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Blake Shelton Bought Miranda Lambert’s Boutique? -And Other LINKS!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.36.46 AM

For some reason, Blake Shelton bought Miranda Lambert‘s boutique in Oklahoma Dlisted

Sarah Silverman could maybe tone it down Fishwrapper

Simon Cowell‘s girlfriend is nipply Celebslam

Matt Bomer‘s new movie looks sexy ASL

Johnny Depp‘s family hated Amber Heard Celebitchy

Why is Lauren Conrad freaking OUT?! TooFab

Disney Finally got around to their live-action “Little Mermaid” movie Dlisted

Not gonna say I told you so, but…Fishwrapper

Screech is back in jail celebslam

Anne Hathaway and James Corden got into a rap battle of epic proportions ASL


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Blac Chyna Gets “Spoiled” By Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Out Shopping In Miami

Man, Blac Chyna has it MADE (except for the fact that she has to date Rob Kardashian).

Rob loves him some Blac, but ever since she got preggers, he’s been even more adoring (as in, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry). Which is to say, it’s all playing into Blac Chyna’s master plan to take over the Kardashians and become more famous than Amber Rose. I mean, it’s just a theory, but whatev.

“Rob absolutely goes above and beyond for Chyna, he spoils her!” a source close to the family tells PEOPLE. “He sends her weekly flowers and buys things for her all the time.”

And a sparkling 7-carat engagement ring probably isn’t the only bling Kardashian, 29, has gifted Chyna, 28: “Jewelry is a big thing he buys her,” says the source.

He’s also making sure his future wife feels extra special and comfortable during her pregnancy.

“He tells her nonstop how beautiful she looks, especially when she wakes up,” says the source. “He rubs her feet, massages her and supports anything she does. He says she is his queen.”

Meanwhile, Chyna has been a major supporter of Kardashian in return: “She has really encouraged Rob business wise, it has given him a new motivation,” adds the source.

(Via People)

Lol, encouraging of Rob’s sock business?! OH man, I hope she is. LOVE THOSE COUTURE SOCKS!

Photo: FameFlynet


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And The Winner Of DWTS Season 22 IS…

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.03.00 AM

Season 22 has wrapped UP.

For the past three months, season 22 of Dancing With The Stars riveted fans all over the world- costumes, numbers, all that JAZZ. I’m not a big watcher, but I’m told this season did not disappoint. That being said, only one team can win all the gold and the GLORY.

While model Nyle DiMarco, UFC fighter Paige VanZant, and meteorologist Ginger Zee put up a good fight…

Nyle DiMarco took home the title!!!!

Do YOU agree with the decision?! SOUND OFF BELOW!

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A Starbucks Barista’s Comedy Of Errors. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Helen Hunt was mistaken for “Jody” Foster by a Starbucks barista Dlisted

Kendra Wilkinson‘s “Lost in Space” video just dropped Fishwrapper

Leonardo DiCaprio is a dick Celebslam

Guess who made everyone cry at the Billboard Music Awards? ASL

Angelina Jolie has a new job Celebitchy

Pink loses her cool when she meets Johnny Depp! TooFab

Leave it to Kelly Osbourne to help out this messy cheating situation Dlisted

Weight loss changed Adele‘s face Fishwrapper

Check out Fergie‘s butt Celebslam

Britney Spears looked anamatronic up in the Billboard Music Awards ASL



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