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Sean Penn Is Probably Dating Minka Kelly Now

LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala in LA

How does he DO IT?!

Last Tuesday Sean Penn was photographed randomly celebrating Minka Kelly‘s 35th birthday at the super exclusive restaurant French Laundry in Napa Valley. Sean was there with 3 other people, and I guess they talked loudly enough because people heard the piece of beef jerky blab about how he and Minka met at some Haitian charity event.

The meal included truffle mac and cheese and a birthday cake…and most likely regret. But hey, it’s your Bday, Minka! Why not dip into the ex that everyone regrets?

The one kind of redeeming part of this smarmy story was that Leatherface DID pick up the tab…and that place is NOT cheap.  That being said- Minka is so cute and Penn…so gross. Don’t let a free fancy dinner cloud your judgement, girl.

What do you think about this new couple? I think BOOOOOOOOO.  (and gag).

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Posted Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 at 10:10am
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Kanye West Was Hilarious At Disneyland

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Takes North To Disneyland For Her 2nd Birthday

Kanye West isn’t the biggest “Frozen” fan in the world. Noted!

Maybe it was his rigorous schedule, partying with Drake or just managing the bajillion security guards at Disneyland for little North West‘s B day, but Yeezy was hella tired and caught some major ZZZZZs during the “Frozen” sing-along show.

A Disney employee noticed the musician, uh, “resting his eyes” during Disney’s 25 minute “Frozen” performance and remarked on twitter and FB that “when you perform for the Kardashian family for North’s birthday…and Kanye sleeps through the whole show.”

TMZ says that the employee who made the comment was the woman who played Elsa, and maybe she should relax- the rest of the party was into it!

Kanye’s like most Dads- taking naps where he can get ’em!

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The Whole Klan Went To Disneyland For North’s 2nd BDay

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Takes North To Disneyland For Her 2nd Birthday

North West turns 2, and the whole Kardashian Klan comes out of the woodwork…

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West took little Nori to Disneyland for her 2nd birthday and errybody tagged along: Kourtney Kardashian, her kids Mason and Penelope, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Tyga and his son King Cairo. Also, a bunch of assistants.

Check out these pics and tell me your favorite isn’t Kanye frowning in the corner of a merry-go-round! Oh, Yeezy!

Photos: FameFlynet

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Chris Brown Is Taking Royalty on Tour

2015 Billboard Music Awards

And the parent of the year award goes to…

Um, NOT CHRIS BROWN. Because he decided to take his infant daughter Royalty on tour with him, which seems like, the worst idea ever.

I get it, Chris is making a big thing about being a good parent, and this is part of the act, but you ain’t fooling ANYBODY, Chris. The singer picked up his baby girl in Houston, and they’re currently taking a 10+ hour ride to El Paso for a show, TMZ reported.

So what can you expect on this tour bus? Chris demands that there be no cursing, no smoking, no drinking and absolutely- under any circumstances- no groupies. No joke, Chris is entertaining everyone with a Disney marathon of DVDs including “Frozen,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” and the classic “Bebe’s Kids.”

And, according to TMZ, when Royalty naps- everybody has to nap. Yeah, for real.

Um, I know this is a very dramatic thing for Chris to do- and very much within his wheelhouse- but this doesn’t excuse his lame club fighting, not showing up to Royalty’s bday or, you know, jsut like a ton of misogyny.  I think it’s just another media stunt to seem like a “good guy.”

What do you think- is Chris Brown an okay dad? Am I missing something?

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