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More David Beckham Being An Adorable Father, Uber Driver

David Beckham's kids call him 'old'

First Diplo was ubering...and now David Beckham?! Not really…though having four kids feels like it.

As you know, David Beckham has been retired for a little while now, but the soccer great is keeping plenty busy, thanks to his four children. And you know I love reporting on how awesome (and hot) a dad D becks is, so here’s another little morsel of adorable…

Beckham, 39, told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night that he has his hands full trucking around sons Brooklyn Joseph, 15, Romeo James, 12, Cruz David, 9, and daughter Harper Seven, 3.

“To be honest, I’ve become a taxi driver overnight with the kids. I’m literally an Uber driver now,” he said. But the international sex symbol added that after traveling around for soccer for over 20 years, he’s enjoying all the time spent with his kids and wife Victoria, 40.

(via People)

I would be, too- though it sounds like there’s not a lot of downtime for this hottie.  Does he not seem like the best parent EVER?!

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David Beckham Is Still A DAD (And Gets Treated As Such)

David, Victoria & Harper Beckham Go Shopping

Though David Beckham is like, one of the hottest people on the planet, he’s still not immune to classic kid-dad interaction!

David revealed some gentle ribbing from his little daughter to Jimmy Kimmel:

”I was bathing Harper and had got her out and was toweling her down when she said: ‘Daddy I love you but I don’t like you, you’re so chubby!’ I didn’t think I was but…..!”

Aww, HONEY,  when you grow up you’ll have an idea of how NOT chubby your dad is.  But not only that, sons  Brooklyn and Romeo are embarrassed by David.

For instance, when David drops Brooklyn off at school, he does what every kid does and tries to disassociate with his parent before he enters the building. David (like most Dads) won’t have any of it!

“He asked me to park around the corner and he would walk round but I followed him and opened the window and shouted, ‘Brooklyn I love you!’.”

(Via PerezHilton)

I love the Beckhams so hard. Especially David. You might be a father, but man, you’re still a sex symbol (sorry Harper, Brooklyn and Romeo- it’s true!).

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Kim Kardashian Thinks North West Is A Genius

Friends & Family Attend Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Shower

ALL parents think their kid are a genius, Kim Kardashian

Still, with being a millionaire reality TV star always in the public eye, I’m sure she still thinks much more highly of her kid than most. today, Kim K GUSHED about North West‘s intelligence, via PerezHilton:

She says little Nori is:

“Is so smart. She is halfway potty trained, which is insane for her age. Last night she looked up at the sky and pointed and said, ‘Moon, Mom! Moon!’ I couldn’t believe she knew that.”‘

19 months and knows what a moon is? Well, okay.  And of course, Kanye West and Kim are trying for more.  She said:

“We’ve really been trying for another kid… More kids can’t come soon enough!”

More GENIUS reality star music kids? Well, okay. But only as long as you dress them in couture and buy them ridiculous gifts so we can all make a little fun of ‘em.  Does that sound okay?

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Kristin Cavallari Is Trying To GAIN Weight

Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"

 Kinda refreshing to hear that, isn’t it?

E! News caught up Kristin Cavallari at her lookbook shoot for Chinese Laundry, and she dished about her fitness lifestyle.

“I don’t why or how, but after I had children, my body literally changed. And now for me, it’s about trying to keep muscle on and gain muscle, so that, yeah, I don’t look too thin,” she explained. “It’s very easy, because I have no curves, that I can look really skinny and I don’t like that look. So, yes, I’m drinking protein shakes, I’m trying to put on muscle and I’m lifting very heavy weight right now.”

In general, the Hills star keeps up a pretty regimented lifestyle.

“I try to work out four to five times a week and I eat incredibly healthy,” she shared. “I’m the kind of person that does not eat any toxic chemicals…I just try to eat real food. I think probably the best tip is that I try to always get a vegetable in somehow, even in the morning if you’re making a smoothie, you can throw some spinach in it and it’s an easy way to get a serving of greens.”

(Via E News)

Dang, girl.  More power to you- literally, I will be sending good vibes so you can bench press a ton.  Love ya!

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