On Saturday, my oldest son Jeffrey asked us to borrow the Impala. Scott and I talked it over and decided that since we just moved into the new place we’re renting – we had no place to go. So, we said yes.

Yesterday, I spent some time getting our internet setup, so I thought we would have some internet television to watch. Boy was I sadly mistaken!

When it came down to it, we ended up going to West 25th Street in Cleveland in order to get a modem from Spectrum. So, for the first time in DECADES, I actually took a bus. Scott is familiar with taking buses and has done that for a number of jobs. Being that I’ve always had a car, I hadn’t taken a bus since my teenage years…and I’m not going to go into how long that’s been! Ha!

When we happened to get to Spectrum after walking almost halfway there and then taking the bus through the ‘hood, we saw a line that seemed like it was never ending. So we waited…..

The good news is that the line moved really quickly, so we were able to get in and out without any problems.

I took some cool pictures of the West Side Market and we made it home unscathed. Unfortunately, we’re having to wait for the Spectrum guy to come out on Tuesday so that he can run us a new line. Apparently we’re going to have to use our phones for internet service until then. Oh the joy!

Still, now that we don’t have the car, we can think of a million and one things that we need to do. Wouldn’t that just figure? 😀