoming this headband Princess. She doesn’t have long hair yet, but she rocks them bows. A lot of her fans send her gifts so she has an overload of headbands and outfits. She’s like my little doll. This is my very first doll ever because I never owned a doll in my life and this is my real-life doll. Now I get so much flack for saying that and it bothers me.”

If you wanted a DOLL, Coco, you could have just bought one. This seems a little, uh, well, a lot. I fear for how little Chanel (yes, her name is CHANEL) will grow up.

What do YOU think about Coco’s parenting skills?

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You’ll Never Guess Who This Bikini-Clad Celeb Is…

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.43.43 PM

The one on the left! Do you recognize her?

A hint- though she was just 18 when this cover was shot, she’s got the same signature curves AND she’s the proud mom of a baby named after a design label. Oh yeah, and her husband is named after my favorite drink.

Can’t guess yet? Find out who donned the cover of this 80’s issue of Swimwear Illustrated” after the jump!


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