There Is A Doc Being Made About Whitney Houston’s Life…and Death

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(FILE) Whitney Houston Dies at 48 in Beverly Hills

Woah, this is gonna be CRAZY!

The first ever estate-authorized documentary on Whitney Houston is in the works, with Kevin Macdonald at the helm set to direct.

Sure, it could be a pandering, soft-focus look at the singer’s life, but it could also be awesome and I’m choosing to believe it’s going to be awesome, what with the “unprecedented” levels of access he has to Whitney’s closest family and friends, alongside hours and hours of never before seen video from the singer’s life at every point.

Macdonald has already won an Oscar for his powerful terrorism documentary One Day In September, said of his motivation centering on Whitney in the project:

“The story that is never told about Whitney is just how brilliant she was as an artist; by many measures she had the greatest voice of the last 50 years. She changed the way pop music was sung — bringing it back full circle to its blues and gospel roots. She was also completely unique in being a black pop star who sold in countries where black artists don’t traditionally sell.”

Macdonald included more thoughts on what we should expect in the film:

“We have access to never-before-seen footage of Whitney that charts her whole life from her beginnings singing in her Church’s gospel choir to the day of her tragic death at the age of 48, and three decades of her music including exclusive demo recordings, rare performances and audio archive. Although we won’t shy away from the darker parts of Whitney’s life — her descent into addiction — I want audiences to walk out of the cinema and feel positive about Whitney and her music. I want to reveal a woman that even her most die-hard fans never knew; and a woman those new to her life and music will never forget.”

(Via PerezHilton)

No date has been set yet for a release, but obvi, it’s going to be a huge deal. I just hope it’s done right!

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Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 11:11am
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Hello From The Photobooth At Gigi Hadid’s 21st Birthday!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.14.23 AM

So many MODELS!

If photo booths could talk, am I right? Because the one at Gigi Hadid‘s 21st birthday was full of scantily-clad models. Gigi and all of her famous friends celebrated her 21st birthday on Thursday night, April 28, at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. Pals Lily Aldridge, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and the ladies of Haim all got their turn in the booth and all of them looked goood.

Maybe it was a “no boys allowed” type of thing? Check out the adorable photos below!

Photos: Instagram

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Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 11:11am
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Mario Lopez Might Be Up For Being Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host

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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.08.40 AM

Mario Lopez is loving this.

The host did nothing to quell the rumors that he might be lining up to replace Michael Strahan on Live with Kelly and Michael during a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As he talked to Ellen DeGeneres, Lopez refused to deny that he’s being considered for the show alongside Kelly Ripa, which is of course fine, but also, c’mon. You KNOW Kelly wants Anderson Cooper and/or Andy Cohen wayyyyy more than you, bro. US Weekly reports:

“That’s very flattering. Very flattering. You’re so nice,” Lopez replied when DeGeneres said she’d heard the rumors. “I know, people were saying that. I love Kelly. I’ve guest-hosted with her a few times — she’s awesome. I actually did a movie with her husband, Mark [Consuelos], who’s a real good guy,” he added, in a minor attempt to change the subject.

“Yeah, he seems like it,” said DeGeneres, refusing to be deflected.

“I’m looking forward to going back and guest-hosting again,” he replied.

“‘Cause you’re gonna guest-host again?” DeGeneres continued, refusing to let the topic drop.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

“And then maybe you’ll be the replacement?” the 58-year-old TV star pressed. “I’m not starting rumors. You’re not shutting it down. You’re not saying, ‘Absolutely not,'” she noted.

“Well, I got to go over everything with Mrs. Lopez. She’s the real boss of the house, so we’ll see what she has to say about that,” replied Lopez, 42.

Ugh. I find Mario Lopez corny as hell and I think this move is in alignment with that corniness. He’s just trying to drum up publicity and still being cute and smug. BARF.

Would you watch Mario Lopez and Kelly Ripa? Weigh in below!

Photo: Instagram

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Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 10:10am
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Brooklyn Decker Missed A Flight Because She Was Pumping Breast Milk

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"What to Expect When You're Expecting" New York Premiere

…so she freaked out and drank a bunch of wine.

Model Brooklyn Decker went a little off the rails during a weird, spiraling Twitter vent on Wednesday. Why? Because she missed her flight after heading to a restroom to quickly pump milk for her kid Hank.

Here’s the sitch: her flight was delayed two hours, so Decker tweeted that passengers were told they could de-plane, which is when the 29-year-old went to handle her business, but came back to a closed flight.

“2 mechanical delays. Told we could de-plane. I did. Pumped in the bathroom,” Decker wrote. “Returned 15 min later. Flight closed. Deeeeep breaths.” In a tweet that followed, she added, “WHO LETS PASSENGERS OFF, THEN CLOSES THE GATE SHORTLY AFTER?!? *GULPS WINE* MISSES BABY *SOBS*”

According to People, It was Decker’s first time leaving her son, as she was only expected to stay over for a night and didn’t think it “[made] sense to fly him back & forth.”

Admitting that she didn’t know why she decided to share her experience, but that she was “living. And tweeting. Whilst drinking,” Decker turned her thoughts onto the multi-faceted life of women. “As women and as moms we try to do it all but it sure ain’t easy,” she tweeted, adding, “Crazy thing is I got off to pump thinking, ‘I don’t want to offend the guy next to me.’ But why? He probably sucked a boob too. #winemusings.”

Yeah. I don’t really understand what happened with the flight, but also, she probably got on the next one pretty easily, and with a nice lil buzz going on.  For whatever reason, I kinda feel like Brooklyn wasn’t following directions- like she was super into her baby (and that’s reasonable!) and wandered off.

Hey, more overpriced airport wine for Brooklyn! Momming AIN’T easy.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 10:10am
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