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Kylie Jenner’s Going To Canada For Her 18th Birthday

Kylie Jenner May Release A Sex Tape?!?

No, she doesn’t love their sense of social good or their picturesque mountain ranges…she wants to get WASTED.

Kylie Jenner‘s turning 18 on Aug. 10th and she’s throwing a rager at Beachclub Montreal. It’s Canada’s answer to Ibiza:  a mini party island with a beach, pool, A-list DJs and lots of booze.

Sounds appropriately douchey, no?

Kylie’s being paid to celebrate her own birthday, and paid WELL, according to TMZ: she’ll get between $100k and $200k, just for showing up. The club owner Olivier Primeau, is pulling out all the stops: helicopter for Kylie’s entrance, luxury boat and a $3k cake.

All I wanna know is will Tyga be there? That’s not the only thing that’s legal at 18 you guys…groooossssss.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Happy 46th Birthday, Jennifer Lopez!

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.37.04 AM

Happy Birthday, JLO!

Jennifer Lopez turns 46 this weekend, and I gotta say, she’s never looked better. Though clearly, the singer/dancer/actress is adorable at any age, as evidenced by her fun birthday throwback she posted on instagram.

Check out some of Jennifer’s many looks- the good, the bad and the just plain hideous- in this photo gallery, and let’s eat some carbs in her HONOR this weekend!

Photos: FameFlynet, Instagram

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Selena Gomez’ Besties Wish Her A Happy Birthday!

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.35.46 PM

Happy 23rd, Selena Gomez!

Ashley Benson and Taylor Swift, among others, wished the singer a very happy 23rd via instagram and twitter, whith fun photos and of course…lots of chocolate.

The singer herself- who is focusing on a new album-blew out a candle and indulged in a big brownie at a restaurant, and wore a baller silk cardigan, if I do say so myself. She documented the moment on instagram and captioned it: “I am the luckiest, happiest girl today. Thank you guys so much for all the bday wishes!! I love growing up with YOU.”

And us, you.  Just don’t let us catch you snogging Justin Bieber as a late night birthday “dessert,” mmmmkay?

Photos: Instagram
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Minka Kelly SWEARS She’s Not Dating Sean Penn!

Minka Kelly Looks Chic at the Salon

EVERYBODY SLOW DOWN. Minka Kelly apparently is just really close with Sean Penn, and definitely not dating him even though he paid for a huge birthday dinner for the star. Sounds like a pretty NICE FRIEND, if you ask me…

Yesterday Kelly took to Twitter to address this “rumor.” She wrote: “Not my nature to address gossip but hoping this last one goes away already. Not dating a friend I had a group dinner with. #Sillymedia”

In fact, an insider explained about the dinner:

“Sean and Minka have been friends for a long time. It was just a group of friends out to dinner and purely platonic.”

Uh, I GUESS. But I’ve never seen them hanging out before, right? MINKA: be real.  You suuuuure there was nothing going on with Charlize Theron‘s castoff?

What do you think? Did they have themselves a birthday bang?

Photo: FameFlynet

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