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Katie Holmes Doesn’t “Feel Like A Woman?”

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Lady, you’re 37. I don’t wanna be hearing that kinda talk!

Katie Holmes has spent the past three-plus years since announcing her divorce from Tom Cruise raising her daughter, working on her career and having a weird covert relationship with Jamie Foxx. In More magazine’s February issue, Holmes talks more about her life and future plans, and while inspirational, it’s also pretty generic (AKA NOTHING ABOUT JAMIE FOXX):

On progress: “You’ve got to keep going,” she told the mag. “In every part of your life. Focus on the positive. Stay creative. Go to things that interest you. Do work that’s fulfilling. Challenge yourself. What’s amazing about the human spirit, there are so many people doing inspiring things. If you focus on that, it makes your life richer.”

On her career of present: “I feel more creative,” she admitted. “I feel ready … When I was a young actor, things happened quickly. My second job was Dawson’s Creek, and suddenly I was known. I was 18 years old; I had no life experience. I felt, ‘I don’t have anything to bring. I don’t know what it’s like to be, say, really angry. I’m doing the best I can.’ But with age I’ve gained confidence.”

On her love life: “That’s not something I want to answer … [I don’t] have a five or 10-year plan,” she said of dating. “I feel like I’m still a teenager in a lot of ways. I do a lot of things I did then. I paint, I color. I cook sometimes. I still feel like a girl. I don’t quite feel like a woman, maybe because I’m the baby of my family. I’ll probably be 90 and feel like, ‘Not a woman yet!’ Ha!”

Okay, I guess. But you ARE a woman and you HAVE been rebuilding your life. Why not just come clean and OWN it?

Photos: More Magazine

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Tina Simpson Got A Little To Wasted At Her Birthday Party

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I’m not married and I do not proport to be the expert in familial behavior, but I feel like it might be a little inappropriate to have your son-in-law between your legs?

As you can see, Tina Simpson does NOT agree with me. Woman flaunted her close relationship with her son-in-laws while she celebrated her 56th birthday in Mexico, pictured here.

The first photo shows her reclining on a sun lounger with daughter Jessica Simpson‘s husband Eric Johnson‘s head between her legs. In the second pic, she’s kissing/touching Ashlee Simpson‘s man Evan Ross in a way that makes her seem, um, let’s just say, not at all sober.

Under the second pic she wrote: ‘Blessed by the 2 best son in laws!!!’

Yes, Tina. They seem very patient and polite. And I guess they have to be- you’re their mother in law.
What do you think of Tina Simpson’s behavior?

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Photos: Instagram

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Nina Dobrev Had An Emoji-Themed Birthday Party

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How ADORABLE is this?!

Over the weekend, Nina Dobrev celebrated her 27th birthday in the best way possible- with lots of poop, eggplants and dancing ladies.

Nina and her beau Austin Stowell were supposedly EXTRA cute at the event, and not just because Nina was covered in hearts and face paint and cat ears:

“They seem super happy together. They have a really great genuine connection.”

Of course, several other A-listers were in attendance, including Nick Jonas, Hailee Steinfeld, Julianne Hough, Derek Hough, and Seth MacFarlane.

So jealous. Check out some of the bash’s pics BELOW!

Photos: Instagram

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Shocker: Katie Holmes Was At Jamie Foxx’s Bday

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are still together

She already looks suspicious as hell, doesn’t she?

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been dating for like 2 years (they were first linked in 2013, for gawdsakes) and denying the hell out of it. Recently, it was revealed that the Oscar winner ring in his birthday with his NON-girlfriend I mean GIRLFRIEND I mean GOD this is confusing…

However, Suri Cruise‘s mom wasn’t the only A-lister present at the surprise party, at the restaurant Le Bilboquet. Jennifer Hudson brought the house down and Alicia Keys also got her Bday party on.

I MEAN, make your couples debut already! This is getting ridiculous.

An Evening Of SeriousFun Celebrating The Legacy Of Paul Newman

Photos: FameFlynet

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